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  1. Praz, Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I had read something about 6.3 and up drivers but nobody every explained it that clearly. I am almost positive thats the culprit since Sims2 lauches with a movie. Thanks for the fix. Sasquatch1313
  2. I have tried out the ATT beta with Cat 6.8 and was so close to getting it to work fine. I was not able to change the memory voltage, but it seems there is a fix for that listed above I will reinstall and uncheck the "use old" box. There was one thing that got me, every 3D app on my computer correctly ran at the overclocked speeds except one. Steam games, Rise of Legends, AquaMark, all the 3DMarks ran at the overclocked settings, but whenever I launch Sims2 the video card reverts to stock 2D settings (500 / 600). Anyone had a similar experience or any advice? Thanks, Sasquatch1313
  3. Thanks guys, I am going to get a new power supply. I have played around with where stuff is plugged in without much luck. I really should have seen this sooner, the problems started when I added the Linux hard drive to the system. Thanks again for the help, thats what makes DFI boards the best! Sasquatch1313
  4. Thanks for the quick replies, thats why this board is so helpful. Anyway, I completed disassembled the computer and hooked up the bare minimum: cpu, graphics, 1 (and then 2) sticks of memory. And it booted right up without a problem. My next thought - power supply? I know seasonics are good but have problems with DFI boards (I have the cold boot problem) even with revision A02. Any other thoughts? Thanks, Sasquatch1313
  5. Greetings all, I have been having some problems with my video output being corrupted and posted about it in the video card forums. The post is here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62264 it contains some of the background information. Since that post the problems grew worse, in that the system refused to boot about 50% of the time and left two diagnostic lights on, which is a problem detecting the video card. The few thread responses confirmed my thought that I needed a new video card. I ordered new card (ATi X1900XT) and plugged it in tonight and was greeted by the same thing, 2 diagnostic leds and no boot. I also tried using it in both the upper and lower x16 pci-express slots and got the same result - no boot. I now think that the video card may be fine (unless I got real unlucky and I got a brand new dead card). So I am asking if there is another component that may be the culprit. My next thought is the motherboad. So that is what I am going to be replacing next unless anyone has a better suggestion. Thanks,
  6. Greetings everyone, Thanks to the support of this website I have had the system in my sig up and running smoothly for over a year now. But the last couple of days have presented some problems, I believe with the video card. I am getting some corruption of the video signal, the following screenshot illustrates the effect: http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/981d7d7e3f.png The screen shot is in Linux (Red Hat WS 4) but the corruption is also present in Windows (XP Pro 32-bit) and usually worse. The wierd thing is that is comes and goes. It first occured on Thursday and actually gave me a BSOD in Widows. I had just installed some Microsoft Powertoys so I got rid of those and things seemed to be fine. It happened again on Friday and turning it off for a while seemed to fix it. Then on Saturday a couple of reboots cleared it up (changing from Windows to Linux to Windows). Sunday and Monday it has been fine. Possible problems I could think of: Card out of socket, overly dusty, etc. - pulled out and reseated card, everything looked ok. Heat - card is water cooled, chip has never been above 40C, copper heatsinks on ram are cooled by the 2x120mm radiator fans blowing across the card Power - voltage rails are steady within 0.02V when starting, running, and stopping 3D applications. Drivers - corruption with both Cat 6.6 and 6.7 in Windows, also occurs in Linux Ports - corruption seen through both DVI and Dsub connections on the card Overclocking - card clocks have been returned to normal, corruption still occurs I am open to any other suggestions, I am thinking the card is slowly dying, but welcome any other advice and opinions. Thanks, Sasquatch1313
  7. I'll link to my old Database post since I am still running the X2 at the same 2.7 GHz as posted, but have upgraded my ram and overclocked the video card. I am also currently running 1.35v + 110% with CnQ enabled instead of the voltage listed. I guess I am too lazy to update my database post. Short Description: 270x10 @ 2700Mhz, 1.500v 2.5-3-8-3 @ 225Mhz 2.6v vdimm Overclocking Database Post Load Temps (water): CPU 39C PWMIC 47C Chipset 40C
  8. I tried it for a couple of minutes. It posted fine at optimized defaults, but it failed to post after upping the voltages to my usual settings (before overclocking anything). So I too am back to 704-2BTA.
