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  1. the thing is the bottle of water wetter says it works best with sone antifreeze, but i realize that it is for automotive use, so how should i use it in a pc application
  2. what would be the best mix for the water. I have distilled water(duh antifreeze and water wetter, should i even use the antifreez and just the use the water wetter and the water, and if so, what proportions?
  3. I just got my new case today (Lian Li pc-73 sl) and im going to port over all my components as well as my watercooling, which is where the problem lies. My current watercooling setup in my existing case is a HW labs dual 120mm rad, cpu and gpu water blocks and a pump (duh) and res. The rad is mounted to the top of the case. Now, my pump and rad are 1/2 inch fittings but my water blocks are 3/8th inch, so in my current setup I split the 1/2inch tube coming from the pump into 2 3/8th inch going to the gpu and cpu which rejoins just before the rad. Now for my new system I have added a Northbridge water block as well. The thing im wondering is if I should do a similar solution as last time and split the feed and go to the cpu and gpu/chipset in parallel or if I should just reduce the tube form 1/2 to 3/8 at the pump and rad and go to each water block in series (one after another) also I happen to have two extra HW labs 80mm rad's and was wondering if it would be wise to also add them into the system(the case does have room lol) but would the extra pressure drop from 2 extra radiators have more of a negative effect then positive for reference my watercooling specs are MCW5000 CPU block MCW50 GPU block MCW20 Chipset block HW Labs black ice extreme 2 rad (dual 120 mm rad) MCP600 Pump I also have 2 80mm HW labs black ice micro rads not in use
  4. well, now that i have finished instaling my waterblock, i was actually able to keep a piece of the origional heatsink that covers the ram, there was just enough clearance for the tubes, and allthough it uses a thermal pad, it looks like its making good contact, but ill do some tests to check, if it gets reasonably warm, ill know its drawing some heat away
  5. how did you go about securing the fans to the rad and then to the case, like what kind of mounting hardware?
  6. i was origionaly going to have it outside of the case, but i am seriously considering mounting it inside the case. Which would be more sound?
  7. i am planning to attach a GPU waterblock to my Geforce 6800 Ultra card, and i was woundering if the ram needs extra cooling such as ram sinks. The stock heatsink cools both the ram and gpu, but since i am watercooling the core i will be removing the heatsinks off the ram because it is all one unit. But since the core is the main source of heat and it will be watercooled, will i need ram sinks on the ram? also, if i do have to get ram sinks, is there a way of not attaching them permanantly to the ram?
  8. what radiator did you use, because i just bought a HW labs extreem 2 rad, which is dual 120 mm, but i decided that i would mount it outside because i dident think i could fit it inside, if ur usin a similar rad, how did you fit it inside the case(as i have nearly the exact same case)
  9. ok, well for starters i figured that if i was mounting a rad to the top of my case, i would be cutting a hole through the top, this is why i was woundering about the strength of the case, but the main problem is fans or rad first?
  10. I plan on mounting a dual 120mm rad and fans ontop of my case as part of my water cooling, but should the rad go directly on the case and the fans ontop pulling air through it , or should the fans go on the case directly and the rad ontop of them so they push air through it? and how will either option affect the strength of the mounting? also should i just mount it directly to the case top, or should i use a bracket plate, like maby a thicker gage steel or aluminum that i could then attach to a larger area of the top panel for greater strength?
  11. no, i just have my one LCD monitor, a 19 inch samsung, with a native res of 1280 by 1024, so you can imagin my displeasure with not being able to run all my games at 1280 by 1024 even with this new graphics card.......and i cant seem to get the new nvidia drivers(the 71 beta) anybody have a link.........errgh i wish i could just solve this problem....i have a lan party commin up
  12. I just got a 6800 Ultra OC by BFG and installed it fresh but in Battlefeild 1942, and Need For Speed: Underground 2 the option for resolutions higher then 1024 by 768 are gone i dont know why, i have tried the older nvidia drivers and the omega drivers and reinstalling the game, what could the problem be? imma go try the beta 71 drivers and ill get back to ya
  13. I also have a problem, tho not with crashing i have the 66.93 drivers, but in Battlefeild 1942, and Need For Speed: Underground 2 the option for resolutions higher then 1024 by 768 are gone i dont know why, i have tried the older nvidia drivers and the omega drivers and reinstalling the game, what could the problem be?
  14. ya, i had the ABIT IC7 befor....it was ok....but there were some things i dident like......such as when some settings in the bios went bad, i had to open up the case and reset the jumper to default the cmos.....i know the manual said i could just use the insert key....but that never worked for me......but w/e.....it looks like the DFI is somtin new i could try
  15. hmmm.ok.....so definatly the lanparty then....i also really like the color scheme....ittl go well with the big window and the watercooling
  16. Well the DFI seems to be takin the lead........so the dfi has better voltage regulation than the asus.....id have thought the asus did a better job because it has more mosfets then the DFI, tho i cant see them on the dfi cuz of the huge heatsinks.......hmm....i guess the dfi is the one im going to get..........any other opinions?
  17. which MB would be better for overclocking....the ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe or the DFI LanParty Pro875 rev.B .........it looks like the P4P had bigger capacitors and more MOSFETS around the CPU socket....but the DFI has heatsinks on the MOSFETS so maby that helps compensate....also it doesent look like the DFI has as many MOSFETS.........anyways i really dont know much about all that so i need some advice there........and as for options in the bios....i think the DFI allows you to lock the PCI/AGB busses......but i dont know... any opinions welcome
  18. hmmm....ok the DFI LanParty looks like a good choice as well, i especially like the heatsinks on the power regulators for the cpu....if that even helps any.....so anybody else have any siggestions?
