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  1. Yeh just one buy a decent brand of motherboard instead
  2. i hope he meant a pci card :eek2: :shake: :shake:
  3. Tagan? Just buy a 2Force brand Tagan PSU should say ATX2.0 that will be plenty. :shake:
  4. Would a Dfi Lanparty SLi-DR board take a standard crappy Pci graphic card im not talking Pci-Express card here, just regular Pci port? Coz I got an old 64mb Pci gfx card that i want to use whilst im waiting on a replacement Pci-Ex gfx card..... I tried before with a standard Pci gfx but had no luck, is the board too new to work this does anyone know?
  5. Just buy a Tagan PSU cant go wrong, awesome PSU almost like a work of art. :nod: http://www.tagan.com
  6. i have now sucessfully identifed the problem - took it down my local pc repair shop very nice guys. had a quick lot at it, changed the gfx card worked perfectly. = Very Bad Pci-Express Gfx Card completely f*cked somehow :drool: - gotta about another 4 days wait before I get the system up and running due to the RMA process etc... Its not all bad, kicked off about it and am getting a free upgraded gfx card leadtek 256mb 6800gt awesome! :cool: :nod: cheers for help ppl...
  7. Done done and done, cmos jumper moved to cleared and pulled the bios batt. I tried ram in all 4 slots makes no difference, nothing on screen also i tried two different types of ram some pc2100 ram had going i kno it aint great but it was worth a try didnt detect it though. :confused:
  8. :drool: come on chappies need suggestions here ?? :confused: :confused:
  9. there must b a problem with the cpu its the only explanation... nothing on screen, monitor just flashes its got no connection, ive got two dvi- convertor leads (dvi - vga) coz its a vga monitor tried in both dvi ports on the gfx card nothing. the m'board flips its lead if u plug the pci-e gfx in the 2nd pci-e port.... its either the cpu or the ruddy gfx card thats the problem, just wished i had some other way to test them but i dont :confused:
  10. still doesnt help me tho it aint workin :confused:
  11. brand new dfi sli-dr motherboard arrived today. jumper set to clear cmos before everything was installed. installed new m'board in pc casing. installed one corsair 512mb chip in dimm2 installed xfx nvidia 6600gt 256mb (top slot pci express)) single action cpu - amd 64 3500+ installed in board + fan - correctly installed (gold arrow matching embossed arrow on m'board mount) little bit of thermal paste added for good measure. checked all jumpers/ cables, jumper set 'off' of clear cmos mode. turned it on - F*** all onscreen again WTF!!!! :confused: :mad: :mad: :mad: i ordered this board to replace the sli-d board and nothing f*king works again! i don't what is going on and why it is f*king up someone help!!?? i tried a very old pci gfx card in a pci slot to see if it was the pci-e card messing up but it just went nuts at it and beeped like a crazy mofo. this new board is displaying the same as the other sli-d i had 3 lights only. i dont think the gfx card is faulty nor the cpu, i checked the cpu for any signs of pyshical damage and nothing. i think it could be power possibly... i hav a tegan 580w which is plenty. tg530-u22 580w i made sure i plugged all the power lead connectors in correctly! checked this loads of times. the only thing im not sure about with the connectors is i hav blue 4pin connector on the psu to plug into the board but it doubles up as an 8pin connector.. one says P4 on it and the other says P4+ i dont know which one to use, i assume they are the same thing, if anyone knows difference please say?? also where the m'board, has plugs on it for hdd/ and floppy do u need to plug separate molex connectors directly into the devices as well as being plugged in directly on the board? this isnt made clear anywhere and i can only again assume u would need to plug in power directly to the devices as well? other than i dunno wtf is going on with it!
  12. well Corsair hav always been regarded as the daddies I suppose, but I tell you who is reliable you could set your watch by their ram lmao. crucial ram - if i didnt hav corsair it would be crucial for me. their website is wicked, lists all compatibility with millions of motherboards ranging from socket A to 939... you got say thats a useful place espec if Dfi are bit funny about certain RAM :cool:
  13. I'll just roll with the 510-2 patch then :cool: I got same ram as u more or less i think .... *unsure lol And if the 510-2fix does anything better i can always flash up to it I supose at a later date if its newer. thanks for the help.
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