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  1. I just finished installing the ThermalRight HR-05 SLi chipset heatsink (for which a very comprehesive post can be found on this forum), along with a Zalman HDD cooler/noise dampener. I'm pleased to say that installation was very simple with the push-pin mounting system and I'm very happy with the results. This means that my current cooling setup is as follows: DFI Ultra-D under HR-05 (Passive) Athlon 3000+ @ 2.4ghz under Arctic Freezer 64 (Quiet Fan) ATi X1900XT 512MB under Zalman VF900-Cu (Silent Fan) Samsung 160GB IDE Drive under Zalman ZM2HC2 The ZM2HC2 could do more on the vibration dampening side of things, since the vibrations are still transmitted through the side of the case, but so far it has been impressive - hard drive noise has decreased by around 80%. The dampening works by a simple method - a rubber tube screws into the hard disk/cooler system, at the other end of which is a nut for a screw from the hard drive cage, kind of like this: |--Chassis--=Rubber=--HDD Thus disconnecting the rod (screw) along which the low frequency waves could transmit and avoiding the amplification which often happens due to the case. As for the Zalman VF900Cu, I could not be happier. The stock (Noisy!!) HSF for the X1900XT (there's a VERY high power rating on this card, something like 130W, so it creates a huge amount of thermal waste from that, compared to about 90W for the 7900GTX) allowed the card to reach temperatures of 80-90C, idling at about 50-60. The VF900CU - a silent solution made from pure copper wings and heatpipes, and with NO exhaust unlike the stock solution - reports the card to load at 45C and idle at 37-40C. That's not just impressive, that's 50% difference alongside the rest of the obvious gainst. The HR-05 SLi has also been incredibly efficient at cooling the notoriously steamy nForce 4 chip on the DFI motherboard. It's currently sitting nicely at 39C with no fan - completely passive. Installation was a breeze, although the instructions are written in the classic "Chinese English" - proper usage but ambiguous phrasing. The only fan I have running through the entire system is on the AC Freezer, software controlled through ITE Smart Guardian to 800RPM. Although this fan is not absolutely silent (which only became evident after installing the VF90 and HR05), it's pretty quiet, and at 800 revs it's almost completely inaudible. The impressive thing in my mind is that even though it is considered on of the quieter solutions available for CPU cooling, it is in fact the loudest thing in my case - that's a matter of pride for someone like me xD. I hope someone has benefitted from this, I found it very interesting indeed, and of course I am very pleased with how quietly and efficiently it is possible to air-cool a high end system Yours, John.
  2. Alright, I went for the big drop and fitted the cooler. VERY quiet, only an ear-pleasing "woosh" to be heard at close range. I fitted all 8 sinks in the hope that the heat from the memory would bond what was left of the adhesive. Watch this space for "OH NO!!!! MY MOTHERBOARD IS DEAD!!"
  3. Sorry to be bumping the thread. Thanks for the link t ski, I found some Akasa pads at http://www.thecoolingshop.com for anyone interested (just search for 'thermal'). Anyway, I got bored of finding someone with a credit card to order me that and a ThermalRight HR-05 SLI, so decided to whip the HSF off the x1900 and take a peak inside. I'm gonna catch some sleep in a minute, but so far I've succeeded in re-attaching the four old ramsinks and attaching the four spares (yes, the X1900XT has EIGHT memory chips), and it SEEMS to be doing okay. Obviously ythe ashesive isn't what it once was, but it seems to be sticky enough - they're not that great even when new. It takes a small amount of human force to remove both new and old sinks, but the most strenuous real-life force will be their own mass acting for GPE against the adhesive holding them on, which, since they're aluminium, shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'll be eating my own words tomorrow morning when I fit the cooler and a ramsink falls off and fries my Motherboard xD
  4. What are your load temperatures at stock speeds? As much as I respect the opinions of the experienced waterchillers, I still have my doubts about just how high these temps are, simply because It is indeed such a huge clock for that CPU.
  5. Personally quite fond of Samsung Spinpoint drives - I have an ATA 160GB model and a SATA II 80GB model and both are impressively quiet (Very picky about noise). I've read very good things about Seagates, however, so my next drive will probably be one of those. I've also owned an incredibly irritating WD: it made a screachy/whiny sound that racked at my brain; and a Maxtor 80GB which seems all fair and reasonable, although the first one died on me after about 3 months of usage.