  19. hey and welcome to the dark side heh heh heh...i can assure you that once you start down this path of overclocking you will never turn back....but hey thats where all the fun is.... anyhow...seems like a pretty good config....and did u mean 1.2GB of ram????.......but as for overclocking well, i dont know how for ull get, it will be decent maby 2300 mhz with good cooling....give or take...since ur proc is based on the old k7 core(ie athlon/barton chips)....every chip is different so its hard to say....well just a tip is ur new to this scene....remember to lock down your agp and pci busses at 66 and 33 mhz....this will make overclocking much easier....also set your ram to the lowest speed possible while overclocking so as to emilminate the ram as a potential problem when overclocking.....after you have reached the cpu's top speed then increase the ram back up to faster levels
  20. ya MB 5 is good, especially how it shoes you the temp with a quick glance....tho you cant beat the ability to record temp, fan and voltage data like you can with asus probe....i use both... ....the ability to record data i think is probes only major redeeming factor........well anyways as to fix ur problem...well u might want to make sure all elements of pc probe were uninstaled, and maby you should uninstal any other monitoring software as it might cause a conflict...oh and the second last revision of pc probe was super buggy it never worked for my computer with the 865/875 chipset.....if u have any version but 2.23.04 you might want to dl it
  21. ok well, the time has come for me to buy a new MB because i just killed my IC7, its a long story so im not getting into it.......now i need to know what would be a good choice for a new MB. The board DEFINATLY needs to be a monster overclocker, as that is exaclty what im going to be doing with it, also storage is a big concern, but mostly just overclocking and perfomance.........well, i was generaly happy with my IC7 except for a few problems, i dont like how it monitors temperatures, and i dont like how i need to resent a jumper if i make bad settings in to bios and it wont boot...i know the manual says i can use the insert key, but it never works.......anyways.... my prosective boards are another IC7(not the max-3 or G as they are unavailable at the computer location near me), the P4P800E-deluxe or the P4C800E-deluxe......now i really need a nice stable board that will OC nice, but offers good temp readings, and storage soultions, i know the asus boards have this, and i have had a few asus boards in the past(i currently have a P4P800 in another computer)..........so what are everyone suggestions about a new board.....with overclocking in mind........oh and the heatsink on the asus MB...if i were to choose one of them, would i need to maby get an active one, like the IC7(or maby use the IC7 one from my dead mobo) in order to get up to a FSB of around 250....any help is appreciated
  22. allrighty......not that i doubt you or anything....but anyone else agree?, or disagree?......(u know, befor spending 200bucks on a mobo i wana be sure).....anyways i think u might be right.....as a friend of mine has his bus at 235 on his 3.0 and he says he has his divider at 66.66/33.33 and has had no problems...tho he isent the most competent of ppl....so innuo how much i can trust that........
  23. ya but if the agp/pci dividers are anything like the ram then the numbers are just what the agp bus would be at 200 mhz fsb for example(and this is in my last post as well) if i were at a 200mhz fsb and get the ram divider to 400mhz, i would get a ram speed of 400mhz, but if i up the fsb to lets say 220, my ram speed will now be 440, even though the ram divider still says 400 mhz because its reall a 1:1 divider........now following the same logic for the agp/pci divider....at a 200mhz fsb, and i set the agp/pci divider to 66.66/33.33 i will get a agp/pci speed of 66/33.......which follows that i am using a divider of 6:2:1...which at a 200mhz fsb is 200:66:33.......so again with the same logic,,,at 220 fsb with the divider set to 66.66/33.33 i will get 220:73:36.....which as u can see is overclocked which is bad, because it will mess with my hds......now is my logic flawed....and that this hidden divider thing is only for the ram and the agp/pci is fixed at whatever speed i set it to?...or am i right oh maby to make this easier does anyone know an app that will show me what speed my agp/pci bus is running at......cpu-z only shows the fsb and ram
  24. well, a little background info befor i start.....i had an Abit IC7 mobo in my computer, and its now a goner, dont ask how it just is, a tiny little mishap, anyways, befor this board i had a P4P800 deluxe and was very happy with it(now thats in another computer) now that i need a new board i was thinking the P4C800e-deluxe but i know with my abit board i could set the apg/pci frequency manualy and keep it fixed at that point......and i need to know if i can do that with the P4C.........right now im using my P4P with my 3.2 and my DDR 500 ram, but w/o my watercooling and such.....just swaped proc and ram with the other comp..... when overclocking on a P4P or P4C with my 3.2ghz p4(currently using a P4P), i set the Ram divider at 400mhz which in acctuality is a 1:1 ratio, but the bios lists the ratios as auto, 266, 333, 400....which i think is dumb...but anyways, i find when i set the "ram speed" to 400 the divider will be set to 1:1, which i know because the FSB is now at 235 and i can see in CPU-Z that the memory bus and divider are 235 and 1:1......but here is the question........on the agp and pci divider the options are auto, 66.66/33.33, 72.73/36.36 and 80.00/40.00..........now obviously i want to keep my agp/pci bus at 66/33 which is default....but when overclocking what divider do i set it at...or should i leave it on auto......because i plan to bring the cpu up to around 4ghz when i get my watercooling all fixed up and imma need to know which agp/pci divider im going to need to use
  25. ok, thx for the tip....ill stick with my Nforce sound.....since ill mostly be listening to music and watching movies....with wont be pre recorded in 5.1
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