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  1. exactly, im sure theres ALOT more people out there that have had no problems what so ever.
  2. it seems my cpu bums out at 1.5v @ 2.5 currently prime95 torture testing at 2.25 to ensure its ok, and seems to have been for the past few hours. how safe is it to run the cpu at 1.5v+ 24/7? does it dramatically reduce the life of the chips?
  3. cheers acarrera, whats the best setting to put the %power thing on? is it 104% ?
  4. damn, thats a nice clock there matey. im stumbling around 2.25 at the minute :S but im new so i can be forgiven! is that on watercooling?
  5. ok, ive been running the ram at 3,3,3,8 at 250 for a little bit now and all seems fine here. ive lowered the cpu multi to 9, so ive now got a 2.25ghx cpu running. thing is now though, when i try to up the multi and boot at 2.5ghz it will post and continue to load the drives, the screen just before the xp splash screen, and it just hangs. ive tried upping the vcore to 1.45 and the next option down to 104% or something, cant remember exactly from memory. and the ram is at 2.8v. is there anything else i can try maybe?
  6. im a bit of noobie when it comes to extreme overclocks. especially with these 64bit cpu's, come back socketA anyday, hehe. right anyways, ive got 2gb of ballistix4000 and so i thought it would be a walk in the park to get my 3200venice up to 2.5 easily. just by using the ram at its proper speeds, but it turns out i cant even get a stable 2.3-2.4ghz overclock either. ive tried lowering the htt to x3. im looking for other stuff to try do i need to run a divider? (i thought this would really make my ram run slower than stock though) my ram timings are at stock too 3,3,3,8. surely the ram would be good for this? in cpuz though it says 3,4,4,10 at 250 so im a bit confused on this too. but any steps i can take to try and get a stable overclock would be great i dont want to believe ive got that much of a bad cpu, not even getting 2.3ghz anyways.
  7. with the catalyst control centre, make sure you have .NET installed on your machine as it will need these components to function. try that as ati tray tool may use some of the same
  8. were you/are you using any dividers now with this new board as opposed to the older board?
  9. ive managed to get to the bottom of my long loading time at the winxp splash screen. all id id was disable the splash screen altogether and it now boots without problems. ive seen a few threads with this issue in it so i hope this helps people out
  10. cheers matey, just got to wait for the postman 2moro and hopefully ill be set to go
  11. thats an excellent come back for me mate, cheers for that. its settles my nerves a little. whats so bad with using winflash though? is it alot better to use the cd method of updating the bios or something? never done it before with the cd, is it just a case of booting from cd and following the prompts? oh and where did you get that bios from?
  12. that zalman thing wont fit without heavy modification and then it probably wont cool it enough.
  13. keep us up to date mate as ive just ordered this very same memory and im crapping myself now as all these problem threads keep coming up
  14. well i actually regret buying this board now, its just been a headache from start to finish for me. doesnt look like its going to be the ballistix for me then.
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