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  1. Just a link to my flickr page where everone can talke a look at my photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/cellis/ Comments are welcome
  2. well so far its running great on my system. Not that expected it not too, i mean vista ran fine for me so. My only problems so far had been the the print spooler seems to crash and i cannot install my printer till its running. I can run the troubleshooter and it starts it back up but only to crash again. Kinda annoying my printer wont work but it is beta. i just wish i knew what to do to correct the problem
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/pr...us/default.aspx http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/01/09/w...member-to-patch
  4. well i tried for hours last night to get a key with no luck using any of the links and tricks posted all over the net. This morning i get up and click one of the links and instantly get a key or two or six. Ok actually it gave me three for 32 bit and 3 for 64 bit before it just started repeating. Now my only problem is that ive downloaded the iso twice from the download.microsoft.com link and burned it and it wont run from in windows of course but when i boot from it it starts to do the setup process but then it fails saying a file is missing. Thus why i downloaded it a second time. Same problem. Burned it once with poweriso and once with nero. Im currently downloading the iso again hoping its just been a misdownload and not just some crap iso.
  5. yeah at this moment you can get the iso from where ever you want and install it but it will run out in 30 days. You have to go through the registration process to get an official key that wont run out till aug 09. The thing is the site is still down and you cant get the key process to come up. And when it does it will be limiited to a few million keys. I wonder how long those will last before they are gone. Gonna be like getting a front row ticket for a major concert
  6. well it seems microsoft wasnt ready for the bandwith rush. the site is down toally now. it just says the beta is coming soon as well as try again tomorrow. rather annoying
  7. ah well mabey ill gut it and make a fish tank, lol find some kind of use for it at least.
  8. um well sometimes when im in windows if i open or close screens the whole screen slightly contracts and expands back to its origional place by maybe 1/16 of an inch and i think during boot up it is a lil squished at one point but then it just goes back to normal
  9. do u mean when i reboot? like does the screen shake around on it or something? ill have to check if so
  10. ok well sadly i have done that already, theres a button in it for that and it didnt help any, also too i can turn it off for a min or 2 and when i turn it back on it looks good again but give it mabey 5 mins if that much before it does it again oh well its not like i payed for it but i wish i knew how to fix it.
  11. nah its not my pc because i use another monitor all the time and the pic is fine, its that monitor for sure. I just have it because my good one only does screen rez of 800x600 and the other one i can go a bit higher which is good, i obtained it from a friend who got it from another who had no use for it anymore so i got it to test it out. So im just askin around to find out what may be the prob,ie settings or hardware malfunction or what.
  12. ok i have a monitor i obtained recently, but it seems to be having a problem. At first boot up it looks crystal clear and its great but after about 10 15 mins of use the screen gets a blur too it and text is almost illegiable. Any one have any ideas what may be happeining? Its just a standard monitor not a new lcd flat screen or anything fancy.
  13. coolness, ive seen a few with xboxs and gamecubes in em but not everything, look forward to seein some screens of this frankensteins monster
  14. aaaarggh!!! that was my idea too i just never got to the code on the window only way i saw best doing it was uv paint and that takes so long, oh well good job anyways looks really nice
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