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  1. Trying to figure out if I still need a cable to plug into my cdrom to listen to music cds on it..my comp should be in my sig, but i can't get it to work..and i don't think it came with any other cords :|
  2. So today, after maybe a year of having the computer set up, I try to play an audio cd on my computer. It doesn't work. The CD works in a regular stereo, but I get no audio back when I put the cd in my computer. I've tried enabling digital audio, and the audio properties don't have anything with CD muted on them. Does this mobo still require a cable from the sound card thingie to the cdrom? I tried searching through my junk, but couldn't find one with the mobo stuff, so I'm kinda lost at the moment. or do those typically come with the cdrom itself? cuz I got that oem :[
  3. Don't think I said I crashed while installing drivers, if I did, I made a mistake, or I forgot about it heh in any case, I DC'ed it again, and decided to put in the drivers that came with the actual card, and it's been going pretty smooth thus far.. but it went a pretty long time before doing it a little while ago when I took the OC off(it's still off). So we'll see, and of course, I'll post if it happens again.
  4. I don't have XP.. I'm almost thinking that's what is causing it, me using win2k. I know the other guy that has the problem also uses win2k. I doubt the OS is somehow corrupted though..that just wouldn't make sense. Corrupted because I reinstalled my video drivers two or three times? :|
  5. well..it did it again. God. Didn't get any msg about any IRQ or anything though God this angers me
  6. well, I did that, and now the thing wigged out again, but didn't freeze..screen went hay wire with colors, then i hit windows key to minimize, and the game actually did, and it said ATI needed to restart the driver because it wasn't respoonding to ati or some . great.. few minutes later, it locked up, and I got a blue screen of death that said something IRQ_ something something and then immediately restarted. Jesus, what did I do with that damn driver cleaner.. I cleaned it again, and it froze while running 3dmark03 near the middle.. I took off my overclock, and it just ran through.. gonna see if I can play WoW for more than 15 minutes at stock everything
  7. I must have completely skipped over that one. Alright, I did what he said. DCpro from driverheaven.NET (lol, go to .com ;p), uninstalled all the junk, then used it before rebooting. We'll see how it goes I'm hoping that was the problem..even when I was uninstalling stuff from CP, it was having errors uninstalling..so who knows
  8. I just wanted to say I like that extra fan on the cpu for the ram.. I might have to steal that idea
  9. man..what could it be? oh ...look at that. You use win2k too......... it has to be win 2k ! but how do we go about fixing it.. oh, you're the same guy with the other thread, thought you were a 3rd having the problem with win2k pro ;o oh well, maybe it's not a concidence even if it's only us two
  10. when and where did you buy your mobo euclid? I got mine like a month ago from monarch..and I saw some thread saying how DFI recalled a bunch of Mobos from there or some ... I'm wondering if I got a bad one or something? This is really getting ridiculous if I can't even game on my gaming computer.. I really wish official DFI could say something about this, because if euclid made a thread about it god knows when, then it has to have been around for a while
  11. Did it.. 2.5-3-3-8 load optimized.. it just did it. Dang it, this sucks
  12. Aw man.. this is disheartening. It does sound like what bnf posted. I highly doubt it's because of the ram too, because like him, i've ran this ram at like 255 2-2-2-2 for like two sessions of 14 hours or something.. prime ran fine too :|. I really hope it's not the GPU, but I'm wondering if maybe that damn karajan could possibly do anything about it? I wish we could get an admin response possibly well, scratch that..just read your whole thread, and it sounds like you tried just about everything. I did notice we share windows 2k though..I wonder. :|
  13. 27-37cpu, 40-43 chipset, not sure what pwmic is, but it's at 32 currently I'll try giving it some more juice..but I had it at like 1.6 or something when I was trying to get it stable at 2.7, and I think it still did it. Worth a shot though, because I'm not posistive. Okay, I pumped her up to 1.450 + 104%, ITES is saying it has 1.45v now. LDT BUS 1.16v ATX+12v 11.77v (why would this be low) ATX +5.0v 5.08v NB+1.5v 1.47v DRAM 3.2V VBAT+3.0v 3.08v (just figured I'd include those other numbers) also, is there any reason why a panaflow wouldn't register on the cpu fan speed reader? I got it plugged into the actual cpu fan thing on the mobo..which I find kinda weird. (cpu fan: 0, PWMIC 445 (think this might be psu fan), chipset 4.6k-4.8k) ---------- Does anyone know about video cards and if this could be caused by that? I think one t ime I got this message that the video card stopped re sponding and it had to reset (this was in windows), and I'm wondering if the video card is just screwing up, but the comp isn't able to reset it, and it freezes completely.. I just have a feeling it's that dang video card..because that would be the most expensive part in there.
  14. For some reason, whenever I'm watching some movies, or playing a demanding video game, -sometimes- my comp will freeze completely. Like you'll hear the music, and it'll skip over and over and over, and then my monitor light will go into standby mode, and I have to restart. However, sometimes, it seems like I can sometimes save it by hitting windows key / or ctrl alt del repeatidly, and the game will minimize. Then I can just go back into the game, and everything is working dandy again. I think the first time this happened, was when I was fooling around with the s-video out on the video card, and I was trying to get my screen onto my TV. And ever since.. it's been like a daily thing this happens. I was using a 20 pin PSU, and I was hoping, that if I got a new PSU (SLi Certified) that maybe that was the problem..but I was pretty sure it wasn't. On the other hand, I could also use my 20pin in my old comp, and then the new psu in the new psu, so I bought the new antec anyway. And yeah, it didn't help. I can only guess it's the video card.. I got it oem from monarch computer, and I don't think I can return it..or can I? or what else could it be? I'm stuck here..and having your system lock up all the time is annoying. and Yeah, I've tried taking the overclock off and it didn't do anything..not that it should matter. HELP!!
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