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  1. Is there or will there ever be support for the LP UT nF3 Ultra-D in that the BIOS is a POS? I have the 2005/07/05 and I had the older 2005/06/24 See Here for problems
  2. I don't see how my PSU is the problem. I ran an XP 2400+ to 1.85V 2.4Gz with +- 3% at full load. My A64 only runs at 1.35V and my ram is not even OCed?
  3. Planatoid I can not get it to OC at all. I did get it to boot to windows one time but it crashed.
  4. lbjgh What are you using to see your voltage nMonitor/CPUz Other? How do you tell if you have BH-5 or TCC5 Memmory other than some link in a fourm? like I have found.
  5. Hello everyone yes I am new to the DFI motherboards and A64 but I am having a lot of problems I do not think I should be having. 1. I can not run Dual Channel DDR 400 I get mem dumps and re-boot @ stock speeds no OCing. Yes my mem timings are tight so I changed to 3-3-3 I still get some reboot problems but I can pass memtest86. 2. Is there a Voltage problem with this motherboard? Every time I boot into windows and open CPUz, MBM, nTune, my CPU voltage is all over the place high low. It will show 1.28-1.47 without me changing anything. I know it’s not my PSU my old rig was a XP 2400+ OC 2.4Gz and rock solid. I do not have cool n quiet enabled or installed. 3. Maybe I am to new to OCing the A64 but I can not get this pig to OC. It‘s me I’m sure but is anyone else having problems like this? Any help or input is greatly appreciated. I hope I did not make a mistake by getting a DFI motherboard. :confused:
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