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  1. am i right in thinking that a mobo can boot into bios without a processor, ram,hdd. or does it have to have the processor in i want to test a mobo. many thanks:p
  2. ok are there any new bios's out yet anyone i know about the first beta. we do need one
  3. i have been testing now for around a fortnight and found that the board does follow the same principles as the sli-d in the overclocking aspect its just i have to keep hitting reset until the bleeder boots, when it does boot though its ok and stable.i have managed to run tighter timings on the board with the ram however lower mhz,, maybe some more tweaking will over come this, cpu runs cooler 2 for some reason maybe i seated my cooling better this time . lets find out, laters
  4. a similar thing was happening to me corruptions etc then as quick as the trouble started it disapeared dont know why fella just did icouldnt boot with other multys but found the mem timings have a big impact on that.and vola its ok now using a 10 multy weired. just thought id share that.
  5. in ya bios there is a option too set the fans to full if temp = whatever you choose i did it the otherday
  6. hey fellas im getting it too if i view or make a adjustment in bios when i save it the screen hangs on a black screen i have to press the reset button and it boots fine it does hang some times after a bios setting change at the irq screen, reset again and away we go. just thought id share my experience with ya however system seems to boot fine from power off without accessing bios
  7. thanks for the reply sorry it took so long had other fish to fry too.. i used them drivers with a fresh format and all seems to be running well i used the 6.66 drivers as u stated again thanks, :nod:
  8. right very freaky this it boots now at 260 x 10 ive been trying this setting for a couple of days now but no jy i try again and bang it boots but now wont pass super pi at the usual o/clocked voltage. lets try some more getting a bit further i suppose
  9. i get the lock ups and also above certain fsb "lower than expected" it corrupts my drive, cant boot with any other multy than the default for my cpu. cant run my processor at 2,7 ghz anymore nor the ram at 270 top seeds maxed before drive corruption 231 mhz ram 2520 cpu at 230fsb x 11? corrupts it every time at 232 other than that what a belter right this gets weirder by the minute i just tried a multi of 10 for the fifth time and guess what it worked im at 2,5 ghz no probs with 1.39 v core idleing at 23 on air i dont understand this tried the same config the otherday and no go.but now it works mobo burn in ?
  10. THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE MAN like i say its beat me now,? i overclocked the nf4 sli-d with my x2 and the same ram to around 330 x 8 etc but now cant go over 230fsb with it or it corrupts and starts deleting files from my drive , strange i also tried multy's 10,9 and still freezes on the post screens. big probs for overclocking, apart from that at stock this board is mint.
  11. good evening all having a strange problem here i dropped a 4400 x2 in t the rdx 200 and now i cant run a diffrent multiplier. i have ran dividers in the ram dropped the ldt multy upped the vcore give the ram more voltage changed the timing all the usual tricks but still no joy im stuck on the same multy of 11. the darn thing wont boot im running pc 4000 here and would like to run it at its normal speeds of 260-270mhz 1.1 like on my nf4 sli-d. what a nightmare my cpu now runs at 2,5 ghz as to 2.7 prime stable on the sli d leaving the pci bus unlocked seems to be a big mistake here im to believe or does anyone else have any suggestions thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond, im about to take this mobo out and go back to my sli-d if i cant get back to my normal operating speeds. :confused:
  12. hey thanks i read the manual lol like they say dont run before ya walk thanks for ya time and effort, i really am a eager beaver. got the system running now its great dropped a x2 innit 1 gb of corsair and away we go again thanks for that .
  13. Hello there people just read that its possible to run the board off my psu i have the 4 pin atx cable coming from the psu but on the board its got 8 ports is this the diffrence between atx 2.0 and just atx which of the 8 ports do i attach it to on the mobo please im sat here with the system just need to power it up everyting else done :drool:
  14. been looking for something explainin these, settings u rock, most needed thanxx :angel: :angel:
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