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  1. Yesterday I got new ram finally, which was all I needed to setup my new computer. The deed is done, and for some reason whenever I boot it up, I get a corrupted/garbled screen.. You can't make anything out but the DFI logo, for a few seconds then whatever screen comes up next is completely gone, I can get into the bios, only way I can tell is the screen is blue but still impossible to make out. I have done no tweaking, I just set this thing up. I'm curious what could be the cause. I've already contacted the etailer I bought all my hardware from, hoping to get a response soon as to how I'd send things back. I've thought it was the video card, but I"m by no means a hardware guru. I tried a few things, moving the PCI-E video card to both slots, seeing if one was damaged. This was not the case. I then tried the dvi adapter, thinking maybe the video cards analog was history. Another no go. I also tried moving my ram around, from DIMM banks 1-4 (tried 1/3, 2/4). Even tried them singluarly, incase one was damaged. If anyones got any ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks for the help.
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