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  1. Auto. (1:1?) I really have no idea what I'm doing! LOL! I'm just cranking up the processor. I need more time to digest Thunda's guide. All I know is 2 sticks was good, 4 was bad !
  2. Also THIS works Samsung, RDRAM Specs PC800, 184-pin RIMM 800-45 ECC Rambus RDRAM Model MR18R1628AF0-CK8 256MB/8 ECC so if "/8 " works, will "/16" work?
  3. now listed on ebay. Reserve = $120, buy now = $130. Good buy.
  4. Insanely expensive Yes, but worth it if I can score it on ebay for $100. He still uses a P3 800Mhz and it works ok for what he's doing. A new machince is out of the question. He's a poor starving musician - and I mean really poor. I gave him that computer for free b/c I just wanted to help him out & upgrade him if I could. :angel: For $100, that memory would keep him rolling another couple yrs. believe it or not. Amazing enough, he's recording his album on that P3. It's the center/hub of his bedroom studio - running cubase & some other audio software. It's amazing for a CPU that old. Also amazing is that it sounds VERY good.
  5. I'm trying to help a friend buy some memory for a 5 yr old Dell Dimension8100 (1.3 Ghz P4 Desktop). This CPU takes EXTREMELY expensive RAM, so I'm trying to find a nice eBay deal. I'm wondering if this will work: Corsair model: CM618DR512-800 my concern: the top line on the sticker reads "512MB/16 ECC" The 8100 is supposed to take *unbuffered* ECC memory. I have no idea what the "16" means. Will this memory work? Side note: Corsair doesn't even list this model # anymore. They recommend CMSS512MBRB72-800 : Specs: Package Type: 184-pin RIMM w/ECC PC800 Logical Type: 256x18 Logical Type: PC800 Speed: PC800 Description: 512MB Upgrade for Dell Dimension 8100 Series Description: ECC, Unbuffered Do have have a good eBay find or no?
  6. This board has quite a bit of buzz concerning the GSkill, but if you read the newegg reviews a LOT of people say they are waaay to hot. I got the Mushkin last week to replace my OCZ plat rev.2's (see my sig). I couldn't get 4 sticks to OC at all. I'm not a skilled OC'r, but I went from 2.55 stable w/ 2 sticks to stock speed w/ 4 sticks. Can't comment on the 2GB kit. The Mushkin PC4000 is great. I'm bumping it up slowly and doing BF2/F.E.A.R./Prime95 as I go. I'm up to 2.4 so far... I'm very happy w/ the mushkin RAM.
  7. To clarify: I have a total of 4 sticks totalling 2 GB. I bought them as 1 GB kits and am selling them the same. here's a lilnk to the exact item: OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR 400 (PC 3200) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail I bought the first set for my original build and quickly added the 2nd set about a month later to support BF2. There is nothing wrong w/ this RAM. They are *AS NEW* and I guarantee them not to be DOA. I'm selling because I moved up to DDR 400 (PC4000) - see my sig. New price: $166.44 Sale price: $135.00 + $5.00 for standard shipping If you want faster FEDEX shipping, you'll have to pay the diff. for that.
  8. I ordered them yestereday and just got them (11:20 am)! I paid for the cheapest shipping offered - UPS 3 day. Newegg Rocks!
  9. Great to hear guys, thx. Sounds like just the ticket then. Now, I've been eyeing those Opterons too ... :drool: ... Hmmmmm .... 165 or 170?
  10. I just ordered mushkin eXtreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000) This RAM has excellent reviews Everyone here recommends the GSkill, but a lot of newegg reviews slam it for the heat & that it can be finnicky to initially setup. I'm looking for stability, ease of use (not HAVING to tweak like heck just to get it to boot into XP), and performance in that order. My OCZ's were very tough to get set up when I added sticks 3 & 4. Couldn't overclock w/o sacrifing stability (plus I'm a newb). I don't want the hassle, but I would like a small overclock (20-25%?) if it is rock-solid stable. Knowing that, is there any reason that I should have gone with the GSkill (I don't care about the $ diff.) or was this a good choice? TIA
  11. When I went from 2 to 4 I had to spend a lot of time in the bios to be a ble boot windows. I had to go back to stock speeds. I cleared CMOS last night and it seems to work fine w/ the 4 sticks though I haven't run memtest yet.
  12. Negative, I hadn't. I entered the bios, the sata drives were showing on ch 1 &2. I enabled RAID and SATA 1 & 2 (in the RIAD menu), unplugged all USB and F10'd. *Edit: left the IDE drive disconnected. Result: All OK, booted into XP at normal speed. Thank you all. *EDIT: Running fine w/ 2 sticks, about to test 4 sticks So what does this mean in terms of future use for my USB devices (including a 300GB USB Seagate drive)? Oops ... I have sinned. (will update sig STAT) ... :angel: I was thinking, we should have a master checklist/procedure for this type of problem (still don't know what caused it) to refer to in a sticky. There are soooo many overlapping threads, each with a few extra tidbits of possibilities and techniques. One more Q: I have a triple-boot system right now ... only the last OS I didn't finish installing (scared to mess w/ raid drivers & XP Home does everything I need.) I want to get rid of 2 of the installs (incl. the partial install). How can i do this? TIA
  13. Thanks again for taking the time. Sorry, my bad on the LED So I get home from work and the computer is on ...? ... in a DOS screen! ..Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS!! Turns out the wife turned it on (thought I was loosing it!) & eventually it got past the splash. called wife & she said it took a long time to get there (maybe 15 min.) Can you help me interpret some of this? It shows: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Processor : AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ Memory Testing : 523264K OK Primary IDE Master: LITE-ON CD-RW xxxxxxxx Primary IDE Slave: LITE-ON DVDRW xxxxxxxxx Secondary IDE Master: None Secondary IDE Slave: None Internal Phy SATA 1 : None Internal Phy SATA 2 : None Detecting the IDE drives ...h1 M. : xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx can run Memtest86 without any boot device. xxxxxxxxx xxxxx CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP 06/23/2005-NF-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-00 ------------------------------------------------------------------- So what does this mean? I'm guessing I need to enter the BIOS and set the SATA drives/RAID array settings. Anything else?
  14. That's a good idea. Thx. Guess I'm a little wound up... sorry for the earlier rant. I'm getting freaked out over HD corruption when it's not even hitting the HD's yet... I'm a little emotional :eek: I may even pull the vid card just to watch the led's & see if it makes it to BIOS. Don't know what exactly that would tell me. Anywho, just to be sure ... all diagnostic LED's should be off when you enter the BIOS, right? (Guess I've been making a big assumption on this)
  15. Thx for the reply. No, I'm stuck on the splash screen .... unless I'm missing something. I've tried holding insert, tapping insert, tapping delete .... freezing on splash screen w/ 1 red LED lit. **Also, I did the 8 hr CMOS clear last night ... no dice. -
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