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  1. Alright, so basically, even if i get my cpu (hypothetically) down to absolute 0 (-273c?) i still wont be able to safely operate at 1.6v Alright thanks
  2. Well, I got my sandy up to 3.1ghz stable in prime, OCCT, superPI, BF2, F.E.A.R demo etc. The problem is I need to run ~1.6 and a bit to stabilize it here. The temps never go over 44c during max load... and idle down in the high 20's (SI-120 w/ Panaflo 85cfm) So my temps are fine etc. From what ive been reading, no matter what temps I have, i shouldnt run my CPU like this 24/7...and that confuses me a bit.. Because lets say i put some Mach II on it and get it to -50c... i still cant run my cpu safely at 1.6V? Could someone explain this to me... thanks alot
  3. thanks, i got the "luck of the draw" for my sandy... lots of the latest sandy cores are overclocking very well
  4. Sure does It primed at 3.1ghz aswell (9 hours overnight, then I stopped it) when i bumped the voltage to 1.675V But I dont have the balls to run my computer at that voltage 24/7
  5. Your vcore is too high, I got 3.1ghz on my sandy with 1.6V on the core, and I had the SI-120 on it, you just have stock cooling.. thats pretty dangerous, id recommend you stick around 1.5v, thats what im doing. Im running 2.9ghz @ 1.475V You would need over 3.7ghz to get into 16000 sandra arithmetic score, heres mine @ 3.1ghz CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
  6. Alright, then ill stroll along at 2.9ghz and bench with 3.1ghz
  7. poo Without the ~1.6V, windows doesnt want to load And everyone is sayings its too much to be running full time.. i guess ill stick with 2.8ghz for now More suggestions/comments etc. are welcome
  8. Well, alright some mixed views on the voltage.. Im certainly happy with 2.8ghz @ 1.45V which is safe zone, and at that speed, i dont see any load temps go over 35c Ill bench with 3.1ghz to be safe, or untill i get some more opinions, you dont notice 300mhz in normal day to day use, and when your already 100fps+ in games, I dont need 300mhz to get me up a couple frames... J054 - you mention 1.7 in the guide.. i didnt see anything there.. Also would you consider the Enermax Noisetaker 485W a good power supply?
  9. Thanks Alright here is my 32M score, Kaspersky AntiVirus popped out with an update message, and I had to close the message and shut down kaspersky during superpi, im not sure, but i bet that slowed superPi up a bit. Anyways, i pressed okay when it stopped so I dont have each loop time.. but here is the general shot Ill run through it again and post a non-interrupted version
  10. Thanks guys @ Alienwhere: This is the sweetspot right now, because I cant run it 310mhz , i was able to take it to 270mhz @ 2-2-2-8 w/ 3.5VDIMM and pass memtest, perfectly stable in windows etc., I didnt try 2-2-2-5 @ over 3.5 Ill play around with that and get back to you. @msmolt: coming right up @icon57: ya im aware, but HOPEFULLY i will manage to pass prime nice and smooth, we will see tonight Thanks for the feedback guys! (nobodies said anything about the voltages yet ?_?)
  11. After several months of waiting and reading, I finally got my system together, and tweaked it for the last couple of days. My specs are in my sig, but I will put them here as well. AMD64 3700+ Sandy core @ 3.1ghz (310x10) @ 1.475 + 113% SI-120 w/ Panaflo 85cfm OCZ EL GOLD VX PC3200 memory running at 5/6 divider (258mhz (DDR516)) -- memory @ CAS2-2-2-5 @ 3.5VDIMM DFI NF4 Ultra-D Bios 6/23 6800GT eVGA @ 402core/1.1ghz mem all housed within Antec P180 w/ 3x120mm fans. Heres a screeny with sandra benchmarks(memory and cpu), CPUZ 1.3 and SuperPI 1.4. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE My load temps after 1 hour of torture OCCT never surpass 43c, I think thats pretty good considering the high clock, but I am reading that ~1.6V is too much for a san diego core.. should I underclock it a bit? Anyway, I just wanted to show you all my success after reading all the articles here and getting users opinions and help. note - i havent primed it yet, will do tonight, but 1 hour OCCT torture didnt produce error, neither did memtest, or OCCT 30min default test. Thanks all
  12. Hey all, My OCZ EL GOLD VX PC3200's are running at 3.3VDIMM, now I added an 80mm fan (custom memory mod) to cool them (just in case) and added a thermal sensor on top of the heatspreaders... (not totally acurate, but gives me a ballpark). Now my memory is running at 254mhz, so thats a pretty significant overclock and my sensors are getting 27c idle. Before I get the courage to up my voltage to 3.5V and try to make my system stable @ 2.9 to 3ghz, I was wondering what are good temps for my memory.. Google didnt find me anything relevent, so maybe someone has experience, or any thoughts on this? thanks.
