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  1. I think i`m gonna go with a X1900GT ive seen one here in the uk for £140 where as the cheapest XT is around £220 , the X1900GT beats the 7900gt in most benchies!! very impresive !, do they clock well the ati`s ? specaily the GT . does anyone know
  2. around the 7900 gt or x1900xt budget mark , which overclock better! i`m thinking the 7900gt so i could add another and go SLI. or should i pick up a couple of 7800`s and sli them !? thanks jason
  3. my only gripe with the x2 is that i will only get use out of the extra core on ut2007 when that comes out at the end of the year, All my burning ,ripping and other stuff is done on my P4 system as all i do on my main pc is read emails and play games, i dont really care what 3dmark 2006 scores say atm cos all i play is UT2004,COD2,MOHAA and i upgrade quite regulary so i might take a san diego 4000+ for now and upgrade to an x2 next time! ..when COD 3 out? will that utilise dual core ????????
  4. cheers guys! the fact that ut2007 utilises multicore may be a big factor in my decision, ..........tho its not out till the end of the year! ARGGGH! I hate making decisions
  5. i`m really torn now every review ive read the 4000+ beats the 3800x2 easily , does the 4000+(san diego) overclock well???? i wish that 4400+ x2 was a bit cheaper!! here`s a link to loads of reviews and benchies! http://hardware.mcse.ms/archive20-2005-9-238625.html
  6. the 4000+ beats the 4400+x2 in these benchies! http://tomshardware.co.uk/cpu/charts.html?...t=60&model2=240 thats if its the same chip? i`m not sure that it is , this is all i can find in the uk! http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/91327 thanks 4 input
  7. which of these puppies would you go for, i`ll be overclocking and play games mostly , the san diego beats the x2 in most games, but does the x2 clock better, would there be much scope for clocking on the 4000+ san diego? thanks jay
  8. yup, just tried my m8`s firewire harddrive and still nothing, windows xp normally just detects it but nothing happens . perhaps its a jumper on the m/b
  9. no, i just found out it goes in an old nf2 board i had that died:( i have tried 2 different cables now aswell
  10. Hi if your gonna use raid then u need the disk or intergrate it!
  11. Tried the new drivers found this in my draw http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3372/dsc000818vw.jpg does this plug into regular pci ???its a lot shorter than normal pci
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