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  1. ooeric

    New case for the wife.

    cough. lianli a05. cough.
  2. ooeric

    Need parts for a build!!!

    i might have an older p4 540 (3.4ghz) i pulled it from a customer system when i swapped his for a celeron. cause was using a 915 board. ill get back to you on it HnR
  3. hey thasp. ill take the board. box and all? please PM me your PP info and such. where in NY are you located btw?
  4. ooeric

    9800 GX2 or 9800 GTX?

    IMO my next upgrade.. another 88GTX.. i mean. its cheap now. like 200$ used. even though i OC my cpu.. after using quad so long, i really dont need to OC i might as well just go back to SLI instead of p35 also, the bandwidth of the 9800s cant match the 88gtx i ran 3dmark06 for the hell of it last night. stock speeds, 575/900 it scored 13650...
  5. ooeric

    Time to put your hampster to good use

    correction. i asked my pops about the drill. he said he bought it 1986 i did some research. AEG at that time was run by Daimler Benz... the same guys running Mercedes.. cool. i wonder if AEG still makes their tools in germany. (which i doubt... stupid enterprises and ODMing in china..) i know now, they are run by some company in HongKong, which also owns Ryobi, and some others.. and believe it or not,, Milwaukee.... WOW. wtf? so much for good american tools now.
  6. ooeric

    Time to put your hampster to good use

    i actually have one of those AEG german made drills.. very good pieces of machinery. roughly.. 20yrs old? and it still drills a nothing like there is no tomorrow.
  7. im interested in the ip35. well. my brother is. can hold it for me. for 1 day. while i ask him if you wants it. cause its a great price. thanks thasp.
  8. ooeric

    Momo's Market of Madness - Lots of Stuff

    aawwww crap! a BIPii,,, ive been looking for one for 3 months on forums. and i bought a brand new one with no choice 1/23 ,,, crapK!! and i had to buy new YL fans,,, double crapK!
  9. E2xxx series. hits 3ghz . alot cheaper.
  10. ooeric

    Recommend me a good PSU

    lol only thing silverstone is good at is cases. i like my tj09
  11. ooeric

    Recommend me a good PSU

    silverstone? where did silverstone come up? i dont believe anyone recommended it. lol
  12. ooeric

    Recommend me a good PSU

    pcp&c 750 quad is the same PSU as the seasonic m12-700 i bought my seasonic when it was fairly new at about 200 its still banging strong now. and worth the extra.. mainly the ease of modular cables xD if you want cheaper. the corsair HX line are all seasonics. the new TX ? (correct me) are made by another company. but tests on it. show its banging good for the buck. in fact. very very good.
  13. ooeric

    DDR2 800 for pocket change!!!

    2gb kingston usb stick. .95c free shipping.. beat that. buy dot com.
  14. ooeric

    775 1/4 in watter block

    itd be cheaper for you just to buy the adapter/QC/barbs for the block.
  15. ooeric

    What is your connection speed/type?

    to the neighbors house to the neighbors across 3 OCEANS!!! atlantic indian pacific!! i get speeds i pay for. i dont complain