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  1. hey all I absolutely need help Was typing a C.V, then my monitor turn off for ~ 5 sec then turn on, 15 minutes later, my entire computer turned off, was unable to save anything try to reboot, noting happens except psu's fan who turn for ΒΌ sec. then nothing.. I have to switch the little I/O to be able to try rebooting... I tried with my roommate's psu and...same thing. IF I do not plug the graphic card (12v) I'm able to hear the beginning of the beep that happens when you do not insert current. sorry for my english, not my native language =) Thanks you !!!!! Jeff
  2. Hi everyone I keep trying to contact DFI company and well... 3 weeks now and they still not answering me... Does someone try to contact them!?!?
  3. And...another question..someone can tell me where is the diviser ? I absolutely cannot find it into my bios.. I looked under each section..and well... can't find anything... is this mislabelled? I think I tried everything eheh =) DFI lanparty UT Nf3 ultra-D thanks.. =) I feel kinda stupid but well... eheh
  4. I finally get a 2.25 ghz...but cannot go higher (getting a blue screen on startup(windows).. I'll backup my hard disk before going further in my overclocking... giving news soon =) thanks for help
  5. I have trouble to overclock it..even for 100mhz!
  6. as I read... can I consider my DFI Nf3 ultra-D is a piece of sh..? :cool: I have trouble overclocking mine as hell.. I now see why
  7. and..another strange point... under cpu-z.. my voltage is 1.392 V grr :|
  8. hi there I have a problem I think each time I raise the cpu multiplier (even from 206 to 210)... then exit bios, it stops juste before "detecting ide drives" then, reboot... I have to shutdown completely, then restart and then, it's ok... is this normal? I lowered my htt multiplier to 3X CPU ViD is at 1.475 (tried with 1.5 too) Thanks for help
  9. is there a way to find out the HTT speed? Cpu-Z indicates me: Core : 2074.5 Multiplier: 10 HTT: 207,5
  10. Hi there I tried to overclock my system... and started with the HTT multiplier.. default 4x, lowered it to 3x, restart my system, but still have the same HTT speed , 207 (I oc'ed my cpu a little bit) Did I forget something? thanks
  11. I took a look over that VID control..and all I have is like about voltage... .082 .083....but is that % ? thanks for info
  12. Memnoch, what is that VID ? Raising HTT/MEm speed/etc ? Thanks
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