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  1. I think you will be fine.. But DONT DO IT!!! ok that aside.. post your results when u have them
  2. Its not that hard to remove, if you need help send me a PM
  3. yeah, I heard if u run 4 sticks, its not as easy to get 300mhz :-)
  4. Yeah, I had to glue 2 pennys together since I dont have the blue screw for my waterblock, so on top of the block there are 2 pennys glue together :-) I can tell you that upgrading to OCZ-- pc4800 ram is awesome. running ddr 600 is nice. Mem timmnig is what u need to work on, I can probally help you with that. It took me a while to get mine stable.
  5. Just as the title says, if you remove the IHS spreader you get better temps and better overclocks, it appears the IHS doesnt make good contact with both cores. I tried to apply as5 then re attach it was a little better, but now with no IHS spreaders, 2.7ghz Stable with prime 2hrs so far.. (300ht*9)
  6. i removed the heatspreader and applied AS5 put the Heatspreader back on AND 2.7Ghz STABLE!!! Priming NOW!!!
  7. Well, I am going to remove the Heatspreader in a few, and put AS5 on it. and then reattach it..
  8. I have a setup very close to you. I also have the x2 4400 and seem to max out at 2.5ghz .. and I have Exos 2 also.. I am getting some new memory tommorow .. My Core 0 is a BLACK Sheep also.. I can run 2.6ghz all day on Core 1.. Core 0 10sec POOF! I might try removing the heatspreader. but I dont have the Blue Screw anymore for my koolane block. so a little scared what if u remove the spreader and aply AS5 and then reapply the heatspreader
  9. I just tried it.. Started Plug in, and Custom.. It sayings -52 in both Using Latest Nvidia Drivers. and Evga Geforce 7800Gtx
  10. I will do that.. I just trying to see what other users with a X2 4400 are getting Overclocking AMD is alot different
  11. I just installed this Mobo. wow Alot more setting then my intel rig.. AT Anyrate here is what I have, and what I like to know NF4 UT SLI-DR 6/23/05 Office Bios AMD X2 4400 OCZ 3700 EL Plat Mem in Orange Slots Antec TrueControl TP2.0 550Watt EVGA 7800GTX Koolance EXOS2 With CPU Block and 7800 Block Can anyone tell me what settings i need to make this ram work 100%, and I want to overclock whats are some good settings to start with? I am wanting to run at 2.7-2.9 Ghz. I hope I can Thanks
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