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  1. Damn... suddently my primary master ide doesnt work, tried different cables etc, on the secondary everything works fine... Can anybody help me?
  2. A guy on gathering.tweakers.net flashed 705 without any problems, he has no time to check further because he's leaving tomorrow to his holiday destination...
  3. hehe... I saw some other guys do it also... so I thought... but sorry Now I know the tags for it, wont happen again
  4. [bimg]http://www.xs4all.nl/~dalfsen/43.7.JPG[/bimg] Dispite all probs... finally getting some nice results... I will push the cpu further in the near future Editted. Forum rules for picture size is exceeded. It causes all to have to scroll window across. RGone...
  5. There is a huge DFI NF3 Ultra-D topic... search for that one
  6. Done... Now I have more problems... I cant even reach the 180mhz on my memory, back to work again... ill keep u guys informed
  7. Sorry... I meaned the booster... /edit [bimg]http://www.xs4all.nl/~dalfsen/pifast.jpg[/bimg] My max at the moment, cant get my memory any faster because it just freezes then. The memory does 260mhz 5-2-2-2 T1 on the MSI k8T Platinum of a friend of mine... I dont get it :S Im using the yellow slots atm Pics are oversized. Please to resize. RGone...
  8. w00t, nice... Im gonna try in 20 minutes. First I want to see if my watercooling is leak free Ure reading the voltage on the display of the booster? Or are u measuring on some other points @ the motherboard?
  9. BH-5... so u dont think I can use the Booster?
  10. Still no answer, somebody allready tried the OCZ Memory booster? And if Im the first (probably not...) can it do harm to my motherboard if it's not compatible?
  11. Someone allready tried using the OCZ Memory Booster? I have one over here and I want to try it tomorrow. Can it do harm to my motherboard if it's not compatible? And I wondered if someone allready used the new 07/05 bios, I cant find a fix list anywhere...
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