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  1. I've had PC's since they first came out. In all that time I have never experienced this. My system clock has changed twice (once a day when I boot it up). Could this be a sign it's been hacked? I have Norton, Spy Sweeper, and Anti-virus installed and current. If not, could it be from over-clocking? My system is mildly overclocked. Thanks
  2. What are the "acceptable" temp ranges for these two chips when overclocking? I know there's no set value someone could post but it seems to me there are at least some target temps to be used as a guide by now. By the same token, what temps should be a red flag to get better cooling before pushing any further? Sometimes temps can spike for a short time but in general hover much lower. How does this factor into deciding how far to take your system? What about thermal paste? I know if you use too much or too little on the CPU heatsink it degrades the heatsink's performance. Is this true of the Northbridge as well?
  3. Mystery solved! The 8800GTX comes with two 6-pin connector ports for power. My old 7800 needed only one and oddly, the 8800 manual only illustrates connecting only one 6-pin connector to the card. I forgot when I installed my drivers I got a message saying the video card was underpowered. So I went to the BFG site and read the specs for the card. Only there will you read that the card requires either two 6-pin connectors or four 4-pin molex connectors attached to adapters supplied with the card. (Note to BFG...update your printed manuals!). So I connected the second 6-pin connector and bingo! AquaMark3 Score = 172,668 Thanks for all your help people!
  4. Thank so much! I installed and ran it again and got the same score! I'm completely stumped.
  5. I have my system overclocked to 3.112 which has been running stable in Orthos. I ran AquaMark3 and got the score in the title which should be over 100K. Something has to be wrong here and I'm thinking it may be with AquaMark3. I read a thread about the need for a DLL to fix AquaMark3 but cannot find it anywhere. Anyway, does anyone have an idea what's going on? I'm trying to get into this overclocking thing but every time I try to do something, I have to fix something first. Right now it's AquaMark3. Thanks
  6. Thanks a bunch for that feedback. I was sort of hoping to hear from you. I've read a lot of your posts and they have common sense written all over them if you don't mind me saying so. There's a good checklist on the DFI Club forum of things to make sure you have up front. I have all the important things including this second PC to keep in contact for research. Oddly, I can't seem to remain logged in over there. I have Memtest but it's two years old so I'll be getting the latest version plus other diagnostics. 3.2 ~ 3.4 is fine with me. I just want to get some experience under my belt to start things off and I do want this to be a daily runner as you put it. I have a fan blowing on both HS's from the side panel. I've used up every connection except the NB connection on the MB. Two fans blowing in (front/side) and two blowing out (back/top). Other than checking the BIOS settings you mentioned, shouldn't I start things off with initial defaults (what the BIOS detected the first time)? Thanks
  7. This will be the first time I try overclocking but before I start I want to find someone who can help with some general information. More will come later as I digest the various guides and discussions here naturally. So first off, here are some things I find curious. 1. Even though I have two SATA hard drives mounted, they show up in the BIOS as being on IDE channels. Is this correct? I connected them to SATA1 & SATA2 on the board but they are listed as IDE Channel 2 and 3 (both as MASTER). Also, the Channel 2 drive is listed as the first hard drive in the HD Boot Priority. Is this correct? 2. What should I expect for a NB temperature with no software installed yet? I know this will vary depending on what I'm using but I figure there must be a target. Right now I have a Thermaltake HR-05 with no fan. The system has been running now for about 25 minutes. The temps are: System: 48oC CPU: 35oC NB: 47oC I'm shooting for an overclock of 3.5...should I definitely buy a fan for the NB or will the HR-05 handle things at that speed? What NB temp should I try to achieve with the overclock? 3. Should I install WinXP before starting to overclock? I know I will need ORTHOS and maybe some other testing programs. But I'm not sure what the order of procedure is for this board and CPU. Should I stress test the RAM before overclocking? Let it burn in for a while? If someone knows the order of steps that would be appreciated. I will of course be reading everything I can find but some short answers would be helpful (links too if anyone knows some good ones). Ask any questions about my system if my sig doesn't answer them. Thanks
  8. Well, I got started putting things together and tonight mounted the CPU, Tuniq Tower 120, and an HR-5 Heatsink for the Northbridge. Check the picture. I can guarantee you that the Tuniq and the HR-5 are just touching each other. What I mean by that is there's absolute no pressure from one pushing against the other. They are simply touching. So I guess the big question is...is it okay for them to touch? Does this cause any possibility of a short between the CPU and the Northbridge? I have not mounted the board in the case or applied any power yet. By the way...this is a Rev. B board in case anyone's curious. Thanks
  9. My current system uses PATA (IDE) drives. My new system will have SATA drives. Can I install the SATA drives, install the O/S, then temporarily install the old PATA on the IDE connection (in place of the CD drive) and transfer the data to the SATA drive, then put the CD back when I'm finished? Thanks
  10. Good point on the CD/DVD drives...I was so focused on the hard drives it went right over my head. I can't believe I didn't pick up on the changes in drive technology over the past few years. I had heard the terms many times but always in the context of using RAID so I thought they went together and ignored them. So SATA is essentially replacing PATA and what I now need to do is return the PATA drives for SATA drives. Live and learn. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info. Since I first posted, I started educating myself on what SATA is and it appears to be replacing PATA (IDE) most probably because of the faster data transfer rate (which is a good thing). Now I have to learn what RAID is and if it's part of using SATA. My current impression is that RAID is a way to mirror two hard drives to increase performance but I don't know if that's correct. If you care to give me a quick overview of SATA and RAID and how I would use them on this motherboard I would be grateful. It's beginning to look like all I need to do is return the PATA drives for comparable SATA drives. I can use the single IDE connection for my CD/DVD drives. Thanks
  12. I just received my NewEgg order including the DFI Infinity 975X/G. I guess I'm still learning new things as I discovered this board only has one IDE connection and 4 USB ports. My DFI LanParty UT UltraD has two IDE connections and 6 USB ports. For some reason, I never looked into those items when I ordered the LanParty and they happened to be just what I wanted. Now, when I ordered the Infinity I did the same thing and was focused on how many people were giving it high marks. It never occurred to me about the connections. I thought that sort of stuff was pretty much standard on boards. Does anyone know what's a good board that has the number of connections I'm looking for and is a decent board? I'm going to start searching but thought I would float the question here for some suggestions. Also, I guess I should as if it's even possible to set up the Infinity with two HD's and two CD/DVD drives? I'm not interested in SATA or RAID, so if that's the only way I guess I'll have to go with something else. What a way to start a weekend. Thanks
  13. Chump, What are you using to cool your northbridge. I ordered the Tuniq Tower as well along with an HR-5 but have since been told there are issues getting the two to fit. Maybe the HR-5 SLI will work...I will have to wait and see. In the meantime, perhaps whatever you are using may prove to be the solution. Thanks
  14. Can anyone tell me if these two heatsinks will fit together on the 975X and if adding a fan to the HR-5 will be possible if they do? I read that the Tuniq needs to be mounted with the fan flow up/down in order to mount a fan on the stock northbridge heatsink. These two heatsinks seem to be the best recommendations for cooling but I've not seen anyone listing them on their sig. Thanks
  15. Thanks...that's what I tried to order at NewEgg. I guess my original post isn't coming across too well. I was wondering if that heatsink will more than do the job or is there something better available. I'm getting an DFI Infinity 975 board, E6600 CPU, Zalman 9700 Heatsink for the CPU, and either the HR-5 or something else for the chipset. In the setups I've seen, it looks like the HR-5 would benefit from being close to the Zalman and actually getting some of the airflow from it. Thanks
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