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  1. anyway i just add another 512ram that mean i got 1.5gb but the prob still not solve
  2. i also got the same problem like Cyclone my frame-rate not stable only stable 1-2 months after format the pc after that the same problem came after format and install the fresh winxp the fps is around 80 for average after 1-2months the fps is around 70 for average but it will dropped till 15
  3. i also got this problem don't know what happen with my graphic card and mobo always crash when i running heavy direct3d application and sometime windows media player and the worst part is...sometime can see noise and distort @ windows logo and dfilanparty logo when booting i use 6600gt and there is no problem when i use gf4 ti4200 is it because of the voltage??
  4. yeap..it also happen to me after i change to new card from ti4200 to 6600gt the system run very unstable espcially for d3d application such as battlefield2 and maya
  5. where to get the old version of bios the one that u use i can't find it anyway...izzit...it is must i clear the bios after i flash the bios???
  6. gixxer what vga card r u using?? anyway after i change my card to 6600gt i got alot of problems such as randomly crash when i playing BF2 or running maya the problem bcoz worst after i update the bios to 05/04/2005 then i tried to reformat the windows last time before i update the bios..at least i can play with fw disable with low setting now ...i can't play at all...bcoz not more than 10mins..then crash it really make me pissed off... so i hope someone can help me to solve this problem cpu: amd64 2800+ 1.81ghz mobo: dfi lanparty ut 250gb nforce3 ram: kingston value 1024ddram400 pc3200 vga: leadtek winfast nvidia 6600gt 128mb
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