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  1. PSU will be fine, 38A total 12v rail is a good thing I run a 520W Modstream which has 28A 12v rail.
  2. Indeed, thats the DDR speed. SDR is 1050Mhz and DDR is 2100Mhz i.e. 2.1Ghz.
  3. Have you taken the SATA1 compatability jumper out the back of the drive?
  4. Yes I know, but whats actually different?
  5. I run that BIOS, its dated 11/14/05 I believe and it came on my board as standard. Not flashed to another yet and all is running ok. Memory is BH-6 at 209Mhz tight timings at 2.8v. Not really puched the memory any higher as of yet. Just bedding the X2 in at 2.5Ghz stock volts
  6. I installed the AMD driver, then the Optimiser and it works grrrreat.
  7. What on earth is a RAM table and what makes them different and better or worse for certain IC's? i.e. the -1 -2 and -3 at end of BIOS names...
  8. Cool ,let me know. I want to see if its just me thats getting mental differences in cores!
  9. Download http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/Hidde...ff/CoreTemp.zip
  10. Have you tried using a programme called "Core Temp" http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/forum...topic.php?t=137 It apparently gives you a "better" CPU temp readout i.e. more accurate, but I and others have doubts. Idle Smart Guardian gives me 29C for CPU while Core temp gives me both core temps as being 44 and 34 C, so much higher there, and load Smart Guardian gives me 40C and Core Temp gives me 60/52C for each core. What does it read for you? Do you have a big difference between Core 0 and core 1? Also are you dual priming that CPU? http://sp2004.fre3.com/beta/beta2.htm
  11. I know mate, read that a few hours ago. It's just that after speaking to AMD, they have adviced me to update my BIOS, but I don't think that will help, hence why I was asking here
  12. Hi all, Just a quick question regarding X2 temperatures and BIOS version. Currently running the 14.11.05 BIOS and Smart Guardian reports CPU temp as 40C fully loaded, but Core Temp reports Core #0 at 60C and Core #1 as 52C. Now are these temps accurate or will a newer BIOS bring them in line with reality? Im only at 2.5GHz with stock vcore (1.328v) under a XP90C, so Id of thought my temps would be better that 60!!! Cheers
  13. My 4200+ at 2.5GHz stock voltage idles according to Core Temp at 44/34 and load dual prime 60/52. So I take is that Core #1 is the correct temp i.e. 52C full load?
  14. My Ultra-D works with everything first time 100% for me anyway
  15. Isn't it only for two nVidia cards and not ATI?
  16. Day/Month/Year the most logical way of putting it, rather then Month/Day/Year which is just daft!
  17. Hi jbdude, Any chance you could post your BIOS settings for running the BH-5 at 245Mhz. Cheers mate
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