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  1. hmm ok reapplied once more lol... its at about 33 idle 45/46 load. I've been priming it for the last 8-9 hours or so. I'm not sure if its my new application of as5 or the case fan I got in the mail today that I added to exhaust air. I don't think it is the case fan as I'm running open case and yessterday I had a big butt house fan blowing into it. I took some pics but they are really blurry. Does nayone know what setting you put the digi camera to? I have a Canon. I know you can I forgot what I did last time when I took pics of my 3000+ stepping. Everything else in the case seems pretty cool. Chipset is sitting at 39c PWMIC 41 vid card I havent set up to display... yay for new chipset fan
  2. just fyi I think the new platinum xtc's are using a different chips now http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23211 towards th end of the first page.
  3. woah... there are different code names for 165? I was just looking on cpu-z and the code name it gives mine is Toledo
  4. good job I just got a ccbbe 0610 dpmw not fairing so good so far I dunno maybe its me and my as5 application but its running pretty hot. Havent got it prime stable for very long with anything above 3ghz. Although I've been running prime for like half an hour now with it at 300x9 and 1.3ish voltage.
  5. yikes... the thing is hitting like 55c max under load most of the time it'll stay around 50-53.... I haven't pumped that much voltage into it. And I tried putting a huge house fan right above it blowing air into the case but the temps didnt drop below 52c under load. Would too much as5 cause this or too little>
  6. hmmm I was trying to follow angry games vid on installing a xp120. Yea I thought maybe it'll just take some time to cure but the impatient side of me just wants to make sure I haven't done anything wrong. The two cores generating more heat makes sense but I was looking over at the overclocking database and peopl had some pretty low temps :/
  7. So I got my new opty chip put it in put in a bit of as5 put the heatsink on then let it run. at idle it is around 35c and when I was running prime it got up to 50c. Did I put too much as5 or not enough as5 on? With my previous chip things at idle were about 30c and I dont think it ever got above 40c.
  8. I dunno I was faced with the same decision and I chose to go with the opty because I thought it might be neat to have 1mb cache instead of 512kb. And it would be nice to be able to hit 3ghz. I also went to 2x1gb sticks of ram.
  9. Hey guys I'm a little late to the game. But I just recently started upgraded my system again (opty 165, 2gb ram, etc on the way). I picked up the evercool (i think) chipset cooler too. It seems like the silencer would be a pretty good option because it'll blow hot air out instead of right over the chipset (what I hate about my card now) is it significantly louder then the accelero? I do have some vents around the vid card that would let some hot air escape if I went with the accelero. So what have you dfi guys been going with?
  10. hah I just bit the bullet for a 165 at monarch...
  11. hmm I'm trying to decide on which dual core to get. Would it be worthwhile to get the 4200 over the 3800? Or if I were to get the 4200 should I just get the 4400? Is the 1mb cache worth it?
  12. So I'm lookin to upgrade again since x2 prices have dropped. Gonna get a 4200+. I want to pair it with some new ram. I was wondering if the gold and platinum are similarly priced would there be any benefit in going with the gold? I'm pretty much trying to decide between OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K and OCZP5002GXTC-K. Unless anyone has other good suggestions.
  13. Well I've been playing games with teh case open and a fan blowing directly on it on high. It runs pretty cool on like BF2 (>55) but whenever I open up WoW it hits like 60. I still get the artifact problem in BF2 thuogh. Also if I'm like playing music while playing BF2 when I get the stuttering/lag problem (Problem with Connection) it stops the music too.
  14. Well I use to artifact in BF2 before the higher temp issues. I dont think it goes above 70 while playing BF2. Just WoW I think (and not just 70... but like upto 74). Yea I got everything plugged in, including the one on the vid card. I guess when I get more free time I'll go through everything nad make sure everything is secure.
  15. Well I dont think my chipset fan is crapping out as it was spinning up to like 7k earlier lol... havent noticed the chipset getting that hot. I'm using the latest official drivers I think 78? Also I just remembered but I have SATA II hitachi drive it use to show the "Remove Hardware thing" for hotswap or whatever but now that is gone any idea why? Yea well I thought it was alright. I didnt have the problems until now and I haven't changed the way my case was wired. Yea I thought maybe I overclocked too high but I turned everything down to stock
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