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  1. I had given up on trying to fix this issue and just run a non-SATA system. I had a thread here a few weeks back about getting SLI to work on a UT NF4 SLI-D box. At the end of the thread I had gotten SLI to work, using some of the suggestions from here, but was left with SATA not working with a seagate NCQ enabled SATA drive. Of course seagate pointed out that since I could access the drive from a dos boot disk and fdisk/format it, that the problem was not the drive. But I was still left not able to use/see it in windows or windows install. So once again thanks for this, and someone add this into whatever document you have about the DFI boards and dual core AMD CPU's.
  2. So with 1 HD, 1 DVD/CD drive, and upping some voltages and lowering temps SLI is now working. I'm going to start adding hard drives back in and see if that breaks it. I'll open a new thread for the SATA hard drive problem, after I get it fixed. After reading a few other threads here, I'm leaning towards a firmware issue with the newest NCQ enabled hard Drives. Thanks for all the suggestions and help you guys offered.
  3. So friday evening, I pull out the scsi and pata drives and install the seagate SATA drive. I had to remove the 2 graphics cards, because they block access to the sata connectors on the mobo. I connect the drive, verify the connectors are correct, and well attached. I'm left with one PATA drive the dvd/cd drive. I have a USB floppy drive for the drivers disk. 1st try I use the floppy disk included with the motherboard. No go, load the drivers up after pressing F6, no hard drive detected. Not to be stopped by so trivial a problem, I boot with seagates utility CD and run the drive thorugh all the tests, and even partition it and format it. So I know that from a dos boot the drive is accessible. I use the utility to mark the first partition as the boot drive, and then reboot without the windows install CD in. Yep, drive ight comes on, and get the error about not a bootable drive. I reboot with the windows CD in, go through all loading nvidia drivers, and again, no drive detected. So it's late on friday, I started at 11:00pm, I head to bed, with visions of downloading the latest drivers on saturday and continuing. Saturday, I'm going over my tivo's log and see it has firefly saved. Well if there's one thing that'll get me away from my hardware, it's firefly. So I spend saturday watching the firefly DVD's. Sunday morning, I download the 6.66 drivers from nvidia, make a floppy, and start the windows install. Again, after loading the drivers and continuing, it can't detect any hard drives in the system. Just as a sanity check, I boot off a windows98 install floppy, Fdisk, and reformat, making the hard drive bootable, and lo and behold, it boots off the hard disk in DOS. So I know the hard drive is installed and works. All overclocking and voltage changes are off. Standard speeds on everything. Anyone got any ideas on this one? Sig updated to reflect hardware changes.
  4. That'll be my next try. I just bought a seagate NCQ sata drive, going to do a fresh install. I to am running the same bios/nvidia drivers as byron, but have started from the beginning with an X2 cpu in this motherboard. Anyway for my test, it will be mobo, cpu, cd drive, hard drive, 2 7800GTx's, and sound card. The bare hardware I need for using SLI. Giving the two extra onboard power connectors their own power lines with nothing connected to them. We will see how it goes. Have another hour or so before I'm home and trying it. I love this stuff. It's always fun to try the new hardware and see what happens.