  9. SuperPi tends to be pretty sensitive to memory errors. Have you checked the memory for errors in Memtest?
  10. I believe those two driver sets are for two different chipsets. 6.70 is for the NF4, NF4 Ultra, and NF4 SLI chipsets 6.82 is for the brand new NF4 x16 which allows the two graphics slots to each have 16 lanes. Since your sig says you have the SLI-D I would recommend the 6.70. I have been using them for about a week without complaint.
  11. I actually just overclocked my X850XT today. It is water cooled but not modded and running at 621 / 594, which are the settings the the Catalyst Control Center settled on. The rest of my system specs are in my sig. My new 3DMark scores are: 3DMark 01: 29350 3DMark 03: 14617 3DMark 05: 7222 Overclocking the card pushed my 05 score up from 6185. Best of luck with your mods.
  12. Since I have the same ram with the same problem I will post the settings I am currently running, that way the thread starter can compare. I recieved these settings from AndyOCZ: 200, Enable, 3, 3, 8, 3, 8, 16, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3120, Enable, Auto, 0, Level 6 (Normal 3), Auto, Auto, Fast, Auto, 256, Disable, 16, 7, Disable The set I have only runs at 2.6V. Increasing to 2.7V or beyond increases the number of errors. My signature says the system is overclocked, but Memtest is run at stock speeds (both processor and ram) and my current overclock runs the ram at 200.5 MHz
  13. Well that sounds familiar. I have been having the same problems (single digit number of errors in test 7) with what appears the exact same ram. Unfortunately the conclusion I have arrived at after talking with OCZ for the past couple weeks is to RMA the set. But it sounds like you already tried that and the new set does the same thing. That does not sound encouraging to me, now I am seriously considering eating it and paying for a different set. I would be happy to compare settings with you, but I am guessing we are both running the settings provided by OCZ. The settings they gave did help reduce the number of errors but haven't eliminated them. Sorry that I am not much help. Edit: Welcome to the Boards!
  14. As requested these are the ram timings I have been using, and they have passed memtest. They are those listed in Genie settings: 166, E, 2.5, 3, 8, 3, 12, 17, 2, 2, 1, 2, 3120, E, A, 0, Normal 3, 2, 8ns, Normal, 4ns, 32cycles, D, 16x, 4x, D I have changed just about every setting back to Auto for the time being to see if there is any change. Thanks for any help,
  15. Another quick note I am currently running 704-2BTA but didn't update my signature before posting.
  16. The ram is OCZ PC 3200 Performance 3-3-3-8 OCZ part number is OCZ4002048PFDC-K here is the link at OCZ: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...gb_dual_channel I can post my ram timings that got rid of Memtest errors, but right now I changed everything back to auto.
  17. I have decided to post here and solicit opinions about the state of my DFI based system. I built the computer back in July and thought everything went together smoothly. I got it up and running, OCed it, and got everything stable enough for an OC DB entry. However I have had one nagging boot problem that I am out of ideas on how to deal with it. The specific problem is that I get a BSOD right after the Windows desktop appears on a cold boot (machine is completely powered off). If I restart the system and select "Start Windows Normally" it will boot without a problem and is perfectly stable. By stable I mean overnight Memtest and dual Prime95, plus extensive gaming (HL2 mainly), and some finite element modeling. The BSODs rotate among a few common ones. I have seen "Driver irql_not_less_or_equal", "Page fault in non-paged area", and "memory management" blue screens at various times. The parameters listed vary per BSOD so I haven't been able to identify any specific cause. I have taken the following steps to eliminate the problem without success: Return system to stock speeds Change Bios: 623-2, 704-2BT, 704-2BTA Uninstall, driver clean, reinstall video drivers Uninstall, driver clean, reinstall chipset drivers Unplug external USB devices during boot Loosen settings on ram Increase ram voltage Reformat and reinstall Windows The only other suspects in my mind are the ram and the psu. I have read through the Seasonic threads here and my problem doesn't seem exactly the same but a possibility. I plan to check my +5VSB jumpers and set a hard drive delay tonight as suggested in the Seasonic thread. I suspect the ram only because of the varied blue screens and the fact that the ram gives Memtest errors under "optimized defaults" settings (It gives 0 errors after I change the settings, I do not know which specific setting or combination that gets rid of the errors). Otherwise I am out of ideas and would love some advice on things to try. Thanks for reading my longwinded description, Sasquatch1313
  18. For memory testing the general response around here seems to be run all tests for 8 hrs (overnight) in a loop. On my system I got around 14 passes by running for 8 hrs. It checks to make sure the system doesn't become unstable overtime due to heat buildup. And before anyone else mentions it, the best advice is to make sure the system passes Memtest, Prime 95, AQ3, and 3 3dMarks (some would add S&M and OCCT) at completely stock settings before ever overclocking. Keep at it, I built my system a couple of months ago and it took me a week to figure out the bios and how my system would run the best. You will get there!