  13. Alright thanks, ill try that right away. Also I fixed my post, before it said 2.5VDIMM i ment 3.5VDIMM
  14. Hey all, I bumped my CPU to the following 1.475 + 104% 10 x 290mhz Memory running @ 180 divider @ 263mhz (CAS2-2-2-5) @ 3.5VDIMM Now OCCT gives me errors after 5 minutes, saying my computer has generated a computation error, and that as a safety measure, it is turning the torture test off. I have an SI-120 w/ Panaflo 85cfm fan... Im kinda worried that I might be pushing the voltage to high, but during the OCCT my temps never went over 35c Any ideas? Suggestions? bump voltage up? (temps seem to be fine) or live with something under 2.9ghz
  15. Alright, im on the 6/23 bios Doesnt seem to help at all, what are the safe max voltages for my 3700+, its at 4.75V and doing 25c idle and 34c load.
  16. Well, a Sandy 3700+ @ 2.7ghz w/ air cooling is pretty good, i wouldnt see much of an improvement with what a latest BIOS release could give me... How much overclock could I gain for my memory(BH-5 i believe the EL GOLD VX's are) and my CPU with an optimized BIOS for that certain memory? (I hear there are different BIOS's for different types of memory?_?)
  17. Hey all, Well since my very recent build, (in my sig) Ive advanced a little bit. My 3700+ SD is sitting at 2.7ghz stable in Prime for 8 hours (overnight) @ 1.45V My memory is at 246mhz 1:1 with my cpu (246x11) @ CAS2-2-2-8 My video card (6800GT eVGA) is @ 402mhz core, 1.1ghz memory (stock cooler) My overclock seems perfectly stable with very good temps (since I upped my voltage on the CPU its been around 26c idle, and 36c load after 8 hours prime) ANd my ram is at 3.3VDIMM. Nowall this is on stock BIOS, havent flashed since I opened the package... my question is, is it worth flashing to a newer bios if Ive been quite successfull with this one, and am quite pleased...?
  18. It failed after one hour again, my CPU temps hovered @ 33-34c during the test The voltage is 1.4v + 104%, should I bump it up? Maybe its a memory error?
  19. Hey all I have my Razerback Copperhead plugged into my Ultra-D Unfortunately everytime I restart, it doesnt detect it :S I have to pull it out and plug it back in again, and then it works... Its really strange.. what could be causing this :S
  20. Also wanted to add, what are good temperatures for a 3700+ sandy (idle/load)
  21. its at 1.4 + 104% right now. Ill stick it tonight for prime and see how it goes Thanks for the help, more suggestions?
  22. Hey all, Well after setting up my build and having a fresh format, I got down to what ive been looking forward to the most, some overclocking My system (in my specs) is right now at 2.7ghz (11x246) I did not even raise the voltage a single bit from default spec of 1.4v Now I tested and was fine all the way up to 2.7, and am writing this right now @ 2.7ghz BUT prime95 failed after 1hour and a bit, gaming is solid and everything seems to work well. I ran the stress test "blend" mode. My memory is 1:1 @ 246mhz as well with timings at 2-3-3-8 (not gonna tighten just yet) with VDIMM of 3.2V's What should I play around with next? Although everything works well, I want the system to be around 8hours prime stable since that seems to be what most consider stable Also, what can I use to monitor my temps? I have a fan controler with built in thermal sensors but with my SI-120 w/ Panaflo 85cfm fan, I dont know where I should attach the temp sensor... Or perhaps I should stick with some software temperature monitoring? Thanks a lot!
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