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  1. Yep, 1/2"! Running the sig (where I should update the cooling) with two custom copper WB. Highly efficient, non-restrictive, 800l/h pump, 1/2" ID Reimatic tubing, Golf2 heatercore (2x120mm fans @ 980rpm, sucking air). Deviation under 500mm Opty 144 @ [email protected] (real, load, DMM) Galaxy 7600GS G73, GDDR3 1.4ns (500/1400) @ 720/1800MHz, Vmoded (Vgpu [email protected], Vmem [email protected]) Ambient temp: 28* Water in reservoir temp: 29/33* CPU temp: 30/38* GPU temp: 42/49* Ambient temp: 25* Water in reservoir temp: 27/32* CPU temp: 30/36* GPU temp: 38/44* Load temps are after 5+ hours of BF2 1024x768, 4AA, 16AF, HQ, LOD -1. Pretty happy. Only con - the tubing looks HUGE. At night I run it passive - only the pump and the chipset [email protected] Running Bitcomet, Download Master, StrongDC, QIP, CC Proxy, MBM5, Weather Watcher, Kaspersky, Loly-Pop - avg load 13%. Now I'm using a "home made C'n'Q", will post it in single thread. In the morning the temps are: Ambient temp: 25* Water in reservoir temp: 33* CPU temp: 34* GPU temp: 47* Here's a screenie @ [email protected] (real, load, DMM) - 14hrs of SP2004 @ 25* ambient temp and everything at min rpm:
  2. Nice, very nice. It's only a few day to the 100GHz overclock contest here. And I've got two new bioses to play with. Sweet! Will post results, if there's an improvement.
  3. Exactly, Redbeaver! I'm using the zalman on my 6800GT which, believe me is a lot hotter than your 7800's guys. Idles at 60, loads at 84!!! Stock heatsink was better - 55-75, but anbareable noise. I am willing to try the NV Silencer, and also watercooling. In fact I may skip the Silencer and take the WC. At least I'll save some time, not just hitting in the dark . I thought it's the software that's lying, but if I touch the "small pins" of the zalman I get burnt.
  4. Man, this is an unbareable loss to the world! Another Utra-D, another brave warrior. I've never liked that ninja - there was something that bothered me. Now there is something that's frustrating me! I have a lot of friends using the ninja and this thread goes directly to them in an e-mail. Enough! A minute of mourning silence!
  5. @Supershanks Happy to see you busy, my friend. soundx98 is right about the ground point. @soundx98 I've sent you the info. But, how the hell do you add the ACPI sensor in MBM5?! PS: Got my RMA'd 6800GT :cool: . Time to change my sig . Best regards, Abyss
  6. Yeah, I know A LOT of people with value/noname ram have problems with dividers! This is why I'm asking in the experts forum. No offence, but at XS they only answear "Get the G.skill 4000" etc. etc. IF they answear. And even theoritically can't buy that - there's no retailer here. Only OCZ (a pair 2x512MB is 1 (one) month sallary for me), A-DATA Vitesta 500/566/600 (which is again an overkill for me) and some Corsair CL2. So I am looking for a second hand BH5/BH6/CH5/UTT or preferably - TCCD (Vitesta). But I need a temporary working ram, not 250+, but 200-220MHz. Now it's like running a carrete with a donkey .
  7. Hey, guys! I like what you've done to MBM5. But one more thing - how can I add the ACPI temp sensor? I've modified my voltage.ini so it's showing th real voltages now. It's synchronized with two different DMM's and is really helping me monitor the volts I'm pushing . So, if anybody needs the modified voltage.ini - PM me. I assume they are about the same for this revision, or at least - this line of production . My board is rev.AD0 with a S/N: U60302812. I've already passed it to a few friends here with the AD0 and they say it's quite accurate indeed.
  8. 10x guys. @Supershanks I already have MAL and RP set to 9/8. @PL4YD34D I know about the value ram. It's temporary. @technodanvan I am looking for a new pair of ram. Maybe TCCD. Do you thing my other timings are too tight?
  9. OK, my ram is Transcend value 2x512MB, DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-8. So On my intel system it goes flawless 230MHz, 2.5-3-3-6, 1T. On this on (A64 Opteron) - sync 1:1 - again - 230MHz, 2.5-3-3-6, 1T, 2.64V. BUT on a divider won't even do 200-210MHz! So I'm quite frustrated now. I have my opty at a nice 9x300MHz, 1.45V with the 133 divider, absolutely stable - 11+ hrs prime95, tens of 32M PI and 24/7 [email protected] for DFI-STREET . So I've tried almost everithing - different HTT and dividers - no luck though. One thing is I don't have a clue what to set the "unusual" memory timings to. So I keep them as Load Optimized Defaults sets them. Here's my A64Tweaker, hope you can help me. P.S. I have tried 2T - no luck. So now it's like it's said in my sig. About the standart things - I've plugged ALL the power connectors, using 623-3 bios, have beautifull cooling (and it's winter here ), no mods so far. The voltages and temps you see are REAL - measured with a thermocouple and a DMM, so MBM iis corrected to show real values. Just FYI I've tried a couple of BH5's and they can do 270+ on a divider - so it's neither the board nor the opty that's cousing my pain.
  10. Did you see the reviews on the web? Well - look at them. It's not much better than your XP-90. Maybe a lot quieter, but only a few degrees less. My suggestion is that you keep the 120mm concept and look further - Scythe Ninja, Sonic Tower, Big Typhoon. They are moddable and a quite efficient! FIY - see my sig (the tepms).
