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  1. You need the patch like soundx98 said. I had the exact same problem. You can DL it from the main Aquamark3 page.
  2. Good job Orion! Happy B-Day.
  3. Don't feel stupid, and don't give up. Follow the advice you get here and you will end up with a setup that you just won't believe.
  4. What type of power supply are you using? Please add that to your sig. Have you checked to make sure that you connected all 4 power connectors to the motherboard?
  5. I just removed my Audigy 2 because I have to run my vid card in the bottom PCIx slot because I swapped the original chipset fan out for a Zalman passive heatsink, and the fan on my Arctic Cooler would rub against the Audigy. I replaced it with a pair of USB headphones that cost like 50 bucks. In all honesty I can't tell any difference at all. Neither the sound quality or in the game perfomance. That is because I always played games on this rig using headphones instead of using good quality speakers, and the difference that a soundcard has in a new system, performance wise, now-a-days seems to be drastically less pronounced than it used to be. If I used this rig for anything other than gaming, or if I could comfortably use a decent speaker set up I would go with the Audigy, but if you are going to use cheapo speakers or headphones I'd get a decent pair of USB headphones instead.
  6. See this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18824 That's what I'm gonna try as soon as I stop being lazy.
  7. Movin' on up.... 19th place with only 7 WU's. This DFI rig just plain r0x0rz!! :cool:
  8. I swear there hasn't been a power outage here in the last 8 years that I have lived here. Not even a quick one.
  9. I gotta agree on that. I have hardwoods now, but used to have deep pile carpets that were pure static generators, and I never once bothered to ground myself whenever I would start poking around inside my machine. Maybe I just got lucky, but I never ruined anything.
  10. This thing looks phenominal. It's not just the graphics, its the story, the music, the sound effects, all of it together. WOW! When those guys smashed through those doors on me the first time I nearly yelped like a scared little girl. I unloaded a whole clip into the floor ...lol! I was just bitching to a friend the other day about there not being very many really good games that grab my interest for a long while now. Now something like this comes along and I'm all fired up again.
  11. This is my first custom build. Nowhere near as custom as some of you guys, but I'm happy with it. (Sorry for the crappy pics, ElCheapo digi-cam)
  12. Check this out pc1x1: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=350891 I think that is the way I am going to go, when I get around to doing it.
  13. I think it's all good so long as you aren't trying to make a buck off of it.
  14. I found a server today that only had one other guy on it. Can't remember the map name but it only had two aircraft on the map. One helicopter per side. This was cool because we basically just dueled with choppers. It was a blast! We did this for a couple of hours, just shooting each other down. I think he was trying to learn how to fly too. One or two other players would randomly sign in...get bored and then leave again, but the two of us in the choppers were having a ball. Definately recommend this to learn how to fly these things. Hook up with a buddy, or someone from DFI-Street and just go at it with a pair of choppers....lol. Just from that one session I am much much more comfortable jumping in a helicopter now.
  15. I've got three on there now: My new AMD64 rig, my laptop, and my home file server (trusty old AMD 1.33 gig, I swear it's never gonna die) My 64 rig has been getting lucky or something because it's put up some decent points so far with only 3 WU's finished.
  16. Cool suggestion. I was having problems spacewise with my Audigy2 and my x800xl that I run in the lower PCIx slot. The fan on the Arctic Silencer that I have on the video card would rub the Audigy2. I went over to Microcenter and pciked up a pair of USB headphones after reading this. They were out of the Plantronics set but they had a Logitech set that I grabbed. They work great!
  17. I don't have the RAM that you are using but I had bad RAM problems with the ones that I do have so I read through like a million posts about RAM trying to get mine to behave, and I could swear that most people said that the OCZ stuff wanted a decent amount of volts in order to shine. Like 3.2 and upwards.
  18. Damn straight! Skinny azz, beady eye mofos need to bring it!
  19. This is really cool man. Thanks for posting this up. I'll be trying this out when I get a chance.
  20. Ghost is a backup program made by Symantech. When you are trying out so many different BIOS options and messing around with settings, getting a corruption in Windows is a real possibility. So using a program like Ghost or Acronis's TrueImage can save you a lot of headaches.
  21. Hi guys, When I place my RAM on a 7/10 divider both Memtest and CPUz don't recognise the real speed of the memory bus. In CPUz it just greys out the two fields with no data in them, and in Memtest it is showing the RAM as running at the same speed of my CPU (which it just isn't capable of doing) If I open up Everest Home Edition it reports the RAM speed correctly (203MHz and change). I was wondering if I should be worried about this or if it is just an odd quirk. My system is stable, and there are no other symptoms. I'm just nervous about leaving it incase it's something dangerous that I just don't have enough knowledge to recognise.
  22. 5600 with my x800xl http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1090517
  23. I'm using 1.29 which is the latest as far as I can tell. This gets wierder though. I decided to run memtest just for the heck of it to see what that was reporting the RAM at. It shows the RAM as operating at 290MHz :eek: I would do backflips and hug a homeless person if this RAM could do 1:1 with my CPU, but it just aint gonna happen. This thing is definately on a 7/10 divider which puts the RAM at just barely over 200MHz. Everest Home edition sees it and reports it that way, but for whatever odd reason Memtest and CPUZ get it all screwy. Could this be potentially dangerous? I hope it's just an odd BIOS quirk becuase my rig is running very smooth and stable right now. Ran Prime overnight lastnight for 9hrs and no errors.
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