  19. Aside from the above valid suggestions, I would also look into the ram. "Value" ram has historically not done great in the board. Have you ran Memtest to evaluate it? I would suggest setting the cpu and ram to stock settings and making sure there are no errors in Memtest before worrying about the cpu. Both the cpu and memory are stressed by Prime95 so either could be the culprit. In response to one of your other questions, I am not sure exactly what chips are on your ram, but in general a Bios that is -2 plays the nicest with the widest range of ram. It might be worth trying out 704-2BTA (check the sticky in Bios Factory) since its optimized defaults are a bit more compatible. Good luck
  20. You are correct in saying it might be a board issue. I wanted to ascertain the type of ram because I have the Performance ram and it absolutely likes 2.6V above any other voltage, plus it won't run with any settings above 225 so you are doing pretty good with the overclock you have. I have run mine with the 6/23-2 and the 7/04-2bt bios and had no problems getting it to post with various ram voltages. The only suggestion short of RMA is to make sure you are testing the ram, turn down the cpu and ldt multipliers to take that out of the equation and then test the ram. Also make sure you are using the 3.3V jumper setting not the 5V one. Other than that it might be time to ask AG about it and a possible RMA in a PM. Best of luck,
  21. I think we could be a little more helpful if you were more specific on the type of OCZ ram that you have. Off the top of my head there are 4 different 2x1Gb kits available, but I am not familiar with a kit with an SPD of 2.5-3-3-8. There is a Performance kit with 3-3-3-8 at PC 3200 (200 Mhz) A Platinum and a Titanium kit with 2-3-2-8 at PC 3200 (200 Mhz) And a Gold kit with 3-4-4-8 at PC 4000 (250 Mhz) A link to the specific ram that you bought would be helpful.
  22. The boards are based on three different chipsets from Nvidia. They are the NF4, NF4 Ultra, and NF4 SLI. The major differences between the boards are based on differences between the chipsets. The plain NF4 has only SATA 1 ports, the Ultra has SATA 2 ports, and SLI adds the ability to run two graphics cards together. The UT designation in the model name means is has a reduced bundle in the box. It doesn't contain the carry strap, front-x module, and a few other bonus items. The R (as in -DR) means the board has an additional silicon image drive controller adding another 4 SATA 1 ports to bring the total to eight. All the boards have two video card slots, the SLi version allows you to run two nvidia graphics cards together at once. In the other versions the two slots allow you to run two graphics cards to power multiple monitors but their outputs are not combined in games and such. There are also means to mod the cheaper chipsets into the more advanced ones, check the sticky here about it if you are interested. I hope this helps a bit,
  23. I am assuming the author is referring to the troubles in this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17916 I would like to throw out my experiences though. I have the S12-600 and have been very happy with it. I have had no troubles with having enough power, lines are stable, the ps is highly efficient, and extremely quiet. My best advice is since you have it go ahead and try to use it most reports I have read have not had problems with it.
  24. I left my video card at stock settings only because I haven't gotten it to pass 3DMark at any overclock. Looking through some other entries there are overclocked cards so as long as it passes all the tests it should qualify. Good luck with your overclocking!
  25. Likewise if you are curious, I am at 1.500V and running Prime stable at 2.70 Ghz. Motherboard settings in the OC Database if you would like to compare. Best of luck with your overclock.
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