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  1. Here is some answers if you didnt figure it out yet. 1. The ati chip supports 2 monitors simultaneously, but only one analog (composite, componet, s-video, VGA) at a time because it only has 1 ramdac. To get two at a time, you need to use DVI and any of the others but not two of the others and no DVI. 2. The component video works fine, you are getting those lines because your TV is not a true HDTV. It has component in (which ATI/Nvidia deams HDTV output) but probably only accepts a standard 480i picture. The same as my TV. In all honesty, spend the money for an svideo cable and make your life easy. On my TV in particular I cannot tell the difference between component or svideo. To get component working, there are two theoretical ways of doing it. I havent bothered to try them, but both should work. The fix is to get a 30hz forced refresh rate instead of the default of 60hz for the component output. (this is NTSC dont know abut the standards in germany) 1. hook up a DVI monitor to see what you are doing and force a 30hz 480i picture (must force because some programs will override back to 60 and then you are in trouble again) then reset without the DVI attatched and hope it holds the settings. 2. use the composite cable to set it up, then reset the computer and hope it doesnt reset the settings because it detects a "new" tv.
  2. Try lowering the overclock to maybe 2700 and see if the results go up. Sometimes if the chip is pushed to hard it will give "correctable" errors slowing everything down because it has to do the work twice to correct it. If it was the power supply, it would be unstable (not slow), i dont believe a power supply will make a computer run faster or slower regardless how stressed it is. It will only limit the capability you can acheive.
  3. Thanks, so I dont have to mod the chipset to be an SLI board? I can just pop in two different cards move the jumpers and run two cards at 8x each?
  4. Happy New Year! I was wondering if it was possible to get the ultra-D to run two PCI-X cards without SLI mode. I want one to run just to the TV.
  5. If I set my memory to anything over 2.7v it crashes left and right. But 2.7 gets them all the way up over 300mhz if the A64 mem controller is up for it.
  6. Yep, I added two 256mb modules to my two 512 because the 256 were single sided and therefore less stress on the mem controller. But it still ruined my OC. All four modules are capable of 300+ FSB and now all together they can only do 248 or so. Im still tweaking them but I dont think they will do much more. On the venice revision e3 I had, I could only get them to 223mhz (from 300mhz @ 2x512).
  7. For one I dont think every core is going to read the exact same. There is probably a few degrees of variance between the cores in themselves. I could be wrong though. Aside from that, If someone keeps there room at 72deg and another at 80 deg, that will have a big effect on the chips. <--- That difference in my house leads to 4-5deg difference in my chip with watercooling. My 170 runs at 31c / 39c and its about 76F in my room now
  8. I didnt have any problem, but if your worried put some electrical tape or something of that sort over it.
  9. I say it might be the CPU since that is what actually controlles the memory. and from what pharmd24 says so far. that is most likely the case
  10. The earlier bios' had problems with venice cores and sse so you need to update it. winchester and other cores did not have this problem afaik
  11. Maybe the memory controller on the chip is broken
  12. 3.0v is a little overkill for those timings and 250mhz, no?
  13. Try a different bios.... Flash the proper way and I reccomend using a -1 bios for the TCCD ram you have
  14. if I had 2 - 512 and 2 - 256 it would still run in dual channel right? Someone has told me otherwise and I just want to make sure.
  15. Are you sure it wont run in dual channel? They dont make 600mhz 1gig sticks because the more memory you have the more prone to errors it will be. you will be better off with 2 1g sticks than 4 512mb sticks from what ive seen. I havent tried either personally to know however. I built the watercooling setup myself. it evolved through my computers so I dont know the exact cost. but probably about $300 total. $70 for large dual 120fan radiator with shroud and 2 fans $75 storm waterblock $45 maze4 GPU $25 res $75 pump $20 miscellaneous clamps and etc $6 home depot 1/2" tubing $1 water
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