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  1. Hey guys, i have had my system up and running for a while and havent had any problems after ironing out some crazy mouse and ram problems... the problem i have now is a aftermarket cpu fan and heatsink that i have, it is a gigabyte one with fan speed controller, however the problem is that the the cpu temperature is still controlling the fan speed and thus turns it on and off. While i can adjust the speed slightly with the fan speed controller the constant turning on and off is eventually going to kill the fan. ive tried disabling thermal throttling in the bios but it hasnt done anything, i want it so i can have the fan speed controller to override everything so im in total control of the fan speed...cany anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. i thought exactly the first thing as you when the native PS/2 mouse wouldnt work, so formatted, then after numerous formats and installs and also using seagates zeroing utility im on my 7th or so install of windows and still having exactly the same prolbem. Its truely bizarre, thats why i started suspecting a bios problem as it clearly wasnt the OS causing the problem. =|
  3. hey ExRoadie, thanks for the reply, i have tried the following combinations: Microsoft Intellimouse Optical connected to USB port and USB Keyboard connected to USB port. Microsoft Intellimouse Optical connected to PS/2 via dongle and USB Keyboard connected to USB port. Microsoft Intellimouse Optical connected to USB port an USB Keyboard connected to PS/2 via dongle. Native PS/2 Keyboard and Microsoft Intellimouse Optical connected to USB port. Native PS/2 Keyboard and Microsoft Intellimouse Optical connected to PS/2 port via dongle. Native PS/2 Keyboard and Native PS/2 Mouse. For some reason even the combination of both native didnt work either but i didnt really investigate that problem much, i will be getting an MX-518 mouse soon, but it is still a couple weeks away so i need to get my current mouse working. Thanks again dude! =)
  4. jeez cmon DFI pick up support a bit, i mite be returning the motherboard soon if i cant solve this issue, kind of useless without a mouse
  5. yeah tried disabling and enabling and switching between usb 1.1 + 2 and just usb 1.1, tried pretty much every combination of bios settings with the 623-3 bios and the 510-3FIX bios, maybe will just have 2 keep flashing and see what works, wish RGone or someone could look into this problem for me =(
  6. doesnt seem like 510-3 fixed it either. does anyone have any idea at all? any of the DFI employees want to comment cos its really starting 2 piss me off after flashing numerous times and doing everything ive been told, the mouse is fine, nothin wrong with it, maybe it could be a mobo problem. anyone?
  7. just flashed to 510-3FIX and did a 8+ hour normal clear...will let you's know how it goes, hopefully will have some more luck with this bios
  8. i think its the 623-3 bios, its a hoe when it comes to USB i have to work tomororow and will be out 2morrow nite but im goin 2 try doin a normal clear CMOS then flash to 510-3, then if that doesnt solve this issue mite try 310-3 or something... hopefully the DFI guys will fix this issue in the next release >.<
  9. hey not good 2 hear dude, i think its a major problem with this bios release that i hope is being sorted, im going to flash to 310 in about an hour and will let u know how that goes =/ does anyone have any other official bios releases just before the 623 release? hopefully i can just keep going back 1 release at a time till i have the newest one that works. cheers!
  10. hey guys thanks for the replies, ive tried everything (cleared cmos for ~ 9 hours when i went to work), made sure the usb root hub had allow the computer to turn this device off to save power disabled and also tried plugging the usb keyboard into the ps2 dongle and ps2 port of the pc with the usb mouse in the usb port, nothin =( any ideas would be much appreciated! hopefully my MX-518 will be here shortly and save my day :angel:
  11. yeah i did clear the bios but did not remove the cmos battery, i left the jumper in the clear position for about 20 mins as recommended after a flash (following DFI's flash guide). i dont think it is mobo or psu because the USB keyboard works fine, no problems at all. i tried what microsoft recommends which is to go through the registry and remove all the key's associated with the intellimouse and control of usb devices in relation to it, but still exactly the same problem, its like everything i have tried is not working =( thanks anyways mate! =(
  12. oh sorry forgot to add, sometimes windows will detect it and install it correctly (then it dies shortly after), sometimes it just says USB device not recognised :| ive formatted before and its a clean install of xp sp1
  13. thanks dude, power supply is an Antec TruePower 2.0 550W, brand new. it seems as though when i disconnect it and reconned it, it works again shortly then stutters and finally stops, its really odd and drivin me bonkers =( cheers!
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