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    USB Ports deceased!?!?

    ya i had an msi neo2 before this board.. haha dont even want to bother with that one anymore. its boxed up in my closet somewhere. ugh it seems like i always get the defective boards with (good?) reviews haha. oh well ill try asking newegg for an nf4, see how that goes. hopefully well. if not ill just buy one. i cant go without usb ports much longer. and the suspence of what will go wrong next is just too much to bear. ugh i hate unstability.
  2. bartlette

    USB Ports deceased!?!?

    same thing just happened to me last night. i posted a thread last night about it but seeing as how there is already one here explaining my problem exactly i might as well join up on this thread.. my story is pretty well the same. everything is working fine, im uploading songs to my ipod through usb, using a usb mouse, both are working great. i leave for work.. come home about 9 hours later. usb is dead... "usb device malfunctioned" error pops up. what do i do?? i tried reinstalling the drivers, pretty much everything you guys tried. i havent reset cmos yet tho. i shall give that a go and see how it works. how was neweggs rma service on this board? how long did you have the board before you rma'd it? thats the only other option i have if resetting the cmos doesnt work. if newegg wont rma it, how is dfi's rma service? anyone tried??
  3. bartlette

    problem with usb ports =/

    nope, its not the psu. neo 480w
  4. bartlette

    problem with usb ports =/

    dont have one... i sold my old setup to buy this one
  5. bartlette

    problem with usb ports =/

    here are the error messages that pop up whenever i plug something into the usb ports..
  6. im having trouble with my usb ports. anyone else have any problems with theirs? the 4 rear usb ports arent picking up anything anymore. when i plug my usb mouse into it, the mouse lights up in a series of 3 short flashes, then stops. this goes for any usb optical mouse i plug into the usb ports. my ipod wont read either. i think somehow the usb ports got fried? the only thing i can think of is the cable used to attach the ipod to the computer. i left the cable plugged into the computer without having the ipod attatched to the other end. i know thats a dumb theory but its the only one i got. can anyone please help? maybe i should just rma it? :confused: