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  1. well thats weird but beeps arent good for sure. has to be some overheating, perhaps its youre gpu ? tried memtest?
  2. i havent had any probs with dfi aswell i wonder if these boards are made out of some sort of 'never been found material :tooth:'
  3. why using divider of 166? at pc 4000 you will need to set youre divider to 133 and clock fsb up, and another note, every system is different and sometimes it takes hours to get the most out of youre system. Play a little more with youre memory and voltage's.
  4. this 9500 zalmen cooler simple rocks and beats every oher air cooler at the market today with a decent case flow see my temps at specs ps. i bought this cooler for 40 euro :nod:
  5. seems like it yeah.. been testing some more seems like sisoft is the face to blame ! thanks for youre reply. p.s (L) crucial
  6. help! today i received my rma kit 2x 512 crucial ballistix tracer. now when i load sisoft 05 and ask for my computer info , my system turns off. I hit the power button boots up no problems, memtested tried several speeds and voltages, > no memtest errors. ive tried aswell both slots the yellow and the orange the orange only seems to be stable. man these modules of crucial drive me crazy seems like it simple isnt compatible. is there something i could do? trying an older bios or? ive tried 200 fsb and my overclock profile the 295 and 303 all default and auto settings aswell, and with my old value takems eveything works smooth!
  7. put the nec drive on second pata channel and then as master. so, pata2 on youre mob and master it. goodluck.
  8. can you get takems? see my system spec below.. i was able to take those value modules up to 240 mhz each! prime and memtest stable with 2.9 volt. the reason i use 220 atm is just that i dont care about the other 20 mhz its candy i wont notice anyway (besides benchmarking then ) but to answer youre question, get anything except kingston
  9. hopefully i receive my rma soon aswell :/ sended it today... gonne be next week i guess..
  10. youre system doesnt boot anymore after you flashed or? if so, hot flash.
  11. may sound bully but tried a reboot and perhaps youre other dvd-r ? otherwise remove the dvd-r from device manager reboot then it works prolly again. hope this helps :tooth:
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