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  1. Yes, resolved indeed, now...on to the overclocking:D
  2. xguy. I love you and the internet, for the fact that we can share our experiences with people who have nearly identical hardware(-1 7800gtx ). I'm now flying with the 6-23 bios. I think it should be very clear that dual core folks NEED 6/23 or higher. I had 6/18, and those 5 days of DFI working made a 10 fold difference in problems solved. <--one happy camper.
  3. Will try that, I just ran memtest, it was fine. 200mhz at 2-2-2-5, all passed. Hopefully the bios flash will work, otherwise i will cry myself to sleep, hehe. BTW, nice rig you go there xguy.
  4. How's it going tonight guys. So I'm running some BH-5 at [email protected] and getting pathetic framerate in all games and benches with my current rig. I ran sandra benches to troubleshoot, and I found the problem. I get 1211mb/sec and 1170mb/sec in the sandra memory bench. For crap and giggles, I compared this to other memory, and apparently I am running at SD133 equivalent speeds. So, any suggestions are welcome. I installed the newest nforce4 drivers, and 77.72 vid drivers. This is just bizzare. Help will be MUCH appreciated.
  5. LOL, worked for me too!!! So much anger and stress could have been avoided had i visited the storage closet earlier, bahahaha.
  6. So I am missing system32/DRIVERS/nvcchflt.sys.... tried to boot again, as soon as i disconnect the hdd the xp load screen comes right up, but with it plugged in it always tried to load windows and i get the misssing file message. PLZ help me
  7. Any ideas as to why the keyboard would respond withut the hdd plugged in, but not respond when it is plugged in. I've also tried plugging it into a SATA port for the raid controller, but ctrl+s and f4 dont repond either. bump for help!!
  8. Hey guys. SO i got my system up and runnig the other day, but my vid card wasnt performing to spec. So I installed the nvidia reference nforce drivers, and things started to work well. I decided to clean my pc with driver cleaner, and it removed something from the system folder in XP so it will no longer boot. For some odd reason, I get no responce from my keyboard(s) when i get the press any key to boot from CD for XP reinstall. So i am constantly forwarded to "windows cannot boot, blah blah blah" If i disconnect my HDD i can get into the XP setup though....WTH? All I want is a fresh format to start over with, so any help can be given without concern to drive data. DFI NF4 UT SLI-DR (5/20), AMD X2 4400+, 2x512 BH-5, 74GB Raptor, eVGA 7800GTX, Seasonic s12-600PSU
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