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  1. Today I was in my device manager trying to find something when I noticed that my raid controller had a yellow question mark next to it. It says that I do not have a driver for it. I am running a RAID 0(2 80 gig's) and it is working fine. I ran HDTune and I got an average speed of 98 Mb/s which I think is pretty good(my raptor average somewhere in the 60's). Should I worry about it if everything is working "A-Okay?"
  2. I have a D-Link Di-624 Firmware Version 2.53 Note: My roommate has a 2 year old Compaq notebook and he leaves his computer on overnight and he has had zero problems. I got the PCI adapter from Best Buy about 5 days ago and I have 30 days left to return it.
  3. My signal strength isn't the problem. I get at least 4 bars of strength because I am so close(room right about router). It just seems like when I leave the computer idle for about 6 hours it loses the signal and has to be restarted for the internet to start working. I don't know if it is the driver or what..? I heard a way to fix my problem is to go to your "View Wireless Networks" and "Repair" it. I heard that works but I will try it and let you all know when I experience that problem again.
  4. Is it a problem with my Buffalo PCI card or my Router????
  5. I just moved into an apartment with 2 guys and one of them set up a wireless network. The network is very very secure and we have a high gain antenna hooked up to it. I'm about 10-15 feet away from the antenna so I have a very good signal. We subscribed the their 8 MB/s speed so it is very fast. When internet is going I have no complaints, except when roommate is downloading:sad: The problem is....when I leave my computer on all night, I wake up the next morning, I have no internet activity. It says that I am connected to the network, but, Firefox wont work and aim wont work. But today I started up Steam and Steam downloaded an update. I even disconnect and reconnect to the network and Firefox and aim still don't work. I eventually have to restart my computer for everything to run dandy. I know it isn't THAT big of a deal but it is annoying, and I know I should be turning my computer off at night. I just bought a new wireless card, a Buffalo from Bestbuy, I don't know if that helps.
  6. Yeah the Keyboard does the same thing in both ports. I already tried swapping.
  7. For about the last month when I boot into my windows login screen it is a 50/50 chance that my keyboard will work. I have reinstalled the drivers numerous times but that doesn't seem to cut it. The way I get around this is to either "restart" or unplug the usb and then plug it back in. Is this most likely a problem with the Logitech Media Elite keyboard that I have had for a little over 3 years.....or.....is there something wrong with my boot process. Note...my mouse is also usb and it has never happened. If i got a ps2 adapter for it wouldn't that work every time?? Thanks..
  8. I recently purchased a Xmas present for myself(Vizio 37" LCD). I have read that using the VGA cable($40) for the xbox360 is worth the money for the "better" picture quality. I will not be planning on playing on a computer monitor. So, is it that big of an upgrade from component cables. Please comment from personal experience because I have read "oh yeah i heard it helps" but i wanted to get some first hand opinions. Thanks.
  9. Hey man that is a great program thanks a lot!
  10. Hey guys, I have a bunch of .wmv and .avi files on my computer and i want to put them on a DVD but not as a data disk. I want to it to play as a DVD when i put it in the DVD player. I have DVD shrink and i tried to use it but you need .vob files and some others that i forgot. Do you guys know how i could convert my .wmv and .avi files in those types of files that are compatible with dvd shrink. Thanks!
  11. All of my itunes files are mpeg4's.
  12. I have been using ephpod to transfer music from ipods to my computer. However, when it transfers it, it transfers it as m4a fils(whatever that is). Does anyone know a free-ware that can transfer music from ipods in a mp3 format? thanks!
  13. So i turn on my computer this morning and start up firefox and everything was erased....ie all my bookmarks, all my tabs, all my history, EVERYTHING! I have no idea what happened. I did not do anything out of the ordinary last night. Can anyone help me please. Thankyou!
  14. Not that big of a room at all. Probably a 20x12, give or take. But I am going to be taking this to my apartment in about 9 months when i transfer to I want this to be for my living room. So I mean I don't want to go too small.
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