  11. Hi, I'm almost done with my rig now - only need good BH5/BH6/CH5/UTT. But as far as a week since I have this board I AM ALREADY LOVING IT. Rock stable! No. ROCK STABLE!!! I mean it - even with the sacrifice of some bandwith (385MHz RAM), I got it working at 300HTT with a little push on the Vcore. I previously had the ASUS A8N-SLI "Premium" (got the irony?) - no go with the opty and my crappy ram. No way it was going to boot on a divider! I know it's the opty getting the trouble, but the board cured its pain. Earlier this evening (now it's 4:45 AM here) my neighbour came to ask for my PCI video for a flash. When he returned he offered me his oldschool 2x512 DDR333 BH5 noname. Said let's see what these can really do! Just FYI he managed to get at 260, 2-2-2-6 @3.5V on his NF7-S. What do you think they could reach? No, more, no, even more! OK - 282MHz, 2-2-2-6, 1T @ 3.67V, NO cooling!!! 5hrs prime blend is far enough for me, plus 50 memtest #5 loops and 10 loops #7. Oh, yeah - the bios - I was using the 623-3 (generic ram). With this one they only got to 270MHz and not one more. With the 623-2(BH5) - 279MHz, and with the 704BTA - 282MHz. So three things to say: 1. Thank all the good peolpe working at DFI and supporting here. 2. Thank you, Oskar, for the supreme .bin's . It's you man - it's an "One man army". 3. Thank you TonyOCZ, Hellfire and everybody helping Oskar with his fine work. Keep it on and and the future is ours!!!
  12. 1. WHY do you need 4gigs of ram?! 2. The difference between 1T and 2T is about 40-70MHz of the ram (depends). 3. NOT a chance to hit 240MHz. Tested, not recomended! Even 4x512 is a lot a stress for the mem controller.
  13. VERY NICE! With low temps and volts too! What is the vcore for an air OC of about 2900-3000?
  14. It's definately the psu. I've had similar problems with my old computer ([email protected]). The NV driver said missing auxiliary power supply, the usb's were going crazy. I bought a FSP Bluestorm 400W and - voila - I HAVE auxiliary power supply. But in your case maybe the failing enermax took the board with itself to the endless silicon fields...
  15. NEVER underestimate heat! Especially when you're watercooled. You HAVE to get a 120mm fan blowing directly at the PWMIC and ram modules! The same goes for the video card ram chips. Why wouldn't you put the sink back? DON'T play with water if you don't have enough air moving inside the case! The PWMIC is right there with the R60's.
  16. Ok, I'm not going to argue with you! But! I know what the probes between the IHS and the cooler base measure, I compare it with MBM5 and correct the ini files. DON'T tell me I'm doing it wrong! I measure with the probe, NOT with software! And what does 10C difference mean?! I'd RMA the board instantly - it's not functioning as is supposed. If you think that a pound and a half of ALUMINUM with a ~9900cm2 surface is difficult to cool down - man, you have a problem with physics! No offence, peace man!
  17. @integra_twinz Maybe it's already late to tell ya, but... I have the 144 CAB2E 0546FPCW and it's an... (should I say) AMAZING clocker! 300x9HTT @ 1.448V. I love it! Does 10hrs prime stable 328x9HTT for a cute 2952MHz with a little push - only 1.580V. Abou the 0551 - I hear good only stuff.
  18. @vrodforums With all due respect, man... bull crap!!! It's straight individual for each rig/cpu/cooler. Depends exclusively on your cooler and airflow inside the case. And, yes - MBM reports perfectly on any DFI NF4 board I've tested, this means at least 50 mobos. The difference between sensors and reality is no more than a degree. I can show screenies of my old [email protected] and the [email protected] with the Sonic Tower. The P4 couldn't drop to idle temps for about 10 mins w/ a 120mm fan @ 1000rpm. And the 144UP does it within a minute ! With a 120mm fan @ 560rpm... period. So - it's individual!
  19. Is CPC 1T or not? Turn it off. Many opterons have a problem with the dividers above 300HTT. Don't ip the LDT voltage - no need. Another thing is - change CAS to 2.5. Maybe the memory and the opty don't go well together.
  20. GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!! Please Tony - send me the file to [email protected] I've already e-mailed you. And what does "in the wild" mean? I suppose you also want e-mail spam advertisements on manhood enlargement drugs or find that perfect date? Don't post your e-mail address on an open forum or you just might receive them. Also, straighten-out your sig...it far exceeds the maximum width of 650 pixels. Thank you. -AceGoober
  21. I didn't vote. And here's why. If you pop the lid you CAN'T use the SLK, or any air cooler. It's an overkill. The chances you break the core(s) are huge. For water cooling - it's the way to go. People report about 10 degrees drop on lidless water. So - it's up to you.
  22. Yep good temps, but could be better on water. My opty 144 maxes (10h prime) at 45C @ 2880, 1.575V. Sonic Tower w/ 120mm CoolerMaster LED fan @ 1200rpm. If it hits 48 - it's gone, tested. I think everithing under 50 is perfect, as soon as it's stable.
  23. Well, OK, if you say so I won't argue. And btw nice 1M, what's your prime stable clock?
  24. Exactly the same with my opty! The ram goes sync up to 230, but on a divider after 301HTT - no way. So i've upped the read preamble and max async lat and voila - 340HTT, 120 divider, LDT x3. Try it! Don't do that, man! The board isn't anything close to stable over 1100HT.
  25. Check if the front panel connectors are properly seated. Could be short circuit. Another thing is - (if you have one) the floppy connector is backwards. Also try without the optical drives.
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