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  1. Portugal: Extreme-Computers - www.extreme-computers.pt Regards,
  2. Clearing CMOS does not erase Windows. For info on how to use winflash to update your BIOS, go to the DFI website, in the page where you donwload the BIOS you have some info about winflash. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS A BIOS UPDATE, HOW TO DO IT OR THE CONSEQUENCES OF A BIOS UPDATE, YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN. ASK FOR HELP FROM A FRIEND THAT KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. Regards,
  3. I'm glad to see that you have your issue solved. Regards,
  4. Yes, that's why I think the Analog voltage is the power supply and the other NB Voltage is the communication signal voltage. Once again, this is what I think. It may not be true. Regards,
  5. I think this voltage is the Northbridge Analog voltage, the main voltage supply to the Northbridge ATI Chipset. If so, a little bump in this voltage may help with high HTT.
  6. If you aren't using the latest ATI drivers (5.13), try those. Make sure you download the drivers that include the ATI chipset drivers too, in order to update all the ATI drivers to the latest ones. Go to ATI website, Drivers and Software > Windows XP > Motherboards with ATI Graphics > Download one of the packs I get 9093 3dmarks in a stock PowerColor X1800Xt 512MB with 5.13 drivers.
  7. You are already higher than 1.6v on AIR with that CPU. I would not advise to go any further with that vCore and a X2. That full load temp that you have is with BOTH cores at full (100%) ??? Regards,
  8. The master one (Master card is the one in the PCI-E Slot 1). In the DFI RDX200 is the top slot, in other mobo's it's the lower one. Regards,
  9. I wonder why are that results so different. I have tested a X800 Crossfire in my RDX200 and got 10543 3dMarks in 3dMark2005. That's 80% performance increase over a single X800 setup. I have tested dual X1600XT crossfire in the Asus A8R-MVP, got 7792 points in 3dMark 05. With the RDX200 I've got 7757 points in the 3dMark05, same setup, only different board. X800CF result here: X1600XT CF result here:
  10. You have USB2.0 with the RDX200, but it's a little slower than USB2.0 in nF4 or ULI M1575. Regards,
  11. You are partially incorrect. With X800/X850 and X1800 series, you need a master and a slave card to run in crossfire mode (with the cable). With X1300/X1600 series there is no need to have the master card. One of the cards will behave as master and the other as slave. They just have to be the same model. Regards,
  12. I have tested a X1600XT Crossfire rig with 2x Powercolor X1600Xt in an Asus A8R-MVP and a DFI RDX200. No problems, but only works with 5.13s (Beta). Regards,
  13. Although I agree with you in the fact that the RDX200 misses the SATA II and the USB 2.0 performance, I disagree that the Asus A8R-MVP is better than the RDX200. I own a computer store, and I have already tested one Asus A8R-MVP, because I just like to test the hardware by myself. Well, I must say I am VERY disappointed with this Asus motherboard. Max Vcore is 1.50v with Overvolt enabled, Vcore is very unstable, does not like some TCCD memories (Gskill PC4400FC errors at default speed 200Mhz). Max HTT is 325, with active cooling on the ATI chipset and doesn't have chipset voltage control. RDX200 gives you 2.0v VCore (not that I need more than 1.85v) and 360/370 Mhz HTT. I don't believe this Asus will solve all the problems that the RDX200 has. It is a fact that this Asus will solve the lack of SATA II and the USB2.0 performance is a little better than the RDX200. To me, the RDX200 is still the best overclocker board with ATI chipset. The Asus A8R is a fine board, that just hasn't what it takes to be an overclocker's choice. In the end, you get what you pay for. And if you really like to OC, than you will be disappointed with the Asus A8R. Save your money and spend it with a new board that has the new ATI Chipset. For X1800 crossfire setup, I think we should wait for the next ATI chipset. BTW, I saw something stating that RDX200 has passed ATI Crossfire certification with some new revision of the motherboard. If this is true, then we should expect better performance in X1800 Crossfire with the new revision of the RDX200. Edit: DonĀ“t blame the southbridge for poor Crossfire performance. Crossfire is controlled by the northbridge (the ATI chipset) in both boards. The issue with the RDX200 seems to be the electronic switch that controls the dual/single PCI-Express card operation. In the Asus this is controlled with a switch key that is inserted/removed from the upper PCI-Ex slot. Regards,
  14. The WD 2500KS have a jumper area that, with a jumper cap ON, forces the HDD to SATA 150 (or SATA I), instead of SATA 300 (or SATA II). So, in order to force the HDD to SATA I, you need to put the jumper cap in the HDD. To have SATA II, you remove the jumper cap (factory default is jumper cap off, SATA II). If you want to do some OC, flash the 2nd BETA BIOS. I had no troubles with this mobo, except that when the computer hangs (for any reason) I need to shut it down and then power it ON in order to be able to boot. If I use the reset switch after some hang, it will not reboot. Regards,
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