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  1. Alright, cool. Thanks guys. I'll have to give that a shot as soon as I find a local place that has those adapters in stock (CompUSA only had one in a cheapo NB HSF replacement kit) One last thing, would it cause any unneccecary stress on the PS to chain 2 (maybe 3) of those off one line (assuming nothing else major is on it)?
  2. System specs in sig and all fans in my case (except one 80mm panaflo, which is irrelevant in this situation) are powered through the motherboard. EDIT: It should probably be noted that those two fans are in spots that allow the motherboard to control the speed I've noticed after some restarts, two of my fans (HSF and one panaflo) don't start up with the rest of the system. Also, the temperatures all read -128C (in SpeedFan and BIOS) when this happens and the rest of the system boots into windows without a hitch. As soon as I see this and shut down the system, the two fans that weren't spinning turn on and remain on, despite everything else remaining powered off. When I try to turn on the system again, those two fans that were spinning while the system was off turn off and the rest of the system starts up again w/o problem. The only way around this I've found was to just switch off the PS while the system is turned off (with the exception of those two fans). Starting up the system after that restores normality and it works until some restart down the road launches it into this wierd state again. Any ideas as to what may be causing this or how I may fix it?
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