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  1. Hey everyone, My chipset fan started making a ton of noise a couple of days ago and it time for that thing to be replaced. I tried slowing it down, but its still till noisy for my liking and the temps are starting to rise. I was looking at this chipset cooler: http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/Merchant2/...ategory_Code=40 Can someone tell me if that is going to fit? Or does anyone else know of any other replacements that will do? Thanks,
  2. yea i gave that a shot a few times, and it didn't work. Well i just found out that someone in my house was using the computer yesterday, but didn't turn it off.. which means that it probably died sometime between yesterday and today, and won't come back on.
  3. if i'm getting the yellow led's on the board to light up, doesn't that mean that the psu has power?
  4. Well i got back from my two week vacation and discovered that my computer doesn't not want to turn on at all. Nothing is turning on, no fans no nothing. The yellow lights on the mobo are on though. I've seen this before on other comps when a drive is dead or something, but everything was working fine before i left for vacation and i didn't leave it running while i was gone. I tried disconnecting things one at a time from the mobo but nothing is helping. Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks.
  5. hey thunda, Can you explain this: CPU VID StartUp Value - 1.55v CPU VID Control - 1.325v CPU VID Special Control - Avove VID * 126% Does this mean you start up at 1.55V on your cpu and eventually go to 1.6695V ?
  6. I'm able to run mine at 2.6 GHZ on stock volts stable, but it seems like when i increase the voltage, it makes no difference. My bios is the 310, so I'm just wondering is that could possibly be the cause. Also I'm only able to achieve this with an 11 multi, the 10 and 9 crap out at about 2.5 GHZ, kind of weird. Seems like my computer doesn't like it when my RAM is on a divider hah.. Thanks for your input guys.
  7. If someone here has a Sandy 3700+, can you please post which Bios you've had success with in overclocking? Thanks! It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks mack73, does it make a difference if you set it to 1.425 + 123 %, or if you set it to 1.55 + 113 %? I'll have to double check which bios version I am using. As for my memory, it can run at 250 MHZ 2.5-4-4-8 stock, and i have a 166 divider on it so i don't see my memory holding back the cpu at all in this instance.
  9. Hi, I just recently purchased a San Diego 3700+ off a trusted ebay member who stated that it could run at 2.8GHZ with 1.53V. On stock volts i was able to get it up to 2.58 GHZ. When i increased the volts to 1.53 and tried to run it at 2.55GHZ, it crashed. Then i rebooted and tried it again, and it worked. So i kept going until it crashed again, and this time it was 2.65GHZ. So i rebooted again and i got and this time it crashed at 2.6GHZ. Anyone know why I might be seeing such random results? And this chip is supposed to run at 2.8GHZ with 1.53V. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Oh, also, i noticed that this chip HATES the 10 multiplier, it will crash at like 2.45 GHZ on stock volts with a multi of 10. Thanks,
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