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  1. I have place the memory in the yellow slot only , neways thanks
  2. Thanks for ur inputs. More suggestions are welcome.
  3. Thanks a lot. Power supply is Antec TP 2.0 550W but its my friends. I have to get mine. Any particular BIOS specially for the Gold VX.
  4. Bump ..... Waiting for reply.
  5. Sorry m8 i thought it was Gold VX not GX and replied in this thread. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Only if u have Gold VX then do this The Gold VX loves tight timings and it requires the voltage. Feed atleast 3VDimm and tight timings of 2-2-2-5 on stock 200FSB. Gold VX will give you problems it if u dont use tight timings and feed proper voltages. Please confirm this with some other person also. I have a GoldVX and it normally requires 3.1 to 3.2VDimm at 220Mhz and 2-3-3-8 I have seen people pushing 3.5/3.6/3.7VDimm but the HTT is above 250Mhz and timings of 2-2-2-5. The gold vx is power hungry feed a minimum of 3.0 VDimm initially. At default HTT 200 and change the timings to 2-2-2-5 Hope this helps you. At 200HTT & 2-2-2-5 dont pass more than 3.0 initially if its still giving probs pass 3.1 Vdimm max.
  6. Hi Guys, Currently i am begining to assemble my new rig. You can see my Rig 2 in my signature. I wanted to know which would be the best BIOS to run my OCZ Gold VX stable. I want it to run such that it does not give ne errors in memtest86. In 623 & 702-2 BIOS the mem was giving some errors in memtest86. Ram was in yellow slot only. Also the Gold VX is purchased from my friend he has done the burnin pretty well. Also wanted to know if there is ne harm in using onboard audio with the system overclocked as for a month or two i will use onboard audio. If the onboard audio will create problem i have a Creative SBlive 5.1 in another rig can put that here.
  7. Quad Master

    Any one tried Antec Neo HE PSU's on there DFI

    Thanks a lot for ur reply. Looks like the Ultra-D is also having prbs with this psu.
  8. Hi Guys Does ne one of you have this PSU here. Antec NeoPower NeoHE 500 - 500W Antec NeoPower NeoHE 550 - 550W Many people at New egg have told that this PSU is not working properly with some ASUS motherboards , but no one has mentioned that this PSU works fine with DFI so wanted to ask DFI Ultra-D or Sli-DR Users here having this PSU that did u guys faced any issues with this PSU. Read Here. http://secure.newegg.com/NewVersion/FeedBa...N82E16817103941 http://secure.newegg.com/NewVersion/FeedBa...N82E16817103940 http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=965645 I was actually thinking of buying this PSU to Power the Ultra-D
  9. OK got , didnt knew that. sorry for asking.
  10. Is this the final Rev 2 Got this pic from XS Thread. http://zue.rojakpot.com/nf4.JPG Sorry edited later
  11. Guys please if you have any sort of info please post it , its a request.
  12. DFI Nf4 Rev2 Doubts & Advantage Over Older Rev Hi Guys I just had some doubts regarding the Upcomming DFI LanParty NForce 4 Sli-DR & UT Ultra-D Rev 2 Motherboards - Are the ram slots to the left in Rev2 as compared to top in the older. How does this help. [if this design finalised for rev2 as when coolers like ASUS Star Ice are monted on this new design the cooler will straight away throw warm air on the ram causing the ram to get heated which is not nice] - Will the Rev2 be having 4pin CPU power socket or the 8Pin like that on the server motherboards. [Very important to know as i am buying a PSU in 2 Days so have to decide if i shud go for a server psu or a normal psu with 4 Connectors] - Also wanted the list of features that have been converted from jumpers into BIOS. [Heard that many jumper based features have been accomodated in the bios in rev2] - Any other info that is important reg. rev2 u wud like to share. Hi Angry_Games - When will Rev2 be available to consumers in US and rest of the world. - Also when Rev2 starts circulation will dfi stop manufacturing the older version which has ram slots on top. - Do u have a complete list of changes that compares changes of DFI Rev2 over the older version of DFI. If this is topic is already discussed please post links that also would help.
  13. Quad Master

    SanDiego or X2

    If you want a procc. for gaming SanDeigo ne time. SD will give you better performance in gaming than Dual Core AMD. Dual Core helps in Encoding a lot than SD. [Correct me if i am wrong]
  14. Quad Master

    Cooling Solutions: Memory

    Having a Antec TruePowerII - 550W doesnt mean that you will not have problems. Even if you have a 550W TP , is the complete 550W getting utilized. The amount of energy that is not utilized gets converted to heat. Whats the use of a 550W PSU if you system is requiring 400-450W The rest amount of energy is wasted and not utilized. But i dont say that 550W TP sucks , its a nice PSU. But check its efficiency , how much u really require and how much is wasted. Also i didnt knew that you have not overclocked your PSU and u are running it at stock speed. IF you are running everthing at stock speed and still ram is getting heated then there must be some other problem.
  15. Quad Master

    Cooling Solutions: Memory

    Well i am not much a pro in suggesting but still i will try. so u have OCZ Gold Series (PC3200) 512 x2 Dual Channel. What chips are used in that ram module. also have you overclocked your system. What are the ram timings and Vdimm u are passing thru that ram. Any thing upto 3VDimm will not make the ram hot. also if i am not wrong the OCZ modules which you have comes with OCZ's own heat sink. If you feel that your ram is getting hot then you can lower its clock freq a bit and pass a bit less voltage and check stability in memtest. Hope this helped. Funny Advice also if you have a table fan just open the side panel and aim that fan air on your motherboard and see if its able to help you.I know its not possible to keep this thing for long time. but try if you manage to get it stable. DFI works gr8 if its cooled when its overclocked. If you have overclocked your system to high levels then it will definately need cooling. Try this table fan method and see if it helps you in stabilizing your ram at ur current clocked speed.