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  1. Yes, I pulled all 4 memory sticks and placed one only in the first orange slot. Same deal, 3 LEDs, no beep. The ram has the cute little activity meter, which usually go crazy upon bios boot... the are completely dark. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated, Sean
  2. Really? From DFI or Newegg? I've never had to RMA before so I am unsure how to go about this ...
  3. I tried upgrading my bios from the 704 bios to the latest for my NF4 SLI-DR and now ... drama. No boot, no beep. 3 LED's. I have tried both the 60 second and 15 mins CMOS clear, nothing. Pulled the SLI cards, pulled all the memory except one stick, nothing. The board was purchased back in March, so I'll never get an RMA from Newegg. Any suggestions? If I need to purchase a new board, reccomendations?
  4. When I built my new rig, XP Pro intalled it's drivers for my 4800 X2. Now I'm reading about the AMD Processor drivers for the X2 4800 - should I be installing this? Will this improve stability issues at all? THanks for any insights... Sean
  5. I struggled with this for a couple days with my new motherboard. EXACTLY the same symptoms. I was playing with moving the jumbers from SLI to non-SLI mode to see if I could improve things ... when I noticed ... one of the sli jumpers had a slight "defect" ... there was no metal tracing one of the caps to complete the jumper. Out of the 8 or so, 1 on the end didn't have any metal... almost difficult to notice unless you really glanced at it. I replaced the jumper with one that had a correct set and the system booted right away. I am wondering if other people with these same symptoms are because of defective jumpers ?
  6. Well, still no dice. I did the CMOS jumper switch, with battery out for a full 30 minutes. Put a card in the top slot and reboot with the insert key held down. Nothing - no video. It's pretty clear to me the motherboard has failed in some way... I'll get an overnight replacement from Newegg. Damn. Thanks for trying, guys.
  7. Rgone - I could not load optimized defaults with the 7800 in the top slot, since I had no video and couldn't see anything. I did just move the card back to the bottom slot, started the PC (and got video), and reloaded the optimzed defaults. I then shut down, put the card in the top slot - no go. Still no video. I will try to do the CMOS clear and see what happens. THanks for your advice, Sean
  8. Rgone... I did what you said, changed the SLI jumpers and put the card back in the top slot. No go, I get no video on boot, just a long beep and two quick beeps (no video). The card is 100% inserted with no bare copper exposed. I yanked the whole MB out of the case just to be sure. Any other suggestions? Sooooo frustrating - this rig was working perfectly yesterday.
  9. I have a Thermaltake 90C with Vantec Tornado ... suddenly it dawned on me that I wasn't sure if the air should be blowing ON my cpu or away from it.... Don't flame the new guy!
  10. Well, big trouble in little China! I disconnected everything ... and pulled both 7800's. With one video card solo in the closest slot to the cpu, I get nothing - two beeps on bootup "No video". With either cards in the second slot, I get video. Something is wrong with the slot, or the motherboard. Weird thing is this worked fine last night... put it in standby and went to bed. This morning ... doh! I guess I can try reflashing the bios, to see if this does anything. Any last ditch efforts appreciated ... I can't believe this brand new motherboard has crapped out so quickly...
  11. While I appreciate the idea, this has been working perfectly for weeks... But to test the idea I'll disconnect some of the extra HD's and see if I can get it up and running.
  12. It's an Enermax 600W with dedicated SLI power connectors....
  13. Have a new LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR with dual 7800's. Cruising along with my 4800 x2 and 2gigs of memory... getting 13,000+ in 3DMark 05 (O.o) This morning a blank screen upon startup. The computer is running and I hear everything starting (XP startup sound, etc.) For the hell of it I move my monitor cable from one 7800 to another, and get the desktop. A message from the tray "SLI has been disabled". Apparently XP is only seeing one card. Turn off the computer, reseat the cards... nothing. Swap the card positions, still nothing. Reset the BIOS, nothing. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do next? Doesn't seem to be the cards themselves, something to do with the motherboard. Weird thing is the DFI jumper cables are still on "SLI" but only with one card.
  14. I'd be happy to try a divider... I'm not stuck on a 1:1 divider, but am unsure how far I can push the 4800 x2 ...
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