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  1. I think the cause of all of this is my PSU. The mems worked fine in my other system. Im 'getting back this psu (Thermaltake PSU never more) and tomorrow i'll get an OCZ powerstream 520W NATIVE 24pin, this butterfly purepower is single RAIL (12v 17a), and 20pin. In Lanparty UT NForce4ultra-D is not recommended......... i think here is all the problem- Tomorrow i say to you.... Thanks a lot!
  2. I removed the ram.... proved whit a single module ocz, both modules OCZ, and a single module Kingstone... the same problem.. if i press del....... Black screen. The keyboard is Ok.. i'm writing with it. It's a very rare issue. I suppose i'll RMA it monday, thanks a lot ayway
  3. I wish i could... the mobo seems to be dead, i cant get into bios.... it works fine, but i cant edit bios, sstem hangs up if i Try.... and until i make a clear cmos, the system is dead.. i cant edit the bios... it flashes well, but the problem remains....
  4. Hi everybody!!! While doing memtest yesterday trying to solve an issue with my ocz mems (disscussed in an other thread, its another long sad history)... my mobo hungs up. It didn't boot... until I made a Clear CMOS. Then the system starts fine whits defaults loaded... y reboot to enter bios... and when I press the Del button to enter bios, the system freezes with a black screen.... when that occours i only can get it to live clearing CMOS..... defaults loaded, but if i try to enter BIOS.... DAMN, hungs up!!! and need to make clear CMOS. I flashe the bios with several differents, but the same things occorus... I CANT GET INTO BIOS. The system with defaults (can't be otwher way) works fine..... but i cant change latency neither anything on bios!!! The windows works, all works, but i cant get into bios to modify anything!!!!! y i try , if I press del no blue screen.... black screen and nothing works until clear cmos.... ANy idea before RMA??? Thanks to all
  5. I hope you are wrong, DAMS.... i've seen a lot of reviews of this pair of modules with the LANPARTY. And they have not reported any issue of incompatibility. Thanks for your reply... but i hope you are wrong... Otherwise.... I can return the PSU to the seller..... Is bad my PSU.... ┬┐Better if I take a 24Pin native PSU instead of my 20pin with 24pin adaper??? The PSU is Thermaltake Purepower Butterfly 480W. In the case: 12v---- 17A... ??? Only 17A? is 17Ax2???? will be 34A??? or only 17A??? Thanks all of you!!!
  6. yes, of course i'm using the 24 pin adapter. And all the inputs of power of the mother.
  7. Surprise! I proved the ram in other pc, my girlfriend's machine. I Put my ram instead the kingstone value ram that she owns, the machine is a gigabyte K8nf-9, with a ridiculous Orion 300W PSU. What happened? Easy. The ram works rockly in 2-2-2-5 (sorry, TRAS was 5, not 6, in my OCZ's spec). As a rock at stock VDIMM. Its the first time i see that mem in memtest test 8 passs flawlessly. a lot of thanks for the OCZ guys, im very surprised for the replies, the OCZ team is magnific. Now, i've a couple of doubts..... 1- the Bad component.... IS the PSU or The Mother?????? * the PSU is a thermaltake Purepower butterFly 480W new, extremly new. it is from monday. *the DFI lanparty???? It's possible that the "bad thing " is the Lanparty?????? Otherwise, i must RMA the motherboard, since a couple of hours, it's BROKEN!!! I explain: The mother works "well", but i cant get into bios!!!!! I can owerwrite the bios, but if i press "DEL" teh systems hagns up, and I only can get him to live if i do a CMOS CLEAR. But, when i make that cmos clear, teh system starts well, but if I try to press DEL to entre bios utility.... CRASH.... hagns, and its blocked until i do a cmos again...... BUAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (im crying) Im going to rma the LANPARTY and when i have another brnd new, i will post the result,.... im not going to rma it until MONDAY, if someone know how to fix this problem, i will be very tanksfully. A lot of thanks from spain..... sorry again for my poor english... HAU
  8. first at all, i want to apologize for my poor english, im spanish. Hi everyone, this is my first Post, unfortunately, this is a sad post: I've purchased a Dual channel Kit OCZ GOLD PC3200 2-2-2-6, it arrived yesterday. I put the memory on its stock timings and frecuncy, and the problems starts, i havent any stability at all, y get several blue screens installing windows... I put then the last oficial Bios.... things doesnt ganged.... worried about the power supply (Thermaltake 480W purepower, NEW), y put the jumper 17 and proved on the 5v rail... nothing changed.... I proved with memtest 86+... its fails and hang up sometimes in test 8. (now it only fails, now the system doesnt hangs up, maybe i have burned them). Only in test 8. If i put the memories on single channel, it passes very well....mmmmmmmm... more tries.... IF I PUT THE MEMORY CPC=OFF (2T) they're a ROCK. If i put CPC ON, fail test 8 of memtest, tousand of errors... i've proved other processor, and fails too. Well, in my DFI lanparty UT Ultra-D, i'm not capable to pass the Memtest86 with that timings whith CPC on. Well, it passes, but in test 8, i found a lot of errors. With 2,8, 2,9 and 3.0. My system is: DFI lanparty UT nf4 ultraD AMD64 Venice 3200+ (i've tried with an winchester 3000+ too) Thermaltake purepower 480W Radeon X850XT There is nothing more connected to the motherb. ┬┐Can this memories run with CPC on (1T) whitout errors? Mine not. I'VE CALLED THE SHOP I BOUGHT the memories.... : The guy in the shop told me that only the VX can make 1T, he says its normal i can't archieve 1t with 2-2-2-6..... is that truth???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE MY MEMORIES A .?!!! That are my first OCZ, and im very dissapointed. Greetings, sorry about my poor english, and any help will be very apreciated!.
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