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  1. yeah i was thinking that but my 8800gtx seems to run fine .. wouldnt i see stability probs ??
  2. yeap everything is stable .. it started happening a month or 2 ago .. nothing changed in my system .. is the motherboard dying ?
  3. over the past month or so .. everytime i restart my pc or cold boot it .. u know how normally it will just have all 4 leds lit and 1 by 1 then disappear until only 1 is left .. well what happens is like the power resets like 4 times then it boots .. meaning all 4 with flash .. like 4 times before continuing to boot .. but not a quick flash .. like 4 slow flashes .. any ideas ?? specs are in my sig
  4. hmmm this board looks nice .. i might stick with amd again lol
  5. if u like to sit and stare at super pi running not stop then conroe is the way to go for now .. 4x4 doesnt sound expensive .. just imagine 2 $130 wutever they will cost 3800 + x2s and if u find the 35w ones .. that would be nice
  6. yeah i guess my processor could be faster .. right now its at 2.7 .. i just dont feel like jumping ship to conroe .. and have to get new motherboard .. cpu and ddr 2 .. i would rather sit around for the new dfi am2 board .. pick up a 35w 3800+ if i can find one and some decent mem and wait for 4x4
  7. i would go 64bit xp .. but i guess its not worth it then
  8. will it work with 1T ? dont remember .. im thinking of just getting more ram sicne i decided to not go conroe since gaming at ultra high res isnt a huge difference .. and i decided to wait for amd 4x4 which should be towards end of 06 ..
  9. i tried out webtemp .. doesnt look like it can read gpu temps and clocks ? so i think img onna stick with MBM .. hopefully i can get it working with quad sli
  10. how are u guys getting the overclocking page to show up in the new control panel .. i got it once a long time ago .. but cant now .. im using the 91.31s .. and even tried installing coolbits but it still doesnt show up in the new control panel ?? if shows up in the classic panel .. but the gpu temp doesnt show up in the classic panel .. and the overclocking in the classic panel doesnt have detect optimal freq ?? anyone have any ideas ?
  11. lol how do u get it to display all that i just downloaded and installed it .. and all it will show is my mem usage .. page file .. and cpu usage ?? no temps .. volts or anything ?? can it display GPU temps ?
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