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  1. Thanks for the info my current board a gigabyte on doesnt and it was . me off that i couldnt overclock even when i have water cooling thanks again
  2. Im about to order my asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and was wondering if ne one has any in sight into wether it locks the agp frequency . Cheers
  3. You got a licence to drive one. Great fun especially when everyone gets out of your way (im coming through ) Great fun
  4. But u could be the first to do it Nothing is impossible except for the $$$$$$$ Very nice btw
  5. Neither of them can even come close to the catagory of a truck This is a truck 580BHP 15 litres muhahahahaha Tell u one thing this would eat any car for breakfast (even when its towing 40 tons
  6. Cheers Was just pondering linking my corsair hydrocool 200 water cooling kit to it but dunno were to start worried that it might leak if i mix match different brands of water blocks etc
  7. Just wanting some info on heatsinks for my 9800 Pro because the stock one is . all copper it stated on the description but it has a stinking transparent piece of plastic on it with a blue light which is cool but not good for cooling so if ne one has any ideas id be grateful
  8. Fine man dont believe me its your money
  9. Ehh watch out your bios might not support larger than 580mb as many many years ago i had the same problem. To put it nicely dont bother <_<
  10. Just wondering what speeds u peeps were able to reach on the 9800 pro with the stock cooling without any corrupt pixels.
  11. Wouldnt like to meet u in a dark alley
  12. Man How u manage that Was it the guy how wasnt going to pay for your network services if so u should get a baseball bat and knee cap him
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