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  1. I have an external 120 GB firewire/USB2 HD that has similar behavior. Sometimes the firewire connection works, sometimes it doesn't. I've only had the problem on my DFI LanParty box. But ... I since learned the USB2 is faster than firewire on Windows (480 mbps vs 400 mbps), so as long as your burner and PC are USB2, you're actually better off on USB2.
  2. Dude ... don't backup to DVD. Get one of those mobile hard drives (mine's 120 GB ... and I got it for $80.) It's firewire and USB2, and it backs up my entire system in minutes. (USB2 is super fast.) I use it for like a jillion things: Backing-up others' PC's before I start fixin' them. (he he) Quick backups for my own projects. Mobile transfer of huge files/projects. It's so much faster & easier than DVD.
  3. $200 ??? According to newegg.com, the difference in retail price is $25. Plus, if you're buying any hardware, you should get the OS at OEM pricing, which will save you $100 on either Home or Pro. Don't ask me for all the exact differences, but to me, getting the Pro edition over Home is well worth the $25.
  4. I concur. Despite what some folks say, X64 is the most stable OS I have ever used. I've been hammering it for months with real-life applications, and never a problem. (Playing a few games, too ... hehe.) I also credit INVIDIA for good drivers and frequent minor updates. I get the occasional hang-up upon shut down. It's pretty consistent after one game I play, so I don't know if it's driver related or something weird about that game. I'm less concerned about the occasional shut-down hangup as I am about lock-ups during apps and games. Stability makes me happy.
  5. I see nVidia released new nForce4 AMD x64 drivers today. Has anyone tested the water yet ? This is driver version 6.69. Version 6.66 was released in mid-July ... so it's been a while. Do these drivers simply over-write the old drivers, or should the old drivers be uninstalled first? Any experiences? Recommendations? I don't wanna be first.
  6. I concur. Problem is likely caused by RAM configuration. Follow StephenC's recommendations. (I'd do the voltage increase first, and give it a shot. Voltage change solved my similar XP problems.)
  7. I'll give it a 99% probability that it's the RAM. Not that the RAM is bad, bit the bios isn't tweaked correctly for your RAM, and XP 64 is balking. (I've been there. It's a frustrating road.) My tips: 1) Try using just one stick of RAM. For some reason the board is more tolerant that way. See if that works in loading XP 64. 2) If so, it's time to do research into what RAM timings you need. Start with the RAM manufacturer's web site. In my case, the manufacturer had some tips to get my RAM working with this board. (The config that solved my problem was upping the RAM voltage from the default 2.6 to 2.8. Well within tolerance levels of the RAM. Note ... that's for my RAM, not necessarily yours.) If you're totally stuck, purchase some RAM that the forum admins have posted specific timings. That way you're guranteed to end the frustration.
  8. Sorry ... I thought you'd already found it: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ghlight=corsair Posts #4 & #5
  9. Angry ... thanks again for the Corsair guide. It has been a big help. The posts I am looking at are using the X2 4400. Since my X2 4200 should use the same voltage as the 4400, I'm gonna stick with the 1.2 V + 110%. Thanks for the help.
  10. I'm new to overclocking, so I'm not sure how big of a deal this is. Here's a link to the CORSAIR RAM thread: Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (XMS3202v1.2) The pictures indicate the CPU VID Control should be 1.2V. The written instructions say the CPU VID Control should be 1.3V. Both put CPU VID Special Control at Above VID * 110%. The instructions for a new module Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (XMS3202v5.1) say the say the CPU VID Control should be 1.2V The Thread uses am AMD 4400, and I have a 4200. Also, I have the a RAM module in between the two listed ... I have module v1.5. So, is this a big deal? What should the CPU VID Control be? Recommendations? Regards,
  11. Thanks for the help. Mr. Search is apparently watching football and didn't want to work with me today. I have now called in Mr. Subscribe-To-Thread.
  12. Kudos to Angry Games for the thread ... I've been tweaking for a couple days with that as my benchmark. Today it's no longer a sticky ... I've searched & searched ... and cannot find it. I'm a dummy. Can someone link back to it for me ?
  13. Yep. The board detected the X2 as an 'unknown' processor until I updated the BIOS. Update the BIOS first thing, and you'll have no problems. (PS .... you better read the forum rules and create a signature before your post gets whammied.)
  14. You're right ... you must support the motherboards and the people who own them. This is an enthusiasts board ... it's designed for people who are pushing the envelope of technology. Windows XP 64-bit was released months ago. There is obvious demand for the operating system. I'm not saying the decision is yours, but someone at DFI needs to admit he/she is in denial, and start offically supporting x64. As I alluded earlier, it's not like DFI needs to write a bunch of software to support x64, that's NVIDIA's job. DFI just needs to accept user's questions. If there is something buggy about the nForce4 boards and X64, then it needs to be documented so that reasonably intelligent folks can use the Search button to find it, and NVIDIA and Microsoft can fix it. Let's face it, if we all waited for good mature OS's and drivers, we'd all still be working with and patching Windows 95. (In a way ... I guess we are.)
  15. I recently made the switch from APC to Belkin. I found the Belkin 900 VA UPS at an awesome price. It works great for me.
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