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  1. man i havent visited here for a long time. Ever since my board went bad on me, I ended up gettin an asus a7n5x. I see OldGuy is holding it down.
  2. my mobo died on me... RIP NF3 Ultra-D
  3. For Sale: EVGA 6800GT 256mb AGP copper heatsink installed Bought from an anandtecher Does 400/1100 no sweat. sold 2x 512mb Rosewill PC3200 DDR memory Does 2226 on default voltage does 1T on higher voltage sold WTB: 7800GT I ship USPS Priority 2DAY My heat is under "X Nice" Shoot me offers...
  4. anyone use the newer nforce drivers that came out on this board yet?
  5. xen

    Pny 6800nu Agp

    price lowered...
  6. xen

    Pny 6800nu Agp

    not really, i'd need another system to pop the card in and I'm not messing around with another install until it gets sold.
  7. man people still want this board eh? I'm def sellin mine as soon as i sell my 6800 gt and nu cards...
  8. wow... i would love to sell my nf3 but i have two agp cards to get rid of first.
  9. my mobo was def not a lemon but... my config happens to avoid alot of problesm people have. I have all pata drives and no sata and neither do i run raid. There are sata problems on some that have been documented with fixes. I dunno if i will sell this board yet as i just just got a good deal an an agp 6800gt that does ultra easy. I was thinking of buying a 7800gt/gtx which caused my intial feelings of sellin this mobo for a pci-e mobo. MBM tells me 1.46v on cpu, 1.71v on LDT, 2.85 on ram, I currently have my 3000+ at 2.348mhz using 9x260, and 166 mem divider bringin my cheapo ram to 213mhz-2.5 4 4 8. It does more at tighter timings but im too lazy to tweak it back up to where i usually have it. edit: holy crap you have alot of info in your sig, mistress. wow heh... gj.
  10. if it helps anyone, i just upgraded from a pny 6800nu to a evga 6800gt and it is oc'ed at ultra speeds without too much trouble on this board. I was also hesitant at first to get one but for $210... i took a chance.
  11. the only problems that this ultra-d boars has is quality control. some people got lemons and some didnt. But... it does make it hard for me to resell the board.
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