  5. I'll be doing a lot of work with this this weekend. last night was a no go, had some other issues to deal with. With a little more testing, I think I've narrowed the real culprit down, but I need to do some case drilling to verify it. After going through some swapping around of components to free up separate leads for the molex and floppy connectors, I was once again back to testing SLI, and one thing I noticed between reboots and quickly checking the temps in the bios on the way up, is that the chipset was over 70C each time, the last time after about 20 minutes of runnning eq2 in windowed mode, which worked, and ran quite a bit faster than full screen, non-sli, when I tried for the full screen and rebooted, the chipset was almost 80C. So I'm removing the scsi drives, which are right past the end of the chipset, and then opening up the front of the case to allow the 2 fans there to give a lot more air across the chipset. Since SLI seems to work for a bit and then fails, at least in eq2, and vampires, I don't think it's a power supply issue, though it could still be. If cooling down the chipset doesn't fix it, then I'll be looking at new power supplies. My original setup drew close to 10amps on the 5v side of things, even idle. But after removing 3 of HD's it's down to around 5 now. So that could well impact the amount of available 12v amps. Edit: After reading through the link provided about the PSU that I have, I'm pretty sure it's ok. Further into that thread, the person testing pointed out that the motherboard and memory combination drew 9amps on the 5V rail just in themselves. So having even a single fan connected would push it into the realm of the minimum 10amps for the 30-38amps for the 12v rails. Make that 3 8mm fans .85 amps each, and 2 120's that I'm up to now(1.2 each) throw in 2 HDD's at 1.2 idle each and it's fast approaching the 15 needed for the next step up in 12v amps. Edit2: typo's and In this thread http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 the following was added in bold: A special thanks to jonnyGURU! Thanks to the exhaustive testing performed by "jonnyGURU", the SilverStone Zeus ST65ZF 650W can now be fully recommended to anyone needing a high performance PSU for their high demand EPS &/or SLI workstation, server or PC. Thank you Johnny, Dave So it would seem that the power supply is good. I'm leaning towards temp on the chipset being a problem. Since it's being blocked by the 2 7800GTX's that hang(read sit the hell on top of it) over it, I'm going to find a way to get some air from outside the case blowing directly over it. One of my 120mm fans is mounted on top of chipset and the covering 7800GTX's, so getting some cooler air to blow across and get sucked out should help. I'll keep this updated as I have fun working this all out.
  6. WoW has issues with the nforce4 network setup, if you haven't disabled it's built in firewall and packet acceleration stuff. Usually the answer for that is to use the marvell one. Or follow a guide that is located on the WoW forums under the support section. It's been stickied near the top. But apparently you are having the same problem with both of the ports. So I guess that won't fix the WoW problem for you. I haven't played BF2, so I'm not aware of any issues it may have with network ports.
  7. One tip for people with venice core CPU's and the SLI-D motherboard that I found that got me through a windows install to the point that I could use the winflash program is to lock the CPU multiplyer at 10 in the bios. Apparently without the bios update it has problems figuring out exactly what to run the CPU at. After I switched the multiplier from auto to 10, in the bios I was able to get past the random hangs and such while installing windows, and was able to reflash the bios from within windows. EDIT: Well he has an ULTRA-D, but the solution above fixed my problem with the symptoms similiar to his on the SLI-D.
  8. According to the nvidia control panel both cards have the same exact bios. Yes, all of the power connectors on the motherboard are connected, 24 Pin, 4 Pin, HD and FD styles. The HD and FD style ones are both off the same power cord, but are the only things on that one. The important thing for SLI should be the connectors that go to the cards themselves, and those have a dedicated 12v rail for each of them, with this power supply. It has 4 separate 12v rails. That power supply is actually off the "Nvidia SLI recommended list". It can push the power. Thanks for the reply's. Checking out playah's linked thread there.
  9. Machine is listed in the sig. Both the graphics cards work fine in single mode. I've had them both in as a single card, and in together, but running in non SLI mode. Once I turn on SLI mode and reboot, things start to get funny. Most of the time on the reboot, it randomly selects one of the 4 dvi ports from the 2 cards to display the boot text on, and then another random one once windows loads. Then when I go to game, I get system freezes or reboots. Well not all the time. Eq2 forces it to start in windowed mode, and if you go into options and select full screen then a hard reboot happens. It runs in windowed mode, but come on, I want full screen SLI. Vampires masquerade:bloodlines will run fine until the first time you zone. Then it locks up, and requires a hard power off. WoW never completely loads, gets to the last screen with the progress bar, and hangs about 75% of the way through, requiring a hard power off, and reboot. System temps through this are CPU 48, chipset 55, and graphics cards idle at 52, and hit about 73 when gaming. Things I've done: 1. set everything back to normal, no overclocking, no overvolting. Same thing happens. 2. Tested each graphics card as a single card in the system, they both work single. Any ideas? I'm going to verify that I got all the jumper blocks on correctly, and there isn't one of them that's off by 1, though it looked good after I swapped them. And as long as I'm not running in SLI mode by selecting it in the control panel, everything is fine. I can have displays hooked to each of the graphics cards and they work.
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