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  1. I am upgrading from a 3700+ (single core) to a 4800+ (dual core). Is there anything special that I need to do in regards to the motherboard or is it a matter of switching the processors out? I plan on reformatting regardless if that is necessary.
  2. I am not sure if I have a bad memory slot or not. It would be the second orange slot to run in dual-channel mode. I've been running the system with only 1GB of OCZ memory in it for over a year. When I added a stick of memory into the system it would freeze when it got to the Windows XP login screen. I take the stick out and it works fine. The memory sticks are the exact same. I've ran memtest on it for 2 days now and there are no errors reported yet. Since I bought the memory in pairs I decided to try the other stick out and this time the system will let me into Windows but programs frequently crash. So is the motherboard damaging my memory? Is there a sure-fire way to tell if the slot is bad? Thanks. EDIT: I can put the second stick of memory in the second slot (won't run in dual-channel though) and there are no problems.
  3. My wife has the same computer as me but she only has 512mb of RAM. I am thinking about upgrading her to 2GB and need to know what is a decent brand/model out there. She just plays World of Warcraft and surfs the web so she doesn't need anything special... probably not even the OCZ I have. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. Well, after running memory test programs for a couple of days I have yet to receive an error. I said the hell with it and bought some more RAM, reformatted Windows since everything I installed was corrupt and its all working now.
  5. Alright, I will run that other memtest program overnight tonight. Now I have another question. I used my wifes memory in my computer and still got corruption errors. Does that mean her memory is bad too or does that mean I should re-install Windows using her memory? I guess I could go buy some more as well. The memory I have costs $275 for 2 sticks. Is there anything cheaper that will be compatible with this board if the memory is bad?
  6. Here is some food for thought: I created a brand-new username in Windows and gave it admin rights. I then was able to install half the software that was giving me corruption errors under the "Administrator" username. Some, however, do give me corruption errors.
  7. I have tried another install disc. When I did memtest it was only 1 stick at a time. I did the tests overnight for a minimum of 12 hours for each stick. I haven't done a test as rigerous as s1ck suggested so I guess I can try that. I just don't understand how it could be an issue if it wasn't before. I guess I'll do a prime test too while I am at work.
  8. Well, I am here because I am not sure if the issue I have is related to my motherboard. Basically, I had a hard drive die on me and I got a new one (exact same brand and model). I installed Windows XP with no problems. Any time that I need to install any drivers or software I get data corruption errors. The errors are specific to the software and can vary but in the end, the message always refers to data corruption. Generally, this problem only happens if the software needs to be decompressed into a temp file before being installed. Here is what I have done: - Checked all cables - Got another new hard drive and re-installed Windows - Ran chkdsk - Removed my RAM sticks and inserted them one at a time - Moved the RAM sticks into different slots - Used the RAM from my wife's computer (exact same as mine) - Ran Memtest - Uninstalled and removed any peripheral not needed to run the computer - Updated chipset drivers - Updated all other drivers - Updated Windows The only thing I have not done was get a new motherboard, processor, PSU or CD drive. So again, I am not sure if this is a mobo problem but I am all out of ideas. Thanks for your advice.
  9. I am concerned because the OEM fan is *barely* the right height for my video card to fit. Will this fan be any bigger than the original?
  10. Turned my computer on this evening and was welcomed with the most annoying noise ever. I figured it was either my CPU or chipset fan. I turned off the computer, unplugged the chipset fan and then turned it back on. That seemed to have solved it. So any ways, is it hard to replace the chipset fan for this board? Is this something I should send in to have done or just order the part? How bad would it be for me to run it without the chipset fan for now but to put a floor fan blowing into the system? Thanks!
  11. Here are my temps and fan speeds according to CMOS (not idle): CPU: 45c 1500RPM PWM: 40c 2300RPM (have no idea what this is) Chipset: 55c 3600RPM Should I be concerned? I am not overclocking. CPU has a Zalman on it. What are decent temps for the setup in my sig? I don't want to do anything to damage my hardware. The 7800GTX is blocking my chipset fan Also, is it a good idea to do the auto shutdown on temp? If so, which temp would be ideal? Thanks!
  12. It works. The only problem is it only comes with one floppy power connector so you'll need to get a molex adapter if you want to use the floppy drive.
  13. Glad to know it isn't just me. I'll look into another chipset fan. My Lian-li case has a spot for one more fan as well.
  14. My video card is so big that it blocks the chipset fan from proper cooling. I've had it at 60c when idle. Is there anything I can do to keep it cooled down? At the moment I have a floor fan blowing into the case. It's at 45c right now but it sounds like an airport in my room.
  15. Aside from memtest finding a bad stick of my memory my system has been running stable all day. Just curious, will the PSU mistake I made have an repercussions on the board in the long run?
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