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  1. Had just a few hiccups when i got the board (my first ever amd board after being an intel fan for years) but thanks to this forum site got them all sorted and it is rock solid with my 4000+ sandy running at 2830 with no probs.
  2. Which colour ram slots are you using to enable 1t timings as every time in the orange slots i try when i get into windows it is real flaky for me. I am running the 7/11 bios with g.skill pc 4400 @ fsb of 236 at voltage of 2.9 (ne less voltage errors in mem test).
  3. Have you turned off the AGP fast writes in the bios i had a lot of trouble in games till i did that. Especially in the benchmarks. Also i tried my first big o/c last night, i got my puter stable @ 2.83ghz (2.4 stock) @ 1.62 volts ram. I turned my HTT from 5x to 4x then upped the fsb slowy 5 mhz at a time till i hit 235 wasn't stable at 240 so tried at 338 and 236 would crash in prime at both those but @ 235 sweet as. Prime tourture test Large FFt's and ran fine for 2 hrs so looking good. My cpu multiplyer is still 12x haven't adjusted that one at all next step is lower the multi as it seems all my cpu can do is 2.83ghz and keep going on the fsb.
  4. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17498 Yes so I believe that sata ports 3&4 are the locked ones
  5. NFS U2 crashes on my machine as well i read somewhare that there is a bug with the game , if memory serves it's a conflict with the mobo. Underground crashes in 3 to 4 mins here but i can play bf2 for more than an hour with no probs, pacific fighters for more than 4 hrs not a drama just need for speed has a problem. So if ya hve another game try it instead. Also if you have BF2 and an audigy series card do not install the 1.02 patch as it no likey audigy cards. Well i finally finished the mods on my case (install 2x120mm silent x fans) so i am gonna try an overclock tonight. I'll post back with what i get.
  6. On the NF4 as i have read there is no problem running 1T but on my NF3 it does not like 1T no matter what my ram settings. Which are 2.5,4,4,8 as they are default settings for the ram speed i am running.
  7. 1T is a more performance orientated memory settings where as 2T is slower and therefore more stable. By slower i mean by maybe 2% least that was the difference i got. with 2T in sandra i got 4704 mb/s with 1T i got 4798 mb/s, and it was less stable. On the Amd o/c front this is also new territory for me as this is my first fory over to the Green side from the Blue. Not sure about the venice core but my san diego has a htt of 5x macking my fsb 2000. Now i read someware in this forum that if you overclock you should try and stay below that 2000 fsb figure by reducing the htt. if you drop the htt down a bit then you "should" be able to o/c more. Also try upping your core voltage as 1.28 sounds low to me. I just checked on amd website it says that your core the Venice is supposed to run 1.4volts. When i first booted up it wanted to run my 4000+ with only 1.28 volts and dang if it wasn't stable. Another thing i read was that if you use sata drives and want to o/c then you have to use ports 3 & 4 (the ones under the cpu hsf mount) as these are locked where as ports 1&2 are unlocked and rise with the fsb causing errors.
  8. Due to what ever reason at dfi channels #1 and #3 are the 2 orange coloured ones and #2 and #4 are the yellow ones. I had the exact same problem but put both sticks in the same coloured slots and presto dual channel. Also on my board if i have the memory timming at 1T then it will crash all the time if i force 2T then stable as a rock. Memtest 86+ fails within 5 mins on 1T but went for over 24hrs on 2T.
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