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  1. Has anyone out there done this on a Venice CPU? any advantages to doing this? Better temperatures??. I know that cracking the core is a possibility while in the process of doing such a thing. But I'm wondering if its worth it.. Please post if you have any info.
  2. I have the Asus EAX800XL this one has a nice stock cooler.. keeps it 45c idle high to low 60's while gaming. This is becaue i set the fan to run at 2000RPM all the time. The X800XL can take the 70C heat easy though. The Gigabyte with the silent Heatpipes are at 100C on all the reviews and they work just fine. so don't worry.
  3. Flashed to 623-3 with winflash util.. went through fine.. Before I couldn't get CoolnQuiet to work, no matter what I did. Now its running just fine. Need to do a little more testing to make sure it's stable. But things look good for now.
  4. I have done that... Cool n Quiet is enabled in the BIOS. The driver seems to be installed okay.. It shows up in the Device manager. System will not slow down though. I'm kinda stuck here. Any other suggestions?
  5. I had the same issue, or a similar one.. don't remember how many lights were on. It turns out for some odd reason my system would not boot with slot1 and slot2 of memory populated. Had to put them in slot 2 and 4...Go figure. I have an older 20 pin PSU connected with the extra 4 pin connector. (without 4 pin power or floppy connect to the MB) System has been running stable... now if I could only get the damn CoolnQuiet to work. LionShare NF4 Ultra-D Venice 3000+ Asus EAX800XL 2x512MB pc3200 BIOS 3-10-2005, XP-90 38c Idle
  6. Went ahead and installed the CoolnQuiet driver 1.2.2, selected minimal power usage and still nothing..It sits there at 1.8 ghz with 0-10% cpu utilization. When i try to run the PowerNowDashboard util it says.. "Failed Initializing, make sure the AMDTools driver is installed and that this system has PSS or PST object" ...whatever that means. In device manager, it shows the CPU as using the AMD driver.. Any other help would be appreciated. LionShare NF4 Ultra-D Venice [email protected](CPU-Z) Asus EAX800XL 2x512MB pc3200 BIOS 3-10-2005, XP-90 38c Idle 2.5-4-4-9 1T memory
  7. I've been looking for Cool and Quiet information and have noticed that not many of you have posted much, if anything. I'd like for my system to be to slow down consideranly (1Ghz) and my fans to to spindown to around 1000 to 1500 rpm..but Enabling cool n Quiet on the bios doesn't help. I can bring down the multiplier with Crystal CPU ID..but I don't see why I should do this manually.. my CPU FAN stays at 4500RPM.. nTune util is useless. I thought Cool and Quiet was supposed to do this for you automatically? Any suggestions would be great. Right now I'm waiting for some Thermaltake SilentCat fans I ordered. Goal is to have system whisper quiet while browsing and for it to ramp up automatically when gaming.
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