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  1. Thread is dead. My apologies for not closing it. Thanks
  2. Bippitty Bump. This is going on eBay if I don't get a reply soon.
  3. Good point. This may not be directly related to the nF4. I posted in this forum, however, due to the fact that I own a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR. Figured it may help some others, since it may be a quirk of this motherboard, not necessarily nF4. In any case, thanks for the reply.
  4. Okay, so I picked up a Raptor drive at Fry's Electronics last weekend because it was finally priced to the point of where i thought it was a good deal. I faced a few issues on install, and I believe they were all related to my final resolution. I'll describe my problem and fix in the hopes that it can save someone else some frustration. Bought a 36GB Raptor from Fry's. First attempted to do a clone disk of my existing 200GB C: drive (yeah, it's usually near empty) to the Raptor and try to pull a quick switcheroo. ended up having some troubles getting my raptor recognized as both the boot drive and C: drive at the same time. Much to my dismay, I re-installed Windows XP onto the raptor (dismayed because everything was tweaked tight in windows). Everything worked great. Until I tried to recover data from my IDE drive. I reconnected the signal to my old IDE drive and It seems that whenever I booted the computer, it would try to load the OS from the IDE hdd instead of the SATA raptor, ending up w/the error "NTLDR missing." Even happened when I had the DVD ROM hooked up to the IDE (instead of the old IDE hdd) w/the Raptor at SATA. Familiarity told me to check my recovery options on the winxp install disk. Tried "fixboot" and "fixmbr" with no positive results. On a whim, I used the boot menu (esc at startup) to start off the Raptor drive. Worked. Choice... I had hoped the setting would "save" and it would work again on the next boot. No luck..."NTLDR missing" again. Made me think....there was a delay induced by my choosing the boot menu. Perhaps this delay had something to do w/my issues? My "wait for hdd" was set to "0" in my BIOS (I'm impatient). I flipped it to "2" and it solved my problems. Boots free & clear into Windows every time w/o the NTLDR missing error. Perhaps there is an increased latency on a certain signal or power bus during startup for SATA drives? All speculation, of course. Anyway, if you're having the same issue, increase the wait time for your hdd a bit in the BIOS, might give you some luck. Hrm...other notes. - Raptor was connected to SATA1 on the Nvidia SATA - Ended up where I wanted to be; IDE hdd and dvd drives working (IDE ch1, ch0 respectively) in sync w/the SATA Raptor as the boot.
  5. I hate correcting people (honest) but the outside of a static bag offers no static protection. It's only the inside of the static bag which offers the protection. If you're looking for a surface to work on, the only safe (albeit, expensive) option is to buy yourself an ESD mat and ensure it's connected to a grounded source. Please don't take my correction as a flame or anything detrimental to your intelligence - it's a common mistake.
  6. Thanks THunDA. I had put the pics horizontal on purpose, with the thought that they'd automatically wrap to the next line. There I go thinking again... I've actually read your guide (and edited for my own reading purposes, lol...it's nice to take a break at work sometimes) and heeded much of it's advice. It's a great guide, by the way. I guess I'll keep plodding along as is and see what happens. I was just curious on input related to the memory latency question. I had heard that for a gaming setup, you'd choose lower latency over higher speed. For a "normal" system, you'd choose a higher speed rather and loosen up the latency of the memory. Maybe I should have set up a poll
  7. Like the title says. I'm looking for suggestions and input on increasing power Would it be better for me to let my memory latency slide in order to increase the overall MHz? Or would I be better off using a divider to keep my memory at ~200-210MHz (w/the tight timings) while pushing my CPU MHz higher? I mainly use my computer for games - BF2, CS:S, DS2, WoW, etc... I've fiddled a bit with power strip but it seems that I can barely oc the video before I start to notice some artifacts (even during the startup screens on BF2). Any suggestions there? Check my sig for the current setup. Benchmark images edited in an attempt to be bandwidth friendly (<10k apiece)
  8. damn...that's a pretty nice rig, yourself, Rise4310 I have the Zalman 7000Cu, too. I dig it. Keeps my schtuff nice & lukewarm. I'll have to take a better look in my BIOS to see if the CAS of 2.5 is available...never thought they'd be out of order. I guess I need to explore a little more. It's not useful to me now, but if I push the envelope (reminds me of that new Sonic commercial) a little further, I may need to loosen up my timings a bit and I'd rather step to 2.5 before jumping straight to 3. Thanks for the heads up. I've been increasing my overclock slowly over time. I'm doing about 15-30 MHz every couple of days. I think I'm going to settle out where I currently sit at 2130 for a bit. My processor runs at about 41C on full load at 6.5 hours of Prime95 and that's about where I'm comfy (although my 754 3200+ Newcastle ran at about 49 on idle ) I've never used Sandra for anything but I'm curious to see the differences I'd get with the LTD setting of Auto versus ~3.
  9. See my previous post - already got the hotfix. But thanks. It's a good tip for others looking for advice.
  10. Thanks for the tip A_G. I downloaded an updated dynamic library from Aquamark's website and it fixed me right up. Funny how I always forget the wealth of information that software/hardware companies host on their own website Lowered my CAS latenty to 2.0. I honestly don't see a setting for 2.5 in the 6/23 BIOS :confused: No biggie, though as I've made it 8.5 hours on Prime95 with it set to 2.0. May need to change this later, as my overclock is quite minimal right now. I'm taking it slooowly in an effort to ease myself into a new experience. Thanks for the tips on HTT. Everything's running smoothly now but I'll keep the stickies in mind when I start pushing my system hard. Current benches show - Aquamark3 67052 3DMark03 10566 3DMark05 4983 I'm aware this is nothing spectacular. Keep in mind I've just begun to fight
  11. I'm now running AquaMark3 for the first time and I'm wondering if anyone has come across this error? I've tested my current settings w/Prime95 for 8 hours (overnight) with zero errors and also ran a stress test w/OCCT with no issues. Any ideas?
  12. edit: I'm retarded....posted in Intel forums on accident. Please move to AMD OC forums? Hello hello. After some frustrations with the fact that I couldn't use my Kingston HyperX memory, I've got my system up and running. It's hard to deal w/the fact that I had to plop down some extra $$ for different memory, but it's putting me well on the road to my first overclocked system. Anywho. My first question has to do with the Hyper Transport bus. I'd like to leave it at the default of 1000 MHz because I've heard that it's where the system is most stable and increasing that number will not increase my performance enough to be noticeable anyway. The related issue with this, is the only way I currently know how to overclock is to increase my FSB. Is there a way (in MY current BIOS) to increase the FSB but keep the Hyper Transport at 1000 MHz? Another question on this front...can I lower my multiplier (I told you I'm new ). Am I understanding correctly when I hear that the San Diego core you can do so (or is it the FX core? same thing?) but not the "normal" Athlon64 cores? Second question. My current BIOS (check sig...6/23?) will not allow me to set my Tcl to 2.5. The settings available are either 2.0 or 3.0. What gives? Any recommendations? I've downloaded several guides (and formatted them to a nice, readable format w/out all the trite stuff ) and they've put me well on my way. Any further recommendations on my current settings or requests for more information are encouraged. Thanks for the forum. It's helped a lot.
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