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  1. I saw it on this page http://www.speicher-shop.ch/opteron-dualco...39-p-27775.html
  2. I live in siwtzerland and the opty 165 i saw online are jackhammer cores are these good at ocing?
  3. Thx for the reply man how about the CFX3200-DR i heard there was a mod to make it sli capable would it run two 8800gts at 16 each?and has anyone tried it?
  4. Hi guys can the Dfi sli dr run two 8800gts at 16x each? if not can any of the nf4 boards do it.
  5. Hi guys when the new ati R600 are released next month can two of them be put in crossfire on the CFX3200-dr or will you have to have the new dfi R600 for that?
  6. Thx man I have a 80mm fan blowing on the ram is that good enought to raise the voltage to 3.0volts?
  7. these are the module number infineon HYB25D512800BE-5
  8. Thx for the reply what i wanted to know is if it was dangerous to run 3.0volts threw this ram?
  9. does anyone know if i can put 3.0volts threw apacer ram with a fan on them?
  10. Sharp even if i have a fan on them i should not go above 2.8?
  11. could i put 3.0 volts threw them if i have a fan on them or is it too much?
  12. Thx AsAsIn8eR so 2.9 is the max i should pump threw this ram? Thx in Advance
  13. any help in know this ram is crap but its all i got for now.
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