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  1. i take it these will work at default bios settings ?
  2. After some advice. Currently have 1gb of Crucial ballistix and looking to upgrade to 2gb. As Crucial seem to be permanently out of stock of the crucial 2gb kits I'm looking at OCZ. Which would best suit me out of these two: OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC3200 Dual Channel Platinum Series EL-DDR CAS2 OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC4000 Dual Channel Platinum Series EB-DDR CAS3 After reading a few posts on here both these should be compatible with my m/board. Or alternatively any other suggestions ? I'm not into overclocking and will use mainly for playing BF2. Thanks for any help. keith.
  3. lol - thanks for that certainly clears that one up.
  4. someone recently suggested to me that disabling fastwrites within BIOS is a good thing. Anyone on here done this and what exactly does it do ? also if its worth while whereabouts in the bios do ya find it ? cheers keith
  5. thanks for the reply - you confirmed my thoughts. will put in here first off.
  6. lo all, I've now been thoroughly enjoying my new pc for the last 2 weeks after initial setup probs due to memory conflicts. (thanks to Sharpe for the ballistix reccommendation). Im now running with the memory in my sig but im due to have my previous memory replaced under RMA warranty return this is Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200XL Platinum TwinX (2x512MB) CAS2. Question is what are my chances of getting this to work with the ultra d m/b and my 2 sticks of ballistix. From doing a bit of reading of other threads it deosn't look hopeful but wondered if anybody else has tried this ? Alternatively any body wanting to buy a gig of corsair ? (rather than go to a well known internet auction site. cheers keith.
  7. hopefully easy question. how does the karajan audio module on the NF4 ultra D compare sound wise with an audigy 2 ? Reason i ask is i have the chance to buy an audigy at 1/2 price but the karajan sounds not bad in games at the moment. is it worth the £20 outlay - note only really for playing BF2 through Medusa 5.1 headset or a set of 5.1 logitech speakers (not high end) cheers keith.
  8. ballistix finally arrived. put in and left bios settings at autp and all is running fine. now enjoying BF2 how its meant to be played. thanks for the advice.
  9. ballistix delivered today hopefully. should i try the memory at defualt (auto) settings first or set the timings from the off ? if i need to set where abouts in the bios will i find the page to do it ? thanks.
  10. yep i think im gonna do that - canna beat it a t that price. i paid £90 for kinston value ram at our local pc components place !!
  11. nice one thanks for the help. for the pc4000 to run at pc3200 speeds do i need to alter the bios settings in any way ?
  12. i take it theres no problem using pc4000 ? whats the advantages over pc3200 ? seems a good price right enough would you reccommend 1gig ballsitx at £122 over 2gig standard crucial cas3.0 at £160 ? sry for all the questions but been having probs with ram and my m/b. started with corsair twinx which had to be rmad then had 1gig kingston value ram which caused games to freeze so wanna get it right this time lol.
  13. quick question guys: is this memory ok for the above board Crucial 1GB DDR PC3200 CAS3.0 Dual Channel Kit (2x512MB) or is it worth going for the ballistix stuff from crucial ? Crucial 1GB (2x512MB) DDR CAS2.0 PC4000 Ballistix Dual Channel Kit also say this OCZ stuff which has been reccommended but is out of stock with my usual supplier - is it worth waiting on it ? OCZ 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200 Dual Channel Gold Series BH5 EL-DDR CAS2.0 thanks for any advice keith
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