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  1. you can download a pdf version of the manual from DFI's website. And you can find how to clear cmos here, simply do a search.
  2. Try it on another board and see if it can run up to spec @ 250mhz like Sharp suggested.
  3. slicey this is off topic, but u can figure out if your platinum rev2 are tccd or tcc5 depending on the version number under neath the 5 on your timing sticker. version 1.0 is tccd, anything else is tcc5. the font is really small, so you have to look for it.
  4. Have you tried running each stick individually? If you get errors with one stick and not the other stick then your ram needs to be RMA'ed
  5. I had ONE bad stick in my other pair of OCZ prior to getting these right now in my sig and I installed everything in without testing. Learned the hard way, ended up RMA'ing the sticks and reinstalling windows after getting a new pair since it was acting funny. I'd make sure both sticks are fine before doing anything else. ie. check each stick individually and make sure they are error free in memtest for at least 6-8hrs with the standard test. If something fails then something is wrong in your settings OR the stick is bad. Good luck! P.S. Have you tried running these at 250mhz 2.5-4-4-7? I'd expect them to do DDR550 with those timings as that's what GEIL claim they can do on their website. In any case, try the settings for the ocz tccd and see if it produces any results. Don't try booting into windows, run memtest and see. Alternatively you can leave both sticks in the system now and run memtest, if everything is fine then i'd boot into windows, and perhaps do a clean install just to make sure everything is okay. If it produced errors then test each stick individually.
  6. Mines hover around 38-44, I thought I read that anything around 55 is considered OKAY.
  7. Did you try to run memtest with each stick individually in orange slot closest to the edge? I just picked up some ocz el platinum rev2 tccd myself and I didn't dare run windows without making sure they were okay in memtest. Otherwise you risk corrupting your install. try these settings for the ram from AndyT over at OCZ bleedingedge: 200 enable 2.0 02 07 or 8 02 07 or 8 16 or 14 03 or 02 03 02 or 01 03 or 02 3120, 4708, 0648, or 2560 (4708 works well at high overclocks) auto enabled auto 0 level 6, 5 or 7 auto DRAM Response Time: fast or normal (as needed if your BIOS has this feature.) auto 256 disable 16 07 disable In Genie Bios: 200 auto 16 16 auto 100 disable 1.500 1.3v <- adjust this to your liking above VID * 110% 1.30v 1.70v 2.8v (2.7v-3.0v may work for you, depending on final speed) The below are the settings that I'm using (priming) now @ 300mhz 200 enable 2.5 04 07 03 07 14 03 03 02 03 4708 auto enabled auto 0 level 7 auto DRAM Response Time: fast auto 256 disable 16 07 disable In Genie Bios: 300 x3 16 16 x9 100 disable 1.500 1.325 above VID * 123% 1.20v 1.60v 2.7v IF all this doesn't work, then try disabling CPC to make it run at 2T
  8. 210 4x 16/16 x10 100mhz disable 1.450v 1.3 110% 1.2v 1.5v 2.6v disable 133 enable 2.5 3 8 3 12 14 3 3 2 3 3120 1 enable auto 255 level 7 level 2 auto normal auto 256 disable 16x 7x disable try that, I'd try to isolate the problem by turning down the ram speed. Also I don't find it necessary to give that much voltage to LDT and chipset. run superpi 32m, occt, 3dmark05, then prime over night. Is this build the same as in your sig with a different processor?
  9. Thanks Sharp, that's what I thought, but needed some reassurance/encouragements from folks here.
  10. I've been running my rig at 270x9 @ 1.4v with 150 divider using these ocz performance. When I first got the system up, I stopped testing at 280x9 since I knew my ram wouldn't go any higher. Can't get it over 206mhz. So I spent one night to test the max of my processor and I found that I could get my processor up to 305x9 @ 1.63v using 133 divider. The question is should I pick up a pair of 2x512 ocz gold for roughly $140 after tax and shipping from newegg or a pair of platinum rev 2 for $149 shipped from monarch? Personally I'm leaning towards the tccd/tcc5 as they run cooler than the ocz golds. What do you guys think?
  11. Please update your bios to the latest official as StephenC suggested. Search the forums on how to update your bios the proper way if you don't know how. Do some research on the IC on your memory. I'm not too familiar with Geil but for starters I'd leave the voltage at stock, 2.8 seems a little high if your ram is considered "value" ram. You can also post your Genie Settings and we can have a look and what they are.
  12. only x8 if you set jumper to SLI mode. no other way, unless you get the asus board
  13. If he had ran memtest and proceeded with installing OS, I presume that his hardware was already tested stable and that the result of instability came from installing the nvidia ide driver. If you're having problems booting up the system now, I'd take everything out of the case. Start with gfxcard, one stick of ram in orange slot closest to edge, cpu, psu, hdd, all 4 power connectors to the board; just the bare minimums to boot. It could be a grounding issue or a damaged MOSFET like you described. Also try clearing CMOS. Do a search in the forum for proper steps to do that. In addition, please include your bios version. Good luck
  14. You need to enable USB support in your bios.
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