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  1. My buddy got that DS4 and with his e6420 he can clock it up to 3400. I am in the market and would like to get a 680 board myself. After reading the review on HOCP, I was unimpressed with the Gigabyte DQ6. Im browsing here to see what others have done with thier rigs.
  2. Im looking for a new mb and am considering the EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1. I want to clock it up, so if this will be the case, I will look elsewhere. Are these models still doing this?
  3. Thank you Angry Games, for the reply. Memtest is still giving me errors, i see the errors are actually in test 5. Im getting 4 of them. We have run the test several times with differant timings, this last with your suggestions. Do you have any other ideas? One other thing. I see 6/23 bios is available. Would this be advisable to get on this board at this time?
  4. Ive been looking for bios memory timings for my specific memory over several forums (including OCZs) and thought i would try this one for answers first. One of the problems ive been seeing is memtest errors on test 6. The memory is new. I just tried switching the sticks from slot 2 and 4 to 1 and 3 looking for error elimination. Memory in question: OCZ platinum 1024 x 2 , model no. OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K thx NF4 Ultra-D BIOS 3 / 10 A-64 3200Win ATI X800XL (256) OCZ Platinum 1024 x 2 Enermax EG495P-VE 485W Seagate 80 SATA NCQ
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