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  1. i work for a major canadian system builder and apparently the vista upgrade that you get when you purchase the xp copy is a full version. meaning you don't have to have xp installed first. my guess would be that your xp key would be blacklisted once you've activated your vista key.
  2. that's cause you got nvidia. lots of ppl with problems and nvidia cards. 8800s don't work at all. one of theinquirer guys posted that vista rtm installed his nf4 raid array just fine. i've not gone back to vista yet and probably won't til the final is released and i buy it.
  3. i've gone back to xp. reason? nfs:carbon would not work. i bought the retail and wanted to play it so i had to go back to xp. btw, i ran 3dmark 2k6 just now and get 300pts more final score in xp then vista. cpu is about 200pts higher in xp as well.
  4. just ran 3dmark 2k6 in vista. i get a much higher score then with my old x1800xt pe in xp. cpu score is probably ~100pts lower. as for total score i'm only about 200pts lower then xbitlabs got in their x1950xtx review using win xp. http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/8566/2k6vistamt4.jpg i'm sure as drivers get better scores will increase to at least within margin of error vs xp. edit - you can see in my screen shot that 3dmark disables aero. it's so irritating when apps do that. java and power dvd are the two big ones i use regularily that are incompatible with aero.
  5. that would still be a huge pain in the rear. anyway, if this one time install thing is true then i'm not going to pay for it even once.
  6. i disagree. vista does everything i need to with solid stability. the only blue screen i've had with rc2 is when i couldn't boot to windows after installing ati rc1 drivers. did a fresh format and since then not a single blue screen. at least not since i switched to the marvell lan. as i said, at this point there's no way i could go back to using xp. if vista couldn't do something that i required then i'd have no choice but it meets all my current needs and i prefer it over xp. btw, since rc1 i've been using it as my only os. mostly without hiccups.
  7. weird about the internet speeds. xp should have been capable of those speeds as it's capable of gigabit transfer over ethernet just fine. i am jealous as i sync at about 1.4mbps btw. i definately feel vista is faster and smoother and have no interest what so ever in returning to xp. shut down and start up is the same or faster then xp and that's without raid yet. i used ff in xp but ie7 seems to be working beautifully. every program and application i use work without flaws cept for the bf2142 demo. i'm just waiting on some solid x-fi drivers and a working raid solution that doesn't included installing from within xp.
  8. i haven't used xp since before i got my x1900xtx. i don't recall my cpu score in 3dmark 2k5 but i know in 2k6 is was ~2000. haven't run either bench in vista yet. why do you guys think a higher cpu score on that test isn't possible with vista? clearly you're getting a higher fps. does the image look as it should? if so then isn't that all that matters? personally, i'm excited at the possibility of vista handling my dual core better then xp. charles, it's also odd that your cpu scores in BOTH 2k5 tests are substantially higher in vista. soundx actually saw a slight drop on the second test but within margin of error. you're some 15% faster in the second test as well. do you have the amd optimizer installed? soundx does... i have not installed it for vista. wasn't sure if it's still needed and was trying to install the minimum amount of drivers possible so as to avoid bsods. now, if only vista got rid of that lag when alt-tabbing back into games. it still takes just as long as with xp. they should make it possible to specify that certain programs don't free up ram when minimized. i don't understand the need to free up ~20% of my ram when minimized when i am only using 60% total when maximized.
  9. two things. 1. i wouldn't call it a bug as it's clear your fps is higher in the first test. perhaps vista is just better then xp with whatever this test asks for. 2. it doesn't increase overall score because 3dmark 2005 doesn't take cpu score into account the way 2006 does. have you tried 3dmark 2006?
  10. i play source with config in sig at 1920x1200 with 6x/16x and everything high but hdr. negligable differences between vista and xp. my lows are a bit lower but still maintain above 40fps even in heavy firefights. similar with nfs:mw. lows are a bit lower but i've not had to change my settings to maintain playable framerates.
  11. k it's a driver issue. disabled nv lan and switched to marvell and it's all good. network transfer works fine. now we just need new nv drivers...
  12. anyone else having the issues where a simple network transfer instantly kills your lan connection and only way out is a hard reset of your system? using nv lan with rc2 drivers. same issue with 5728 and 5744. also same problem randomly when using utorrent.
  13. i'm having the same network issues in 5744 that were in 5728. basically my network drops if i'm dling in utorrent too fast or browse another computers files on the network. i hit repair and it just sits there. it's not my router or connection cause net still works from xp machines. it's just vista. i try disabling and enabling the connection and it just sits there enabling for ever. restart and shutdown also won't work. only way to fix the problem is hard reset on case.
  14. i'm having a couple problems with this new build that weren't present with 5600. main thing is my networking. if i browse shares from my other xp machines it crashes my router. not only do i have to restart it but i have to reboot my comp as well. manually to cause windows won't shut down. second problem is with the x-fi drivers. i can no longer right click on volume and go to recording devices without the driver crashing instantly. pretty sure that's cause i'm still using beta 2 drivers cause creative is the worst company for tech support. this build does seem faster though. haven't done any gaming but about to now. btw, there's a new daemon tools that fully supports vista (and works just fine with 5728) out now.
  15. sweet thanks. i'll try that when i feel gutsy again. edit - so i just actually read that page and basically i have to frigging install xp again if i want raid in vista. this is awful. forget raid for now til i hear it's running off boot cd as it should be.
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