  6. Interesting. Those P4s are such thermal monsters I trust your opinion just from keeping it at 40C xD I have a friend whose old Socket 775 P4 3.4Ghz (I think it was 775... they're the only ones that went past 3.2Ghz iirc, please do correct if I'm mislead), ran at 80C idle, and it wasn't a defective chip or anything. He installed a Vantec tornado 120mm in the back of a huge server tower and bought a huge zalman copper HSF to keep it running at or below 60C load - it would be hitting 95C load beforehand and would throttle. If my reading serves me, Intel have adopted the "AMD Routine" with the C2Ds and made a high efficiency chip (Both thermally and architecture-wise), so I don't suppose they hit that sort of temp. The main reason I was concerned about the C2D with regards to this thread is that this guy is hitting somewhere around 80% overclock. The A64 venices were previously considered the gods of overclocking and generally 50% was considered pretty damned nice, though not entirely uncommon. I didn't know liquid cooling could have such an effect to be honest. I'll do it someday when I have £200 to spare... *5 millionth edit* Just to put another spotlight on a post above - with my limited knowledge on the topic, I would say Rado's comment on the pump is quite relevant - if it's making noise when it shouldn't be doing so then, well, figure : p
  7. I'm just thinking - is this such a bad temperature for a mightily overclocked Core 2 Duo at 1.5V? Considering this particular chip is rated at 1.3(?)V at 2Ghz or so, I'm just wondering whether this is really an issue with the cooling or more the insane overclock. It does seem to be a huge temperature, granted, but given the temps actually decreased after air cooling by the amount that one would approximately expect it to do so, it's looking possible that it isn't a problem with the cooling afterall. Just a thought.
  8. Ah, I thought thermal paste contained some sort of adhesive, I stand corrected. Thank god for that. Looking now, I see there are two versions of AS5 - One of the Epoxy and one of them Paste, so I'm assuming the Paste version has no adhesive. Well anyway, if I can find some fragtape in the UK (pretty difficult to source) I will use it
  9. Yeah, they are VERY easy to knock off... it took just a tiny bit of leverage-type force to take the sinks off the X800. This is why I'm considering thermal paste. I need to get some decent arctic silver anyway which is why I'm doing that, but may well decide against it and use the fragtape (same as thermal tape?) when the time comes. Just as a sidetrack note, if anyone who is looking for a very quiet and efficient BTX-style case hasn't checked out the Lian Li V1100 PLUS, I reccommend doing so. Everything I've read about it has been very positive - I suppose for £150 you do expect something pretty decent though, so it might not be in everyone's pricerange. Edited the previous post - I of course meant to say "Lian Li", not "Zalman".
  10. Thanks for the quick replies; I'm not sure about the warranty thing - Would I be sure of being able to remove the sinks withot damaging the chips if I used thermal/frag tape? I'm thinking it might be better to go with the Arctic Silver idea - my only concern being that it's quite a new card (Sept 06) so it has some margin for RMA-requiring error yet... I will be ordering some thermal tape and arctic silver with a Lian Li V1100 PLUS case Only thing left to do is make a decision on the tape/epoxy... It's interesting to see just how popular the X1900XT and VF900 really is. Thanks again, John.
  11. Hello again all, Having purchased an ATi X1900XT as an upgrade from my X800XL, I'm considering jumping the VF cooler from old to new. I haven't had the cooler long, so it would be nice to get some more use out of it, and I find the stock 1900 HSF's sound to be unpleasant, not to mention too loud. I really like my Zalman, but I'm unsure about replacing the RAM sinks - Will the adhesive remain intact for a second run? They've been off the previous sinks for about 2 weeks now, since that was when I was about to reinstall them on to the new card, but this problem crossed my mind. I definitely don't want the RAMsinks to fall off during usage - that would obviously cause all kinds of problems. Is there anything I can do to ensure proper contact between sink and ram chip in case the adhesive has deteriorated? I seek the notoriously learned opinions/advise of the DFI-Street users Many thanks, John.
  12. My card arrived today, and I'm happy to say that even with this processor I've already doubled FPS in all my games. Thanks everyone.
  13. I have one more question on this topic: I'm going to upgrade to Catalyst 6.7, but do I uninstall the current driver first, or just download the new one and let it automatically "upgrade"?
  14. The 90nm manufacture process means lower voltage/power input and therefore thermal output among many other benefits, iirc. Anyway, I ordered a Connect3D X1900XT 512mb from www.overclockers.co.uk a few minutes ago, so it should be here by wednesday; in time for the birthday! It was a cracking deal - 216GBP is already low considering normal price tag of 260, such as those made by Asus, but it was on a 'this week only deal' too. 200 quid for a 19xt =D
  15. It's a good point about the opterons - I was planning on the 165 a while back but forgot about it. Will be saving up for that. Thanks for all the advice everyone, I will be ordering my X1900XT tomorrow morning, unless anyone suddenly screams "NOOOOO DON'T DO IT!" It's weird to think that a year ago my X800XL was in the same price range. Times change, eh? Thanks again.
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