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  1. Thanks for the replys. I finally managed to install XP64 by 1. Downloading a new RAID driver disk from planetamd64.com 2. Running at T2, T1 worked under XP32, but not XP64 3. Take 2 of my raptors out, back to a 2 disk array :-(
  2. I have using 8/15 bios for some time, and apart from the 216 FSB, 5xHT and the 4GB memory problemsit has been fine. I have a fully working and installed system (Windows XP Pro SP2), I upgrade the bios to 8/24. Everthing worked well. I then purchased Windows Pro 64 and decided to do an install. I created the RAID drivers floppy disk, and started to install. The install process managed to get thought to the saving files and the system rebooted. No message, just a reboot. Oh well, maybe its part of the install procedure. Nope. Windows XP Pro 64 starts to load and then BSOD and reboots. I tried this with several different version of the Nvidia RAID drivers, but still the same. So, I tried to re-install XP Pro Sp2, exactly te same problems. Saving files page, reboot. BSOD on reboot. Downgrade the bios to 8/15, everything works and Installs OK Any ideas? I am not overclocking anything.
  3. I will contact Holland in the morning. I have only had the board for a week. I am very miffed.
  4. "Oh also the X2 processor on the NF3 U-D does not like cool and quiet. No idea when or if that can be fixed. " So DFI advertise the X2 compatablility and the Cool 'n Quiet but yet it does not work. That is false advertising!
  5. So, What can I do? I took 2 of the modules out. Enabeled the setting. System booted. It tried to set my PCU speed to 268, I have to change that back. Put the other 2 modules back in. Still only 3GB. I know its not your fault, and you are trying to help, but I feel that everyone is blaming eveyone else. The BIOS/board/CPU has faults/compatability problems and I am getting very peeved. If I did not have an AGP card I would have purchased a NF4 MB. BTW, I have also tried 2 1GB (ebuyer) unbranded memory modules, they pass memtest 86+ 1.60 on their own, but even using them I still only get 3GB of memory. I also tried using the 2x512MB modules that are in my Wifes machine, the systems is fine with 3GB 2x1GB + 2x512MB All modules are dual sided, and are configured to run at 200. I have also tried running the modules at 133 and 166 just in case that might have fixed the problem.
  6. I forgot to add, then when I set the PCI MMIO option the system would not post. I have to clear my CMOS. Still only 3GB.
  7. First up. When I spoke to DFI they said that the boartd and chip should run with 4GB of memory. I am not overclocking my system, Ijust needed a motherbaord theat would take the X2 and still support my 6800U AGP card. Overclockers.co.uk suggested the DFI. Now they inform me that they will not accept the board back!! They refer me to DFI DFI want my memory, this is not going to happen. Would you ship 4GB of memory away for 3-4 weeks to someone you dont know? The BIOS is buggy, Cool 'n quiet does not work and it appears that DFI are not really interested in fixing it. DFI refered me to this forum, as they said that they could not help. I have spoken to Crucial and they will call me back tomorrow. Hopefully they can help, although the problem is not related to crucial. With referance to the two different part codes: I thought that as long as the banks were matched then that was not a problem. I am running XP Pro not home!
  8. I have 4x1GB modules and the BIOS still only sees 3GB of memory. I have just swapped 2 of the 1GB modules for 2 unbranded 1GB modules, and I am still getting the same problem. Memtest 86 only sees 3GB and the memory test appears ok. When speaking to DFI, they now want me to send my 4x1GB modules away for about 3-4 weeks so they can test it on their boards or go and buy new memory. This is something I can not really afford to do.
  9. I thought that all of the X2 chip had the memory controler upgraded to support 4 memory slots filled. The DFI support person also said that the board should support and should work with 4GB. He suggested that I post here, as they cannot help me.
  10. I have a Crucial memory problem. My NF3-U had Crucial 2x1GB Kit 16VDDT12864AG40BDB 16VDDT12864AG40BDB These modules worked fine with Cas 3 and T2 timings. I then purchased Another Crucial 2x1GB Kit 16VDDT12864AG40BD1 16VDDT12864AG40BD1 However the motherboard will only count upto 3GB. PC Wizzard can see the 4 1GB modules and report their speeds and serial numbers, but Windows and the BIOS cannot. I have spoken to DFI in holland, and I went thorough series of procedures to test if the memory was at fault. Here is what I have done so far (at the request of DFI) Yellow slot: 1GB Yellow slot: 1GB Orange slot: Empty Orange slot: Empty OK 2GB Memory detected Yellow slot: Empty Yellow slot: Empty Orange slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB OK 2GB Memory detected Yellow slot: 1GB Yellow slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB OK, but only 3GB memory detected!!! Yellow slot: EMPTY Yellow slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB Would not POST Yellow slot: 1GB Yellow slot: EMPTY Orange slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB Would not POST Yellow slot: 1GB Yellow slot: 1GB Orange slot: EMPTY Orange slot: 1GB Would not POST Yellow slot: 1GB Yellow slot: 1GB Orange slot: 1GB Orange slot: EMPTY Would not POST I was also told to increate the DDR voltage to 2.7V This made no differance. I have since returned this to 2.6V I have also installed 2X1GB and 2X512MB = 3GB and this works. Can anyone help?
  11. I had problems with my 4400 X2, even though I thought I have a good PSU (Antec TP500 only had 24A on the 12V line). I replace the PSU and now everything if running great. No crashes in BF2. Post your PSU 3,5 and 12V ratings.
  12. THe Antec True 550P 5V = 40A 12V = 24A 3.3V = 32A The Akasa Power Plus 650 (4 12V rails) 3.3V = 33A 5V = 24A 12V = 13A 12V = 18A 12V = 16A 12V = 8A
  13. I have just swapped out my Antec 550 Truepower for an Akasa PowerPlus. Before the swap, I would get lockups and random reboots. Since the Akasa has been installed every thing is stable. BTW, I have another Antec 550 and an Enermax EG 651P-V(E)
  14. I currently have an Antec TruePower 500, but I have ordered an Akasa POWERPLUS 650W as the Antec only has a 20 pin connector. http://www.akasa.com.tw/akasa_english/spec...p650ff_bkv1.htm I had the choice of the Enermax 600 Watt PSU, but the Akasa look slightly better for the 12V rails. Opinions please? BTW, anyone know where the best place/thread to post about problems that I am having with my MB?
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